<TEG> BYOB/Alt Run Saturday 8server [10m]

So I've got these Alts right? I bet you do too. They're pretty geared out but I like shiny purples and beer and getting shiny purples while consuming the beer. It's a good combo. But what's an Alt to do with little or no pug groups?

The two characters I regularly play (Slash says my DK is a baddy so he's just an Inscription-bit56 now) are Rumour (lock) and Footnote (boom/resto) and there are a few guildies who are interested too but I figured I'd give a shoutout and see if anyone else would be interested. Off the top of my head I think we need tanks and a few dps. Heals are covered (I think).

But daddy Surgical, are you doing any hardmodes 'cause regulars bore me and I fall asleep between trash pulls? Its ok little Timmy. We'll do some hardmodes for you but I'm not spending too much time wiping on something. Let's say off-the-top 5 pulls before we move on....something like that.

Any who...if you would like to come just whisper me in game or post here. I'll figure it out and it'll be all via in-game Calendar.

Oh....yeah. Please for love of sex...don't ask me to carry your ungemmed unenchanted rogue who needs a pickpocket. You can talk "Timmy" but don't go full "Timmy" on me, mmmmkay?
Sign me up, will bring whatever is needed. You know all my toons.
Duck and I are in.
Good day sir. My name is Velitharia, I am a healing Paladin in the World of Warcraft. I, much like yourself, have some alts that sit idol waiting to slay scripted internet dragons. I myself love the consumption of alcoholic beverages while slaying scripted internet dragons. I would be honored to accompany you in your quest to to slay the bringer of destruction, Deathwing!

One question, would you prefer me to drink whiskey or beer?

PS. I HATE COLTON!!!!!!!!!!

Edited for meh bad spellingz
You are a !@#$ wildebeast.
So far we've got:

Tank -
Tank -

Dps - Hunter
Dps - Ret
Dps - en.shaman
Dps - warlock
Dps - mage

Healer -
Healer - Druid
Healer - Priest

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