Rate the transmog (continued)

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Very hunter. I like the Earthy colors. 8.75/10
9/10 really like the set

8/10 The hat is funny but it throws off the look.

As to my set, I'm still trying to replace the boots...
7/10 - Change the helm, and you'll be golden!

Im going for a SteamPunk look, close?
Pretty Brown

Gotta love it when people skip over you.
(Rating Vagility, since Jeanshorts didn't.)

Very nice horde theme. Colors don't really fit my personal sensibilities, but that's my problem, it all goes together nicely. 8/10.


Interesting mix of armor sets :P



9/10 I think the helm really makes the set! Love it!


Pretty set, matches well, just don't like the scales.

Nice! 9/10. Love those shoulders.
Barathos :


Gives you a nice old school look.
7/10 for Rhok'delar
8/10 could use a matching belt and boots, the brutal belts and boots are a good look alike match.

personally i wished tier 6 looked better on a troll female
9/10 for Ashy
One of the better looking hunter sets.
On a side note, why does everything look good on a troll?

looks good and matches well
the only part i am not a massive fan of is that bow model but it still suits the rest of your gear
@Moosehide 8/10

Bow and mask are the only downfalls, everything else looks good.

It's not the size that counts, it's the fact that i'm not good at using it :(
hey where did you find my practice toy crossbow?
awesome i didnt know you could mog bows as crossbows.
edit- still waiting on my gloves.

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