The Horde Resurrection project

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TL;DR will be below.

The Horde Resurrection project has one goal: to help balance the Darkspear server factions for the upcoming expansion, Mists of Pandaria, to create a healthier community and promote more frequent, engaging, and memorable experiences in all aspects of the game. Like many other realms, Darkspear is a pvp server where the Horde is greatly outnumbered by the Alliance due to favorable racials in pvp among many other things (way hotter womens). As Cataclysm has run its course things have only gotten worse. With the releases of new MMOs and Diablo 3, we as a community have dwindled even further on both sides. That is certainly not to say that things will not bounce back in MoP but that is only temporary, and lets be honest, MoP is getting a lot less attention from gamers compared to the previous expansions. (I’m just ready for new content, not necessarily excited about pandas). I’m going to be doing what I know to help liven the Darkspear Horde up but if this is going to work in the slightest, everyone will have to do their part as well.

I will be making a Horde Resurrection video to support the growth of our server. The video will be spread across forums, guild websites, and to all of my gamer friends.

The video will encourage:
  • Alliance to invest time in Horde alts
  • former Darkspear players to come back to the game
  • individual players to transfer to Darkspear
  • entire guilds to transfer to Darkspear
  • Alliance players to switch Horde
  • PvE competition
  • PvP competition
  • balanced world PvP
  • an all around healthy and thriving server for MoP
  • I will only be contacting major Horde guilds on Darkspear to get info for a five to ten second plug in the video, containing your Guild name, PvE rank/status, PvP rank/status, any events like raiding or RBGs (with times), recruitment + website, and MoP aspirations, accompanied with a clip from a guild video to visually represent your guild. This section of the video will act as a kind of catalog of the Horde for anyone thinking of transferring here. More importantly, it will show that there is already a lot to look forward to on Darkspear in Mists of Pandaria while promoting most guilds for the betterment of the Horde population as a whole.

    If I do not contact your guild within the next week and you are interested or if you just want to make sure that I get to you please leave a reply in this thread. If you would like to get further involved please get ahold of me in game via whisper or in-game mail. Participating guilds would benefit to link/embed the video in their recruitment posts to show the growing community we have on Darkspear.

    TL;DR: Campaign to strengthen the Darkspear Horde and balance the server out. I will be making a video promoting Darkspear Horde with incentives for playing here as well as building upon the dwindling Darkspear community. I will be contacting major Horde guild masters. I will need info about your guild for a 5 second plug in the video. If I do not contact you within the next week and you’re interested please post in this thread.

    Divided we fall...
    Stay classy Darkspear,
    ….I’m Angrybird?
    Streaming to raise awareness... lol! come level with us!
    I've been enlightened and I approve of this new and fun way to express our want to game with great zeal, yet having fun all along the way. This is pretty cool and I think the Horde can truely benefit from something like this. Cool to see you all having fun and inviting others to do so. Good luck in this exalted quest and hope for massive, epic loots.

    +1 on props from chilli.
    +2 dexterity and cunning.
    +900 on the stamina since I like to stat !@#$%.

    No need to fear, for sir chillerace is here.
    I like this
    Cool. Great idea.
    Great idea, I hope it works out!
    07/04/2012 04:21 PMPosted by Ruskie

    We suuuuuure do.. hehehe! ;)
    And we have this pcool guy named Negamith. He's pcool and such.
    07/05/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Negamith
    And we have this pcool guy named Negamith. He's pcool and such.

    He's alright i guess...TO THE LOVE ROCK!
    07/05/2012 03:56 PMPosted by Rastafarikin

    Can I race change to horde already? Or atleast level my mage in Exile already...Alliance is so boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring, and annoying.
    07/05/2012 11:01 PMPosted by Kagemarou
    Can I race change to horde already? Or atleast level my mage in Exile already...Alliance is so boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring, and annoying.

    Yes PLEASE come hang out with us!
    Kage, I thank you for /cheering me while the sacred bads tried to kill me while I was going into outlands to take pics and stuff =D.

    +1 for chilli support.

    PS: Get over to horde my friend.

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