Buying "glorious" plate set pieces

I am looking to buy the glorious plate set, they are around level 52-56 BoE greens. Here are some prices I'm willing to pay

Glorious Shoulder Pads 8.5k
Glorious Legplates 11k
Glorious Sabatons 7.5k
Glorious Gauntlets 7k
Glorious Breastplate 9k
Glorious Belt 6.5k

CoD in game send me mail or get ahold of me however if you have and want to sell.
Have gotten the breastplate, bumping up prices 1k per item.
Well heck if i knew where to farm them i would get right on it >.<
Had a piece drop in AQ40 a while back, no its not for sale. Try farming some trash in there

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