Ten epic ways to die in WoW

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07/05/2012 11:41 AMPosted by Paluunn
Die to the infamous elevator boss.

Which one: Shattrah or old one that connected Barrens / Thousand Needles - Because that last I either die by being punted by the guards on my alliance toons, missed the elevator completely and/or shifted the wrong way on it. Good times....
Blackrock Spire- accidentally falling off a ledge into a group of lvl 57s (while being lvl 55 yourself) healer attempts to heal you but you still get killed, and accidentally cause that group and the rest in the hall to hunt down your party WHILE pulling other groups as they run past and unintentionally causing a massive group wipe.

ZF- taking shortcuts without realizing you have a member who barely meets the minimum level requirements (or better yet, having a member who doesn't know what you're doing), they pull mobs, you thinking your group is fine don't even pay attention to anyone's health bars until you reach your destination and notice everyone's dead

Scholo - first room, getting feared multiple times until you manage to pull the whole room.
Start flying to Booty Bay. Alt-tab to the internet because its a hella long flight. Get wrapped up in w/e you're reading. Alt-tab back to WoW and see your corpse thousands of yards offshore and about 3 or 4 minutes on the auto-rez timer.

<- did that last night.
flying as high as you can and dropping into the lake in org, not realizing you are moving ever so slightly every time you do it until eventually

Jump from the Dalaran sewers.

I once convinced a friend of mine that if you did this the game would give you a magical parachute at the last second. I even used my engineer to demonstrate.

I told a guildmate that it was a shortcut out of Dalaran right after someone told her to NOT leave that way. She believed me.

My most epic death was jumping from the waterfall leading out of Darnassus.
Decided the Raven Lord should be able to fly, so jumped off the Alliance Gunship in Deepholm.
ROFL--Wish I could have seen that!!!! ( In reply to the raining men on first page!!)
07/05/2012 11:58 AMPosted by Adelaide
It's Crithto. Quick, chase him around SW until your character dies of exhaustion.

Lol, and I literally just got done chasing him all around SW in-game minutes ago (I like to get on my worgen rogue and /bark at him and chase him around ;D)

Convince your guild to load up all there male toons, and fly high above a well populated area, take off all there armor, and turn off there mount.

Leave one guy on the on the ground (also naked) who starts /yelling its raining men lyrics...

I lol'ed. I'd love to see this...

My most epic death was jumping from the waterfall leading out of Darnassus.

I...kind of want to do this...I always get scared every time I'm near any of the edges anyway, suppose it'd be fun to just go "what the hell" and jump off...
in LFR on top of Wyrmrest and standing right at the edge of the top telling people that they finally put an invisible wall up so noone can fall off now and watch people run and jump off and die
Get blown off of a cliff by Thunderstorm or Typhoon.
Ganked by a naked Orc...
I once ran through Kologarn's body in Ulduar and ended up dead at the bottom of the ravine behind him.

True story.
In classic wow in Silithus getting punted by the worms into Un'goro Crater.
Try to walk to the Badlands.
From Northern Stranglethorn.
As a newb level 35 Horde.
Alone. Lost. Clueless. There will be many deaths. And while it may not feel epic at the time, your friends will find epic amusement in the fact that you didn't know any better.

... not that I know this from experience or anything...

When I was a young noob, I decided I wanted to do the Pirates' Day event in Booty Bay. Dreylia was level 7 at the time. So I ran her from Elwynn Forest all the way down to Booty Bay. I died so many times...but I kinda enjoyed it, seemed like an epic journey at the time, and I was so happy when I finally made it I set my hearthstone there and didn't change it until a couple months ago :)
07/05/2012 05:10 PMPosted by Ayani
In classic wow in Silithus getting punted by the worms into Un'goro Crater.

Hell Un'goro Crater by itself had a list of random hilarious things that could kill you. The most notable of which being ninja devilsaurs
Base jumping off Teldrassil all-time favorite.
Let me think of some epic ways in which I've died.

1) During The Burning Crusade, showed off my new flying mount to a friend in Hellfire Peninsula by mounting up, flying straight up for about a mile, then dismounting. I was "clever" and had a parachute cloak... but what I didn't count on was a bit of lag at the last moment. All my friend saw me do was say, "Watch this!" and get on my mount, fly straight up until I vanished, slowly reappear in free-fall, then splat hard on the ground without making even the slightest attempt at saving myself.

2) For a time in Wrath of the Lich King, "vehicle" mounts did not suffer fall damage. This was great because you could hop off the tallest mountain and survive the plunge. On a mammoth mount with passengers, it was hella cool... until you attempted the feat after a certain patch removed the fall damage protection. I leaped from the highest point in Storm Peaks right into the "toilet bowl," the Engine of the Makers, while carrying two passengers. It was all lolz and gamez until we all died on impact.

3) In Karazhan, someone accidentally pulled Shade of Aran before the group was prepared. Those who were killed outright delayed the boss long enough for the rest of us to run for it. I made a break for the raid entrance, which was pretty far away. I looked back and saw the group being picked off one-by-one by Aran. Unhelpfully, a few trash mobs aggroed because people ran up into an uncleared room. Finally, everything was after me. I was cheered on as I jumped off a railing at a great height and popped a parachute to save myself. I kept on running past the corpse of The Curator and for a few mad moments of panic I lagged out and got stuck on some scenery before soldiering on. I made it almost to safety when one of the trash mobs finally caught up to me and slew me.

4) In a battleground, I popped a Mole Machine during preparation time in Warsong Gulch. Most of my team clicked on it and teleported to Blackrock Depths. With only a couple of us remaining, the battle started and we got slaughtered by a bum-rush zerg from the other team. It's no wonder this got hot-fixed.

5) Flying at a cruising altitude high enough to nearly touch the skybox, I absent-mindedly right-clicked an item in my bags to combine something, forgetting that the item I clicked on would dismount me. That mistake entailed a very long, very stupid fall on a character with no way to save herself. I had plenty of time to inform the guild of my stupidity as the ground below me loomed ever-larger under my paddling feet.
i love all of you for making me feel better after i lost my chance of getting deth'tilac cuz someone else killed right as i was about to tame. ^.^ my fav...

4. Decide to attened the catherdral service on sunday in Stormwind as Horde.
5. Plan your wedding in the middle of Orggrimmar and invite all your Alliance buddies.
[quote="60365903994"]Speaking of Dalaran, my friend and I used to jump off any of the random floating islands in an attempt to make it into the stream way down below. The margin of error from that height is not very forgiving. Back then--and even today--I always got that free-fall "chill" in my stomach.[/quote]

I thought I was the only one! :D

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