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Burning Legion
I've recently started a guild, and am looking for a few players to help me level it. Looking for a few individuals, that will help with recruiting, doing arean's, Dungeons, and raids for the bonus xp. I will reward these people with gold. Unless you wish to stay in the guild when we hit Level 25, then i will make you Officer and still give you a little reward, for helping me. Hoping to become mainly a raiding guild when MoP is released. I'm not a jerk, im fair and honest with anything i do. Because i am paying you and/or promoting you to officer status, i expect a decent amount of work from you. Please be level 85.

You mail message me in game, online a lot, or you can add my real id, just tell me what you are adding me for, i.e. "Saw post on forums" is all thats needed.


Real ID:
I hope can join a raiding guild where my gm doesnt even gem/enchant his gear!
Sorry i can't understand that. Who doesn't enchant/gem their gear?
Currently looking for some 2's or 3's partners. We have a couple teams going as of right now. Always looking for more.

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