400 resto druid LF consistent raiding

Aerie Peak
Or I also have a 402 ret pally, 5/8H.

I'm a big fan of druid raid healing, but a consistent group that wants to work on progression and is not burned or burning out is hard to come by.

I bring;
- Big heals. Don't take my word for it, here is a log of 25k HPS on 10N spine, which is around 600th highest world-wide heals on that fight;


- Boomkin offspec, around 25k dps currently. Or I'll bring in my pally - if we're working on progression I dont care about the save.
- Consistent attendance

I'm looking for;
- A core raid spot in a guild that is at least 6/8H and plans to be 8/8H well before MoP.
- Preferably a weekday raid, I'm available Mon-Thurs after 5pm server time. I'll consider other days if the group is good.
- A no-bs no-drama efficient raid atmosphere.
- Consistent attendance

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