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Emerald Dream
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Cheers to the first Stormfist to hit 90! My bet is on Krayok or Galthr.
((If only I had a day or two off work...did the first few quests this morning. Now if I could just make the work day go by just a little faster))
Bump for me hitting level 80 after three months. *sigh* Am I in the game yet, guys?
((Bumping, hoping to join. Just waiting for the officers to get on :D))
((I know you orcs see this post. Dont jus stand there. Join!

Bump for Gormush having just died.
((LF for all orcs! Come join us!))
((great guild, bump :D))

(( +1 for Pants off dance off

Warning: the views expressed by this orc may not represent the same views as the clan, viewer discretion advised, see store for details, void where prohibited.

:D ))

I need more souls!!

*runs off to slay more alliance*
(( Just roleplayed with these guys again. That was awesome. Stuff went down in Silvermoon. So much fun, even if you did bust Dosin's lip open. ))
((Oh hai))
((MOK'RA! Stormfist #1 Orc guild!))
Any group of orcs wise enough to add me to their numbers deserves the Horde's attention.

(( Bump for a bunch of knuckle-headed, though well-meaning, orcs and tauren. ))
((Bump because I am freaking proud to be in Stormfist. HELL yeah.))
((Hey, um......this is the old recruitment thread.


Theres the new one))

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