Ten epic ways to die in WoW

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Tell a noob to walk into a group of horde/alliance while using Orb of Deception.
While on a long corpse run, auto run, go afk, forget you are on auto run, come back to see your corpse had run off a cliff, into the sea, and died from fatigue.
Special Way to die: Put on your most epic looking set, don the Jenkins title, and throw yourself off the highest point of Thunder Bluff yelling: "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR-"
Mount frostwolf (fav ground mount) and go rushing towards the Firelands Portal forgetting that it's a click interface...also, same mount, running from inside the Firelands Portal out...

*shakes head, walks away shamed*
Try to walk to the Badlands.
From Northern Stranglethorn.
As a newb level 35 Horde.
Alone. Lost. Clueless.
There will be many deaths. And while it may not feel epic at the time, your friends will find epic amusement in the fact that you didn't know any better.

... not that I know this from experience or anything...
Can you even die to lava anymore? I think health regen outheals the DPS.
8. Milk a male tauren.

Sorry just had to adjust that for you ...
Dismount in midair.


Note: This means shifting out of Flight/Swift Flight Form for a Druid.
My favorite most epic way I enjoyed dying: I mounted up on a flying mount, fly through a pack of dragons, dismount and pop moonfire for some reason, try to cast flight form and... "Cannot be cast in combat" NOOOOOOO!!! *splat* rofl xD!
I thought it would be cool to fly off the top of zep when arriving at Org so I land on top of the zep at Warsong Hold.... Zep flies off with me on it when screen starts flickering. Thinking I'm getting left behind I try to hearth. Hearth was set for the sewer inn at Dal... I arrive in sewer only to watch the bottom side of Dal disappear and everyone from npc to player fall to their deaths, including me. I was freaked and so the wiff had to take over. She flew from graveyard to where my body was and couldn't "accept" the rez. For why? My body some how had ended up embeded in rock that is the bottom of Dal. She did a rez sick so I could get my body back.

Weirdest death ever. I've no clue whether that was an ongoing glitch or just a freak glitch but it certainly makes for a very vivid WoW memory.
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Die to the infamous elevator boss.

Noggenfogger roulette:

Get a group of friends together with stacks of noggenfogger elixir, preferably not someone with a slow fall or immunity as they can cheat. All of you jump off one of the highest towers in dalaran at the same time, spamming noggenfogger on your way down. You win if you get the slow fall effect from the noggenfogger.
I think the funniest one for me was when i shot the Whale Shark in Vashj'ir with a Death Coil while leveling Titan and tried to swim away as fast as i could after.

Never seen something that big move so fast.

Tell a noob to walk into a group of horde/alliance while using Orb of Deception.

Don't give a noob an orb of deception!
Summon your flying mount while standing at the edge of a cliff.

Press 'jump' key to take off flying - a split second too early.


LOL! Ive done that! xD!
1. I was so excited to try out my new Headless Horseman mount in Wrath that I paraded it around Dalaran, then went to Krasus Landing and jumped off to my death because I'd forgotten that you had to remount to enable flying.

2. If you're a Druid, get into a fight with an Abomination on the edge of a cliff. Cast Typhoon at the same time that it uses its hook to grab you. Watch as you both fall to your deaths.

3. Lifegrip! So many ways...our priest used to levitate over the lava near Rhyolith and Lifegrip random players to her. That lava will still kill you in short order. Also, Lifegrip + Ice Walls on Hagara. So mean, but so funny.
On my warrior when I first started tanking in GB: the last set of mobs right before you can free the dragons:

Hit charge, then strafe backwards: fall off side of Grim Batol with the rest of your group saying "WTH?" and laughing at you.

I've done this 3 times before I learned that lesson.
I had a druid OT in DS charge ultraxion and fall off the edge....

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