Ten epic ways to die in WoW

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11) "follow" me while you go afk to derp around, then come back to me levitating and you at the bottom of a pit.
07/05/2012 12:27 PMPosted by Killercaitie
7. Go out on a blind date with an undead.

Hey now, the guy I went out with last week wasn't that bad...

Of course I did make his skull into a vase.


So you have your own jar?
I'm actually quite fond of Stood in Fire. Each time one of my characters has died to the flames, I spend another several minutes maximizing my camera distance to gaze in awe at the firestorm.

Can this even happen anymore?
Best way to died. keep poking Wrathion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FKFvPnejdc at 2:51 :D
Go to Outland and jump off the edge.

You are jumping... INTO SPACE.
back in the escape from the lk event the group wiped because they didnt know the bug to sit behind arthas was finally fixed so they got in the corner and all died it was me vs the undead horde and instead of being eaten I ran off the side of the cliff and bubbled when I jumped, to bad the bubble ended just as I reached a ledge and I face planted at the bottom of the hill.
Back in 2005 a Hunter on KT wiped an entire 40 man outdoor raid that he wasn't a part of.

They were raiding Azuregos and the observing hunter decided he wanted a bit of fun. Azuregos used to have an ability (Arcane Vacuum?) that used to teleport all players with a certain distance directly underneath him. Knowing this and seeing that the raid had moved close to he cliff, the hunter pulled agro from the MT and then jumped off the cliff. Azuregos followed and used his teleport ability. Entire raid fell to their deaths.
Get into a fight with a lvl 5 and go afk .
07/05/2012 12:02 PMPosted by Itzanub
Die in real life, and leave it in your will for your character to die in the same way!

All kidding aside. 1% wipes on progression bosses are pretty epic.
hmmm you would have to be dotted up by a lock drailen
Decide that the attack on Theramore is not coming soon enough so take your level 85 Horde to Theramore and destroy Jaina Proudmore and Theramore Isle yourself.
Go to goldshire on the moonguard server and preach importance of being pure for the lord!
1. Jump into the maelstrom in your most favorite gear.

2. Go to Molten core naked and pull everything in one go.

3. Have a lava pool party

4. Decide to attened the catherdral service on sunday in Stormwind as Horde.

5. Plan your wedding in the middle of Orggrimmar and invite all your Alliance buddies.

6. Get hit by the Ironforge tram

7. Go out on a blind date with an undead.

8. Milk a tauren.

9. Try to steal the Ashbringer

10. Tell Garrosh his head is to small.

Got anymore epic ways to die in WoW?

1) Hibernate Onyxia - Stealth into th eSW throne room, and use hibernate on Lady Prestor. She is Ony in disguise, yet classified as a dragonkin (you think that would have tipped the dumb humans she was a dragon don't you?) and she isn't immune to hibernate, infact she is only a level 60 non elite mob. So feel free to go kill her. Of course you will instant be slaughtered by Bovar and the 10 or so guards in the throne room <please note this is no longer available as of BC, when she was removed, sorry you missed the fun)>

2) Push a game of chicken a little far vs another Druid (go to max height in flight form, then shift out, shift back in as close to the ground as you can)

3) Bare knuckle brawling your way through a lower level instance... while your character is drunk.Bonus if it is BRD.

4) Attempt to skin a bear. Because you will aggro every bears in a 40 yard radius it makes sense because you are skinning their best friend. <please note not yet implemented>

5) Put me on auto follow in UBRS and go AFK - I am more then willing to take you for the plunge ingo LBRS where you will end up splattered on a walkway and I in a pool of lava because I jumped, I will then make my way back up to UBRS pretty easily and have entire group pretend they have no idea WTF happened or how the guy died and ended up in LBRS.
Tell Lady Sylvanas she bounces like a night elf!
Summon your flying mount while standing at the edge of a cliff.

Press 'jump' key to take off flying - a split second too early.

07/05/2012 11:34 AMPosted by Xigwa
4. Decide to attened the catherdral service on sunday in Stormwind as Horde.

Sorry, i just have to ask. Does this really happen!?
So back in the day when I was a noob, I was questing around Darkwood, and my best friend shows up and tells me to follow him. So I follow him to Twilight Grove, and he says 'Go talk to the dragon over there.' And I say, 'What? I can't talk to him, you gotta be kidding?' And he says, 'No, it's okay. Just go up and talk to him. He'll talk back, it's really cool. Trust me.' ... LOL
07/05/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Margirita
Tell Lady Sylvanas she bounces like a night elf!

No tell her that her sister is hotter.

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