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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Catheden unsheathed his giant rune blade. He then flung it over his shoulder, getting a good hold on it, and went for the exit. "Well time for me to do my daily fair-share of killing the underlings of the Scourge, maybe if I'm lucky, I'll cross one of Arthas' higher ups." He said this with excitement whether he knew he could win or not.

He then waved to all the people in the tavern, he then opened the door, some snow and chill letting into the tavern as he was leaving. He turned towards everyone, he began to back out of the inn. His eyes were the only visible thing they could see when he closed the door, he then headed out in the frozen tundra to hunt more Scourge.
Rendoron looks up at the Death Knight's table. He tries to hold back a smile and fails. He turns back to the undead but notices he went to the hearth. He finishes his drink and dismisses his felhunter.

As he watches the freezing snow outside he sighs in relief that he was able to find this tavern. "Looks like the blizzard is picking up" he says to himself. He turns to watch the flames. He pulls out his staff and brushes off the ice and snow. All of the sudden Rendoron hears a bang from the Death Knight's table. Without flinching his eyes quickly turn toward the sound and he notices it came from the Blood Elf.

Hmph prancy little elves, seems even in death they're sensitivity is aroused

He chuckles as he see's the Death Knight leaving. "Pity, I wanted to see if he'd crack" he grumbled under his breath. Growing tired of sitting alone he decides to walk over to the Death Knight's table in the Blood Elf's place. Saying nothing he stares coldly into what seems to be a Blood Elf priestess's eyes.
The tauren smirks a bit letting a little chuckle escape her lips.
Ah some there's some intresting things in here after all.
She goes up and orders some fresh water then slowly walks up to a table and sits down almost all quick as she got up. " Hello I'm Blackglow" She says softly.
She takes a sip and begins to contuine healing herself, ignoring pretty much everything else.
But as soon as Blackglow felt the pain of the attacks and blistering cold go away, she turned her attention to the other people at the table.

She stared blankly at the other people at the table.
Let's try to avoid an arguement, or worse she thinks to herself as she takes a bit of sweet honey out from her bag and puts it into the water. It ripples as the honey drops in. Blackglow takes a sip of this sweet water as she says " Hello fellow tarvern dwellers! "
The undead warlock tore himself from his thoughts, and watches his fellow warlock leave his very own table. Perhaps if Shak had not been so utterly consumed with the turmoil that chewed at him more than the maggots that feast upon his rotting flesh, he would have noticed the company.

He craned his crooked neck at the cowful greeting to the general populace. The inn common suddenly became too full for him, although it looked nearly empty with just a handful of patrons inside. Shak hated the company of too many and found solitude so... solitary sometimes.

Boredom pulled him toward the stairs. He was going to muse about and maybe find an adequate room to pay for a rest in. Before disappearing up stairs, he summoned his saucy demoness once again. The curvy seductress ordered a random tankard of whatever the keep would pour.

"My master gives his apologies," the succubus purred as she placed a newly ordered drink before the warlock Rendoron. Her mischevious eyes swept the others at the table for the moment.

Shak waited half-way up the stairs as his demonic slave exacted his apology to the other warlock. Having fulfilled one duty, the demoness trotted quickly to her master, and with her arm looped around his, she ascended the stairs with him, hoping to fulfill the next.
((im still here yall, just not much to post to, can like tylurr please like argue with me... i want to put my brain to hte test here :p))
Rendoron opened his eyes to see a drink was placed before him. He looked up to thank the barmaid but it turned out to be the succubus, the other warlock's succubus to be exact.

"My master gives his apologies" she says. Rendoron smiled at the demon and nodded in response. He watched her reach the forsaken at the stairs and put her arm around him. He eyed the forsaken and smirked.

Ah, so that's what it is...

He watched the two walk up the stairs together. "Undead and demon, together. Who would've thought?" he grumbled under his breath. Rendoron turned back to the fire and looked into the searing flames. He said to himself quietly "Reminds me of Hellfire." and chuckled as he took a sip of his ale and closed his eyes once again.
The doors yet again opened, Catheden entered, some blood and gore dripping from his armor and sword. He also had been bleeding where some of his plate was dented in. He coughed lightly for a moment before ordering a mug of ale. He went to sit where he did when he first came in. He took off his helmet, revealing his face and bright white hair to everyone.

