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((Shadowfrost in sits in the more uncharted regions of Dragonblight. Started not long after the scourge came to Azeroth once again, it was created for the weary traveler that found themselves far from civilized lands. Standing two stories above ground, with another two below, it has enough rooms for sixteen individuals to take refuge and sleep. Sitting ever in the shadows of a nearby mountain, it looks rundown, old to many.

A sign hangs above and perpendicular to the door, reading [in both common and orcish] Shadowfrost Inn, all unnecessary violence prohibited. Upon entering, one would find themselves in a spacious room with some thirteen-odd round tables, each with four stout, strong wooden chairs arranged around them. A single, long table stands before a fire place, sporting eight chairs on each side, with an additional one at either head. A sword and shield of the Stormwind gaurd hang above the door. A bar stands opposite the entry, with a lone man behind it.

He is muscular, scarred and hunched. Long, unkept brown hair hangs loosely around his face. A terrible scar maims his left cheek, caving it in and leaving his lips slightly pursed, and to the opposite side. One eye is more open than the other, though both have a stern, hard glare that watches the whole room.

An overly large fireplace seems to be the main source of light and heat, save a few small, wooden torches around the room. A man sits before it, pouring over a small, old leather book. A coif of metal and cloth covers his head and face in shadows, but does little to hide the glowing, blue eyes beneath.

Standard rules of RP please, no god modding, refrain from name calling and use of languages other than common. I have no problem with you RPing two characters in the same post. Please keep violence to a minimum, although I have little problem with it so long as it does not damage the inn. Please try to keep posts under three paragraphs, I have poor eyes, and the format on the forums can cause the to hurt if there is too much text on screen. This is set before the fall of the Lich King, or even Naxxaramas.))

The man before the fire grumbles, reaching up to scratch the stuble on his chin. Giving his wrist a quick twist, he nods as it pops. Looking up from the tome, he gives a small smile to the bartender. "Honestly Bathin, I don't know why you keep me around, there are rarely any people in here. They all seem more interested in those tundra places than this land." The bartender grunts, continuing to clean a glass he had been working on for more than an hour.
There looks good. Her companion's thoughts echoed in her own mind. She looked to where the Hippogryph was looking, and smiled. "That it does," she replied, patting the creature's neck. The beast nodded and descended, landing a few yards from the inn. The Huntress stroked the feathers of the Hippogryph as she got her bow from its holder on her companion's side.

"Alright, I'll call you when you're needed again," she whispered into the beast's ear. The Hippogryph cooed and trotted away before taking off to go hunting. The Huntress waited, watching the forest. Finally, a large cat that seemed quite at home in the wintery cold of Dragonblight lumbered from the forest; its usually white muzzle covered in blood. The Huntress laughed, kneeling as the cat came towards her. "You got messy, didn't you," she said as she cleaned off the beast's muzzle.

After it was resonably clean, she and the cat went into the inn together. As they entered, the cat let out a grumbling noise, and the Huntress looked down, though the movement was barely noticable due to her hood. After looking back up at the Draenei, the cat went over to the fire, laying down and falling asleep easily. The woman smiled and shook her head, looking around to see who else was here.
Bathin continued to tirelessly clean the glass, eye's scanning the still empty room. Sighing slightly, he started to turn towards the kitchen when the clop of hoofs on wood caught his attention. As he looked towards the entrance, a Draenie walked in, followed closely by a large cat. A low growl was all that could be heard from the cat before it padded towards the fire, upon which it lay down silently.

"Good evening!" Aakesh called, looking up from his book. "Might we interest you in some Rumsy Rum? Or perhaps your tastes are more for some of our original worm delight? Then again, you may only want a room for the night." He said, lifting his hand to his chin, and holding it in a stately maner as he looked ever slightly up, deciding on what it was the Draenie most wanted.

