<Intent> 8/8H US #26 25 man LF Moonkin!

Guild Recruitment
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<Intent> (#26 US 25man DS, tied for #1 World for guild achievement points) is recruiting exceptional raiders for our core raid, casuals for our alt/casual raids, and pvpers.

Recruitment for the main raid is currently open for (all skilled players will be considered):
-Exceptional Mages
-Ele Shaman
-Dps Death Knight
-Ret Paladins

Main raid schedule: Monday-Thursday 7-11PM MST.
Intent typically does a secondary/alt raid or gdkp, but we're taking a break from that until next expansion. We'll be picking it back up in MOP on Fridays and Saturdays.

We are also testing bosses on Beta to be ahead. Our players are very serious and passionate about raiding, and we are looking for more players who feel the same. The raiding environment is upbeat and relaxing, and serious and professional when need be for progression. Intent has been around for many years (under different guild names in the past) and has a fantastic officer core.

We are also looking for RBG leaders and pvpers that are 2200+ in arenas/rbgs. We have many high rated players (Gladiators, Heroes of the Alliance, 2200-2800 arena players) that are looking for more people to rbg/arena with!

The casual rank is also for those that aren't interested in anything serious. Any intelligent player with a solid application that wants to join our guild just to hang out (farm achievements, etc) will be accepted as well.

For any information about sales, please visit http://www.intent-kt.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4708

If interested in any of these ranks, please apply at www.intent-kt.com or speak with me or Gorexar in game (We also do vent interviews!).

Good luck potential applicants!
^ :)
sup g.
I guess they want more ranged DPS. Let's get some.
Dagglet is up early.

Ironhide Greaves
Bumping while on vacation... total dedication.
<3 Intent
Dagglet is up early.

Ironhide Greaves

I'm sick as hell. Of course I'm up early.
Intent expected to sweep the gold in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Gorexar/Jenownz, 2012 presidential nomination


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