Top 5 Sith Lords!

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Yay Star Wars =D. These are my top 5 Sith Lords.

5.Darth Revan
4.Ajunta Pall
3.Marka Ragnos
2.Naga Sadow
1.Tulak Hord

I like the ancient Sith lords if you couldn't already tell. Also Darth Rean is pretty awesome, so he got number 5.
I don't really have a top 5, but Darth Traya is definitely my favorite.
5-1. me
Vader > All
07/09/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Alcis
Vader > All
Anyone but Revan :)

Outside of that I like Bane a lot, and Vader obviously, but no one else is that awesome to me.
Raven and Vader
5.Naga Sadow
4.Darth Nihilus
3.Darth Tyranus
2.Darth Baras
1. Darth Revan
Darth Baras. How many of you know who that is, and why is he so awesome? Oh, and I guess he's not really a Sith Lord, but Tenebrae. Who is he?

No Wookieepedia!

The other 3, who are not nearly as cool in my eyes, are Sidious (Creep), Sion (Bigger creep), and Revan, though that might just be because I haven't finished KotOR.
07/09/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Alcis
Vader > All

How so? He was literally half the man he used to be, which severely limited his powers. Besides obviously lacking his natural limbs (which may have cut his midiclorian count in half), that suit was big, heavy and all-around bulky, which limited his movement. The suit also prevented him from using force lightning, as it would instantly kill him.

Had he not been diced to pieces on Mustafar, I'm sure he would have been the most badass sith ever.

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