Wrathgate Quest Glitch

I just handed in the quest to bolvar, when the cinematic was done Alexstrasza asked me to walk to her but when i did get to her she had NO quest for me. i waited and still no quest. i even went to her in wyrmest temple and she had no quest. Any help?
The next part involved taking an item back to Stormwind, then doing the Battle for Undercity -- since that portion has been removed due to so many changes with Cata, the questline ends after the cinematic.
not a glitch, just fail on blizzards end for removing battle for undercity.........was best part of doing that chain -.-
LAME, ya my heart dropped when i found that out a few hours ago. blizzard should definately get rid of alexstrasza asking for you to come to her when she has no quest. i dont see why they took it away, i did that questline for no reason now. WOTLK quest content is becoming as bad as burning crusade.
Yeah it sucks, I enjoyed it as well -- but like I said, too much changed with Cata, and keeping that quest just wasn't possible.
Honestly i dont understand why they couldn't have kept it in by having you talk to a member of the bronze flight (I believe the Undercity you did the quest in was instanced)
07/14/2012 04:05 AMPosted by Dumborcface
(I believe the Undercity you did the quest in was instanced)

It wasn't; it's a phase.
07/14/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Seiryu
It wasn't; it's a phase.

It was also a great way to exploit some achievements... I'm sort of glad they removed it.

(and it was REALLY annoying trying to get to SM as alliance if you were tagging along with toons who hadn't completed the chain)

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