"Oh, but excuse me. I'm rambling again, and it is your money and decission, not mine. Please sit wherever you like. I'm know as Aakesh the Hallowed, by the way. The man behind the bar is Bathin, and he's a mute, so don't bother asking him questoins. He's not big on talking!" Aakesh said, before bursting out laughing, small tears already rolling down his cheeks.
((Bathin is the bartender and Aakesh is your character, right?))
((Correct. Bathin is a mute who lost his tounge in the fight against Illidan and the burning legion, and Aakesh is his "bouncer", if you will, that lives at the inn with him and his wife, who has yet to appear.))
((Ooh, I thought it was Bathin talking! Okay))

The Cat tensed, head snapping towards the rather loud voice. Her lips slowly quivered, rising from her teeth. "Laya, down," the Huntress said calmly, speaking in Draenei. The Cat huffed and flopped her head back down. The Huntress shook her head, looking back to the speaker. "If you've got any kind of milk, I'll take that. I think my companion would like the Worm Delight though," she replied with a smile, moving to sit near the man who spoke to her.

"It's nice to meet you, Aakesh. I'm Sanuura Moonheart, most everyone calls me Moonheart," she replied. She smiled to Bathin in greeting, just barely showing her fangs, before looking back at Aakesh. She slid her hood down, her black hair moist from the moisture that had seeped through her hood. "And the pouting cat over here is Layaleia, and she can be friendly when she's not hungry," she laughed. Laya looked up lazily, or glaringly, at the Draenei and huffed.
Bathin shuffled into the back, reappearing a few moments later, bearing a plater piled high with steaming meat, and a tall glass of milk. Setting them down on the table before Sanuura, he started making odd hand signs at Aakesh. Merely nodding, Aakesh watched until the wierd display was over before turning to the guest.

"He said that'll be two and a half gold for the meet and milk. And that there is more of it if your still hungry." He smiled, revealing nearly perfect teeth, obviously well taken care of. Looking back at the book for a moment, he scowled and flipped a page, obviously frustrated with something written therein.
"Thank you," she said as she produced the gold required. Moonheart looked over at Laya, clicking her tongue. The Cat's ears flicked, and she stood up to lumber over to the Huntress. "Here, now stop being a grouch," the woman spoke, once more in Draenei, as she lowered the plate of meat to her pet. She looked to Bathin. "If it's extra to clean the dish because she ate from it, I can pay still," she said.

She stroked her pet as the cat ate, taking a drink of the milk. "May I ask what you're reading?" she asked after a moment.
Grinning, Aakesh waved Moonheart off. "No trouble at all my dear, it has to be cleaned in any case, doesn't matter if it's meat residue saliva I'm going to guess." He looked up at her, smiling once again, careful not to bring his face to far up, lest the light manage to infiltrate the darkness under his hood. Glancing down at the book, he sighed, and began rubbing his eyes.

"As to the book here, it is some sort of journal. It seems to be written in more than one language, and several dialects thereof. I keep seeing the runes that are used to bind the souls of a Death Knight to his weapon here and there, as well as other runes that seem to hum with power when looked at. Trying to translate it is like trying to teach a giest how to stand up straight." Shaking his head, he set the book off to the side.

"Enough of that, I've only gotten a few half interesting exerpts from it, nothing big. What of you, how did you come to find yourself out here?" he asked, leaning forward to set his head on his folded hands. Bathin shuffled forward again, setting a heavy mug next to Aakesh, and taking a sip from his own.
As Aakesh spoke, she listened silently. "Hm, interesting," she muttered, more to herself than to Aakesh. "Well, I'm a hunter, but not in the sense that I'm going to kill creatures. I find creatures such as Laya here and, if I can, befriend them. My goal is to understand them," she replied. Laya looked up lazily from her food, purring happily. The Huntress smiled.

"Having them decide to stay with me, like my Laya has, is a blessing," she looked down at her Cat fondly. She looked back to Aakesh. "I can think of hundreds of other places better than this to decipher runes, any reason you chose here?" she asked, taking another drink of her milk afterward.
"Well, I'm a hunter, but not in the sense that I'm going to kill creatures. I find creatures such as Laya here and, if I can, befriend them. My goal is to understand them."