He had some bleed leaking from his lip. He wiped it away and coughed again. "Dammit." He grumbled under his breath. He then looked at where the dent in his armor was and placed his hand interior of the armor, and punched where the dent was located. He pushed the dent, making the armor go back to it's original state.
After Lineron was done packing all of his things that he left in his room he then walked out and noticed Catheden being covered in gore and blood. "Well....I suppose its my turn to risk my life for the saftey of this inn.....oh joy." He says then walks over to Tyylur. "Tyylur you mind holding my things?" He asks then hands it to her before even waiting for a answer. "Thanks las, Don't pull anything out of it and if you see a green glob of toxic goo just let it crawl out and when I get back I will take care of it." He says then sets the bag nest to Tyylur. "Bonereaper come." "Master....we gonna...have fun?" "Oh yes Bonereaper....we are going to have lots of fun" He says while grinning evily and stopping in front of the door. "Now then....MURDER AND MAYHEM AWAIT!" He screams with the green mist appearing around him and Bonereaper and then he kicks the door open and runs into the blizzard with his runeblade in his hands. *Meanwhile in the mind of Lineron's Dark Phoenix who is still in the inn in front of Tyylur* "........She hurted master.....why master like her.....why master not feed me since we got here?" After realizing that she had not eaten since they got there she then stared at Tyylur trying look as cute as possible so she could pay for some food.
((Very smart bird ain't she? and yes the Phoenix is a girl))
"Got it don't touch anything in the bag," Tyylur says to Lineron as he leaves. She then hears the Pheonix's thoughts, and projects into its head: *I will get something for you jsut hold up. And you aren't tricking me into anything so don't act smart* "Hold this," she shoves the bag into the Death Knight's hands ((Idodavoodoo is the one I am refferring to)). She starts going through the bag looking for food to give the bird saying "EWW!" or "Gross!" every few seconds.

((Gonna need to know what in the bag I can give to your bird, thanks))
((how bout a dead small animal or something?))
((dead squirrel, called it, feed it dead squirrels))
(( Sorry... I normally sleep while everyone else is awake... will be away a few days... ))
The priestess pulled out a dead squirel and shoved it at the bird in front of her. "Here. Eat this." She didn't like anything she found in the bag, but decided it was best to try and forget it ever happened.
Lineron's Dark Phoenix Nethers ((Screw it I am calling it Nethers.....get it?....hehe)) looked at the dead animal and then looked back up at Tyylur giving her a look of disapproval then started to eat it.
"Don't look at me like that! That is the most humane thing in this bag! You don't even want to know what other stuff was in here. Give me that!" She snatched the bag out of the undead's hands and held it while she watched the bird eat.
After Nether's finished eating her meal, Lineron came through the door holding his stomach with his right arm and his left arm seemingly broken and Bonereaper in his abberation form carrying a unconscious human. "There is a alot of cultists out there. A Lich is leading them along with a few Death Knights helping." He said while walking over to the table and smiling. "Killed alot of them, but one was fast a got a shot and cut me open and a Death Knight holding a warhammer got my arm." He said after he sat down. "Bonereaper put him down into a chair and tie him up." He says gesturing over to a empty chair. "Oh, yeah I also brought us a friend to play with." He said while smiling evilly. "Oh, yes can I also have my bag back? It will have everything I need to fix my self." He said all the while still smiling.
Blackglow orders some mammoth meat and eats it as she talks, her mouth full of meat " Ugh..ghouls." Her voice lowers as she talks to herself " I can't stand them, even death knight ones. They are a spit in the face of the Earthmother, an ugly plague-ridden beast. Oh well, I will let this plagued thing go but next time..."

She seems to try and stop herself from talking by shoving more meat into her mouth. After a brief eating time Blawglow thinks to herself.

Just stay calm, stay cool.. no more ranting. Not intill I leave.
"You are badly hurt. I can heal you..." After thinking about it, "With bandages. Perfectly safe non-holy magic way." Tyylur hands him the bag. Why would he not have invited her? She is far stronger against the undead than he will ever be and yet he went alone. This puzzled her.
"Thank you las. I will ask for your help if I need it." He then stared at the unconscious cultist tied up in the chair that Bonereaper put him. "If he he wakes up and tries anything make him go temporarily brain dead or something. Then I can have more fun with him without him struggling." He says as he grins evilly at the cultist. "Now then...the fun part." He says as he reaches into his bag for the necessary supplies and pulls out a healing potion. "Well...bottoms up." He says then drinks half of it then drenches the rest of it over the wounds he sustained and his wounds already start looking better. "Ah, there we go." He then looks at the squirrel corpse that Nether's ate. ".....where did you get that." He said as he pointed toward what remained of the corpse of the small animal.
Valdrec enters the tavern quietly, avoiding all the commotion as he makes his way towards the counter. He keeps a tight grip on the hilt of his sheathed sword, trying not to draw any attention as he moves.

The presence of his brethren within the tavern proper does little to sate his discomfort as he sits down at a table near the counter and sets his pack down on the floor next to him. A server comes over to take his order; " Port...In a mug if you have it. he says quietly as he watches the other patrons.

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