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Every week this summer, we’re challenging you to get together with a few friends to explore a part of Azeroth that you may not have seen in a while, or perform a feat that you may have never done. We’re calling them World of Warcraft Summer Challenges, and we’re going to be playing along with you as we hunt down rare achievements, get screenshots of amazing bosses, and try to find some rare gear for our transmogrification sets.

In this thread, we're talking about this week's challenge, posting stories about experiences completing it, and linking to screenshots.

Furthermore, if you've thought of something awesome to do while exploring Ulduar (that we didn't include in the blog post), this is the place to say so!
Kaivax, you forgot to mention the awesome Mimiron's Head! D:

I has nothing to do with xmog, but it's the BEST MOUNT EVER *-*

Ulduar is my favorite raid, with my favorite mount and final-boss... Greatest raid ever made.

I'd love to get all the achievements and relive this awesome content.

In addition, i'd like to go back and farm engineering mats for the mechano-hog.
This place was pretty boss back in the day. I kinda wish Blizz made more raids like this one in Cata. Maybe we'll see some cool things in Pandaland.
Oooh, maybe this is the week I can get my single remaining Ulduar achievement done!

LFG Ulduar!
OK we did started doing ulduar tuesday instead of DS, (so tired of seeing DS) i didn't realize till now it was this weeks challenge. in our guild we are helping some of the guildies get the rusted proto drake some of us have it already some don't.

Ulduar is one of those raids if u played when it was current content, u either loved it hated it cuz it offered some very unique mechanics, artwork, and after doing naxx in wotlk it provided a rather steep learning curve for raiding guilds. It was also offered some very unique game designs for a raid in wow that where never seen before and havent seen since. such as being able to skip several bosses if u liked and being able to change from normal to heroic during the boss fight, and having to achieve certain numbers in order to change from normal to heroic. which is wonderful if ur group comp changes alot, you could basicly customize the raid difficulty to fit your raid.
Also add in some of the most artistic environments for a raid ever seen in wow, which was one of the most epic pieces of gaming wow has ever done in my opinion. i just wish some of the epicness can be repeated in furture raids
got herald on 2 of my 80 twink alts and working on champion
Best design, best bosses, best environment, has an Old God, has a bonus boss, has interactive heroic modes, has both 10 and 25 lockouts. I can't think of a single thing that could improve Ulduar.

Best raid, best memories ♥

I remember we used to make our Firefighter attempts less soul-crushing by adding the extra element of paper zeppelin evasion. Those things hold up surprisingly well in a burning room.
07/05/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Shadas
This place was pretty boss back in the day. I kinda wish Blizz made more raids like this one in Cata. Maybe we'll see some cool things in Pandaland.
ghost crawler took over after ulduar and... yeah.. so we probably wont....

in regards to ulduar... <3 favorite raid... love how well you all fit in Norse mythology into your quest-line and then continued the quest-line in the raid ("I remember you... in the mountains")

also ... If memory serves there are 14 'boss fights' but far more than 14 bosses... around 20? i believe. (the iron council is 3, Freya is 4 if you kill the 3 trees... etc)

ALSO... can you please remove the Cataclysm raid lockout system for pre Cataclysm content? x-x as.... prior to the 'pre cata patch' you could run both 10m and 25m of raids in a week... AND because the some gear drops only on 25m (or only 10m) you can't try farming both pieces in the same week(say your offhand dropped in 10m and weapon dropped in 25m...) ...

So please remove that silly Cata lockout ... or cause bosses to drop 2x the loot (and combine 10m and 25m loot tables) x-x
Also posting this for memories:

Author: Crawford
Back in the Wrathbaby era this tale was once told - Yogg-Saron and Kologarn have a conversation

"Yogg-Saron: Okay, so this whole plan is going pretty well. I've gunked up a tree in GrizzlyHills, I've enslaved the Keepers of Ulduar, and I've set up an impassable ravine between my inner sanctum and the outside world, so nobody can get in to stop me.