Aakesh cringed at idea of not causing others pain, but quickly recovered. Quietly listening, he fingered the torn corner of the journals cover. Bathin continued to drink the strong smelling liquid from his mug, eyeing Aakesh all the while.

"I'm Bathins 'bouncer' as he calls it. I break up fights, keep unwanted guests out, get money from those who don't pay, that sort of thing. I found the journal by chance when I was out get worm meat last, thought I'd give it a look," he stated, glaring down at the book by his side. Picking up his mug, he took a hearty swig, cringing as the it ran down his throat.

"Honestly I would prefer to study it in Dalaran, where I could look through other tomes that might be of help, but life here is quieter, more my style." Smiling he took another swig and set it down, scratching his chin.
His cringe wasn't exactly well hidden, but Moonheart understood. Many people she'd met found it odd that she didn't want to harm the creatures she found, even though they often attacked her. The results of the attacks were all too evident on the woman's purple skin; bite marks, scratches and the like scarred her armor.

She nodded slightly as he spoke. "Well, Laya seems to love the worm meat," she replied. The Cat licked her lips in agreement, finishing and sitting once more by the fire, staring at Aakesh curiously. "I'm sure the Mages in Dalaran would absolutely love to get their hands on that," she said. "Though I'm not so sure they'd give it back," she laughed. She looked around at the room, "I'm surprised it's so empty, it's nice to get out of the weather here," she mused.
Distopia Dawnbreaker grunted as ice was forming on her again. “Damn frigid air.” She brushed some ice from her cheek and looked to see entire icicles were hanging from her shoulder plates. Her rune ax was still stained in fresh ichor from a pack of scourge she killed. She looked down at her Death charger; ice was clenching to the beasts sides as well. “It will slow us down.” She said to herself as she looked up to see what looked like a blizzard heading towards her location.

The biting cold. All she felt was a dull ache. Nothing would ever be as it was when she still drew true breath. The only reason she breathed now was a way she kept herself sane. Never sleeping took a toll on her mind at times and the steady breathing helped. She then had her death charger start moving in a light gallop, looking for anything that could serve as a shelter to wait out the coming storm.

“At this rate I might as well make for Agmar’s hammer.” She said in annoyance as she had yet to come to anyplace that would survive the storm. The blizzard looked quite severe and without a good shelter it might freeze her stiff, to the point any scourge filth following in its wake could have free reign at her while she was defenseless.

She then saw it, some rundown building that said it was an inn. “Well that looks better than any other. Better make sure I make a good impression.” She said with a grin as she rode her Death charger towards this run down shack that was being passed off as an inn. The former high elf jumped off her mount and walked towards the door. Her plate armor, clad in spikes, ice, ichor, and blood would give her quite the entrance.

She walked up to the door, her rune weapon still strapped to her back and her spiked helmet firmly on her head with ice partly covering it. She opened the door, looking over, a human, a draenei and a human death knight. The human behind the bar looked rather uninteresting, the draenei, common, but the other death knight interested her. She walked over to a chair and sat down. “Tell me, what are you doing here?” She asked “I would think that all of our kind would be fighting the scourge, not sitting idelly in this excuse for an in.” She said in common, although her Thalassian accent was quite easy to hear, even over the echo of her on voice.
((I'd like to quickly appologize to everyone for taking so long to reply, the past two days have been hard on me, haven't even looked at a computer since my last post.))

"I'm surprised it's so empty, it's nice to get out of the weather here."

"In all honesty, it has never been truly busy in here. Of course Bathin only opened the place a month ago. And as for the Kirin Tor, I bet they would love to have this, but this book holds more meaning to a Death Knight than it would to a group of mere arcanists," Aakesh said, anger beginning to edge into his voice. Just then, another Death Knight walked in, covered in not only metal, as was common this far in Northrend, but blood, gore, and what looked to be a mixture of ice and moss.

