Ten epic ways to die in WoW

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1. Jump into the maelstrom in your most favorite gear.

2. Go to Molten core naked and pull everything in one go.

3. Have a lava pool party

4. Decide to attened the catherdral service on sunday in Stormwind as Horde.

5. Plan your wedding in the middle of Orggrimmar and invite all your Alliance buddies.

6. Get hit by the Ironforge tram

7. Go out on a blind date with an undead.

8. Milk a tauren.

9. Try to steal the Ashbringer

10. Tell Garrosh his head is to small.

Got anymore epic ways to die in WoW?
In LFR on Morchok get on your goblin trike and speed through trash and morchok /yelling "BRAKES DON'T WORK! I CAN'T STOP!!"

Actually, I can't take credit for this, someone a while back did this, and it was hilarious.
I haven't really learned any cool new ways to die but I am comforted in knowing that I am not the only one that gets the feeling in the pit of their stomach when in free fall.
Be dropped in C'thun's stomach shortly after his weekly Mexican Night.
Jump from the Dalaran sewers.

I once convinced a friend of mine that if you did this the game would give you a magical parachute at the last second. I even used my engineer to demonstrate.

That's cold. Good job.
play the old Darkmoon Faire cannon

yeah, the new one's for pussies
Convince your guild to load up all there male toons, and fly high above a well populated area, take off all there armor, and turn off there mount.

Leave one guy on the on the ground (also naked) who starts /yelling its raining men lyrics...

Okay I just burst out laughing at this, and since I was eating oatmeal at the time, well... O_o
The other night I was in BRS with a mage who kept ninja'ing things, someone finally calls him out, he ninjas something, pulls a large group, and leaves the group before he could die.

Large wipe.
During an Isle of Conquest battle, teleport out of the Alliance's base into a crowd of Horde. Then, after they've all turned and looked at you, wave at them saying, "Hi, look at the silly human!" as they all mash you into the ground. XD

Seriously, I did that and laughed at myself for a good 10 minutes after that. It was just so darn funny.
07/05/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Ghostlore
Speaking of Dalaran, my friend and I used to jump off any of the random floating islands in an attempt to make it into the stream way down below. The margin of error from that height is not very forgiving. Back then--and even today--I always got that free-fall "chill" in my stomach.

Haha...good I'm not the only one that gets that feeling in my stomach when in free fall =)

Since I am afraid of heights, any time I fall (as opposed to jump) not only do I get that feeling, I scream. <.<
I was running ICC for the first time on my death knight. Was enjoying myself immensely. On our way to another area [or to go outside to port someone in who wanted to come with us, but hadn't been online earlier] we had to take an elevator down.

I completely misjudged how fast it lowered...ran right for it a second after it lowered. The second I started to fall, everyone in the raid chatroom on vent got quiet...as soon as I hit the bottom and died, all I heard was someone shout "SPLAT!"

I tried to blame it on my up arrow key sticking, as I had spilled soda on my laptop earlier that day and my keys were sticking terribly still, but...I doubt anyone believed me. xD
Ah, as low level Tra (maybe around level 20?) I was running around Org, accidentally fell of the cliff and face planted the floor right in the middle of a group of 85s
"lol"s ensue
07/05/2012 05:06 PMPosted by Colsheppard
in LFR on top of Wyrmrest and standing right at the edge of the top telling people that they finally put an invisible wall up so noone can fall off now and watch people run and jump off and die

I was queuing up for random battle grounds with a couple of guildies on my dk, and we got Strand of the Ancients. We started out as attackers, so we mounted up and goofed around a bit. One of my guild mates, while in party chat, said, "I'm so glad they put up those barriers! Now we can't fall off the boat!"

My stupid self wanted to "test" these barriers...

Took me three minutes with Path of Frost to run to the island. ._.

What made it even more convincing that there WAS a wall, the was running in place on his mount by the edge of the boat. Turns out half his mount's head was crammed into the side of the boat, and I just didn't happen to see it. ._.'''
I actually survived the Teldrassil fall. I hit the water and lived!
Find the deepest and most out of the way part of the ocean you can get in. Summon your friends there for some deep water adventures!!!

Not sure if this works anymore, but as a Warlock, you could summon folks one at a time at the very edge of a looooooooong cliff...........a few would get suckered in before some began to scream in /raidchat to NOT accept the summons!
Yes, I know I've posted twice already, but this is my last one, I swear! XD

I'm sitting on one of my alts talking to my fiance', who was leveling an alt, and asked him if he could make use of a Scroll of Recall. He said "No thanks, I have plenty of bad memories of using that as a level 60 Alliance that suddenly ended up in the middle of Orgrimmar, around a bunch of 85's no less."

I'm gonna try this on my level 45 druid, see where I end up. :D
07/05/2012 12:06 PMPosted by Runtal
5. Plan your wedding in the middle of Orggrimmar and invite all your Alliance buddies.

Sounds like The Red Wedding :D just google that. (Don't do anything if you dont want any spoiler)
I was amazed at the stroyline there,when things go wrong in the realms they go wrong hard.
When LFG first came out in Wrath, I remember some tanks that would queue then jump off Dalaran and see if they could get into the instance before going squish.
Step 1: Queue for Warsong Gulch
Step 2: Stealth into the opposing faction's flag room
Step 3: Grab the flag and wait for the magic to happen.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit
On my warlock, I used to enjoy placing my circle at the end of the Dalaran sewers and trying to bungee jump and see if I could time the teleport right.

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