Yogg-Saron:Seriously not necessary, K-Garn. I've got that whole thing under control. Check out the map. It says that's "The Shattered Walkway." It used to just be "The Walkway." Until I shattered it. No walkway, no progress. Pure effin' genius.


Yogg-Saron:No, dude. You don't need to go there at all. You can pretty much just take the week off. Maybe meet some ladies. I can't even remember the last time you hooked up.


Yogg-Saron: Well, that's the point of a huge ravine. So I don't really need your help.


Yogg-Saron:Yeah, but the tauren can't get over the ravine anyway. And it will be extra funny, because they could totally get over the ravine if they could use their flying mounts, but flying mounts are disabled in Ulduar. That will make them crazy. See, that's what I do.


Yogg-Saron: Okay, I guess if you really want a crack at them. But it's fine with me if you just want to knock off. What's your hard mode?

Kologarn: HARD MODE?

Yogg-Saron: Can you, like, buff yourself to do double damage, or have twice as much health or something?

Kologarn: I AM VERY LARGE.

Yogg-Saron: Fair enough. Go hang out there. I guess, even if they beat you, I'vestill got my bases covered with the whole shattering-the-walkway plan.


Be sure to leave those Keepers up and good luck with those heads!
Aaah Ulduar, Definately the best raid for the Wrath expansion, what made it the best was how the fights were designed and how you don't just "turn on" hardmodes but its how you do the fight to activate them. I really loved the way Blizzard did this and thoroughly enjoyed the raid. Herald of the Titans hooo!
Only thing I rember doing is Just doing the outside of Ulduar case if you rember There was a weekly Quest back in warth we only kill some the boss out there and that would be it...

so yeah I not very found of Ulduar how every one esles is, to me it just a money Grinde

To me It just a Too flashy raid that every one Love too much, as for me it all most worst then Karazan sure I like Yogg but every thign esles... meh...
I'd love to get all the achievements and relive this awesome content.

In addition, i'd like to go back and farm engineering mats for the mechano-hog.

Somehow a lot of people don't know that they patched that and there are no more mechano-hog mats in Ulduar. They did that while Ulduar was still current, I believe, or when ToC came out at the latest.

You do have a pretty high chance of getting the Jeeves schematic if you don't yet have it, though.

I might run Ulduar 25 on OpenRaid this week, I've run it a lot in the past. I have every Ulduar achievement and am only missing 3 fragments for the legendary (which will be my first legendary ever on any character).
Can you make this raid scale with the raid group's average item level? It would let us take this raid with us forever.
Funnily enough I ran through most of Ulduar-10 with a few guildmates just last weekend. :)

Definitely up there as one of the very best raids that Blizzard ever released. I hope to keep going back to collect the non-tier mail armour sets, and hope to reacquire a Golemheart Longbow.
I like Ulduar now (it frustrated my guild when it was current, we couldn't finish it then) and run it once in a while when I see groups in Trade. I got Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron recently, that was what prompted me to remind you of C'Thun's version when AQ was the Challenge. It only drops when doing the 10-man version of Alone in the Darkness, so I'm not sure how many folks will actually want to try for it this week, but it is a fun trinket.

On another note, I use Starshard Edge for transmog for my off-spec weapon. I was disappointed to find out that the Power Torrent enchant on my real weapon puts a pink haze over the dagger so that you can't really see that it's made out of stars unless you already know :(. A scroll of 'Block enchant effect' or something that we could use on the item we're borrowing the looks from during transmog would be awesome for cases like that.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no interest in PVP except for a few achievements. It's possible seeing what color your enchant glows is important there and I just don't realize it.
My favorite Summer challenge announcement will be the one that says: Last summer challenge...cause it means mop will be coming soon right?
This was a few weeks ago, but I had a lot of fun in Ulduar with one of my guildies, and a few cross-realm raiders. (Thanks for that by the way Blizz! We wouldn't have been able to do it without cross realm real ID)

We got our Herald of the Titans titles!! This is my alt that I got it with:

And here is my friend and I chilling in Org afterwards.

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