Sitting down, the hallowed voice of a female rang out from behind the mask of her helm, “Tell me, what are you doing here? I would think that all of our kind would be fighting the scourge, not sitting idelly in this excuse for an inn.” A thick Thalassian accent was noticable, giving her away as either a High Elf, or Blood Elf, though neither was clear.

Bathin choked on a swig of his drink at the elfs comment on the inn, and glared at her, signing frantically away at Aakesh. "I'm here as a body guard of sorts for the owner over there, who happens to be telling me to kick you out. However, I know that our kind holds quite a great deal of hatred and anger, so I'll ignore what you said for now. However," He said holding up a finger and wagging it in her face, "I would greatly appreciate it if you would be nicer from here on. This is neutral space, and we want to keep it quiet, clean, and safe for those that may want to stay the night here."

"Hello everyone." A voice called from the doorway. Turning his head a little too fast, Bathin began rubbing his neck as an over large undead walked in the door. Aakesh eyed the Elf, trying to gauge if she would react poorly to the sight before answering. "Good evening! How are you today?" He asked as she sat down next to him.
"Aakesh. Aakesh the Hallowed, and the grumpy fart behind the bar over there is Bathin. Wave hello to our newcomer Bathin!" Aakesh called raising a hand at his employer. Bathin scowled, weaving his hands in and out of themselves, before throw a rude sign in Aakesh's direction.

Chuckling, he turned his head back to the rouge. "In any case, he's a mute, so if he has something to say, I'm usually the voice. Please make yourself at home. If you need anything just ask, Bathin'll get it. I'm just the bouncer, so to speak. Keep the riff-raff out," He said, flashing his dazzling teeth from under his hood.

"Quick introductions. This is Sanuura Moonheart, though she has asked to be called Moonheart. And as for the one under the helm, I have yet to find out, though the accent would sugget some sort of white skined elf," he stated, pointing to each of the other guests.

((Appologies for the different character, using her for a different RP and forgot to change back.))
Moonheart nodded slightly, beginning to stroke her cat again. The huge beast had begun to growl quietly at the Elf. "Down," the Draenei hissed, once more speaking in her own tongue. Laya huffed and flopped her head onto the Huntress's lap. "Oh stop it," she muttered, nuzzling the Cat's head with her nose.

She looked up as her name was mentioned, offering a small smile to the Elf and Undead. She was quite proud of her last name. Most Draenei didn't have one, she was one of the few that did. And she had earned it too; she had spent a few years studying with the Night Elves, and they had blessed her with the name. She smiled at the memories, scratching Laya beneath her chin. The cat began to purr loudly, a rumbling sound that soon filled the room.
Mitriel cursed as he walked down the icy path, "It was never this damn cold in the Undercity" he thought to himself, rubbing whatever was left of his frozen hands together. His fel horse could barely carry the immense weight of Mitriel's frozen supplies and specimens, along with the apothecary himself. He pulled his hood over his hair in a feeble attempt at stopping his hair from freezing solid, and trudged along through what seemed to be the beginning of a snowstorm.

His eyes lit up as he saw the old building in the distance. "Looks like some sort of tavern or inn. Whatever it is, it better have a fireplace." he muttered stepping up to the door. He tied his horse up on a nearby post and opened the door and stepped inside, taking note of who and what was going on, looking for any potential specimens. Seeing none of real value (except maybe the large feline by the fire), he plopped down on the nearest chair and relaxed for a bit before taking out his notes, which were covered with frost from the journey.
Distopia grinned as she took her helmet off with a bit of a hallow laugh. "I would like to see you try, but seeing as how we are going to be hit by a blizzard I think it would be unwise to destroy the only real shelter for miles." She said with a grin placing the helmet on the table. Her skin was pale and sunken at the eyes. From the look of her face she was dead for a while before being raised as a death knight.

When the undead came in she instinctively reached for her ax. When she heard it speak she sighed. "You're lucky. For a moment I thought you might have been scourge. Can't trust undead this close to Icecrown." She said before returning to her wait.

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