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"There is a alot of cultists out there. A Lich is leading them along with a few Death Knights helping." He said while walking over to the table and smiling. "Killed alot of them, but one was fast a got a shot and cut me open and a Death Knight holding a warhammer got my arm."

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((I have a faux backstory to my non-rp name if it comes to question))
The cat slid through the front door, his lithe muscles working to propel him forward as well as keep his wounds from reopening. As he approached the bar he shifted into his night elven stature, standing at 6'8- all muscle. "Thank Elune I have survived." He nodded towards Lineron. "Good fighting out there," was all he muttered before passing out in front of Lineron and his blood elf companion ((Tylurr)).
(( I think this RP has died.))
((Sorry I was out for a couple of days. Got really busy, but I am back if we wanna keep going. Idk how to spell squirel as u can probly tell xD))

"I found it in your bag." She said to Lineron reffering to the squirel he had just mentioned. "The bird said she was hungry so I got it for her." It suddenly occured to Tyylur that the bird was trying to get her in trouble. Projecting her thoughts at the pheonix, she invoked a phrase into its head. *If this gets me into trouble, you won't live long enough to see my punishment.*
*Meanwhile in Nether's mind* "I was expecting you to buy something for me with shiny round thing don't go blaming me.* *And now back too the real world* "Uh.....pray to whatever god you believe in that you have more holy water because if you do that is the only thing that can actually counteract anything you might have caught while putting your hand in there....maby a blessing as well if it was something especially powerful that I cooked up....and don't worry about the bird, I have injected that thing with every disease that I can think of yet it still lives." He says while rubbing his chin. He then notices the Night elf who nodded towards him and sees him unconscious. "Hmm...and after your done with your hand I think he could use some healing as well. Scourge must be bloody everywhere if a cat druid was overwhelmed. I will put some bandages on him to stop the bleeding." He says as he walks over to the unconscious druid and starts putting bandages on him.
Mentally shreiiking at the pheonix, *Oh good lord what do you even do with your life? Eating plagued animals and flapping your little wings doesn't count! And, this is all your fault. A little "hey this bag is full of plagues" would have helped.*

"Curative magic just happens to be my specialty so this is not going to harm me for long." An orb of transparent energy enveloped her hand and quickly turned dark and murky. "AAHHH!!!" Tyylur fell to the ground and quaked with pain, screaming and trembling, making a huge scene. Her eyes were blood shot and her skin became agonizingly pale. ((Not sure how blood elf eyes are blood shot but idk what else to call it so...)) She began to speak in a bearly audible voice, " Infection..." She revealed a small incision on the palm of her hand that was covered with diseased skin cells and tainted blood. The pain in her voice slowly was drowned out by more agonizing screams.

((EEP!!! I'm all plagued! Anybody have healing abilities? Besides me of course.))
"good... maybe we won't all die now..." the undead said.
"Oh by the bloody least it wasn't as much of a show then when I did it." He says while walking from the unconscious night elf who he had bandaged up. "okay lets see what we have here.....hmmm...ah I see. The plagues from my bag apparently formed together but I should be able to atleast stop the plague on my own." He says after looking at Tyylur's hand and then holds her hand and starts murmuring a incantation to stop the spread of the infection. "Alright las, I have stoped the spread of the plague but I need holy water in order to purge it from your body. And when I mean purge I mean you will be vomiting up sickly looking stuff that doesn't even look like vomit. Now you have any more holy water?"
*Meanwhile in Nether's mind* "......All according to plan." She then flaps off to god knows where.
"Oh gods! You are kidding, right? Please be kidding! This is all that wretched little..." She went on cursing at the bird and groaning in pain, but didn't answer Lineron's question. She was in far to much pain to even consider possession or another form of magic to get to the bird. Finally, after a stream of offensive terms ended, she let out another blood-curdling shreik of pain and passed out from exhaustion in her weakened state.
The undead looked at the body of the blood elf preist, and smiled. "anybody got a knife?"

EDIT:this is idodavoodoo
"Oh for all that is in the nether. TYYLUR! WAKE UP!" He yelled trying to get to wake up. but to no avail. "Sod it, im searching her." He then started searching her person for some holy water. *Meanwhile over in lets say the rafters of the inn* "Why master helping her! SHE HURTED MASTER! WITCH LADY DESERVE DEATH!" Nether's then swooped down and started squawking her master's face. "Nether's....look....CALM DOWN!" He said loudly to his companion. "Look....I know it was you who tricked her into putting her hand in my bag. I know because I know how vengeful you can get whenever someone harms me. I care not for vengeance and I can fight my own battles. You shouldn't have done that." Nether's then looked side to side and started acting cute. "That isn't going to work you bloody trying to do that to a person who thinks that a toxic wasteling is cute." Looking defeated Nether's flew away to feel bad about her self. "Bah take care of her then where was I....Oh yes here we are." He said finally finding the vial of holy water with just enough to purge her system of the plague and then let it flow down Tyylur's throat.
Tyylur jumped and shot upright choking and gagging on the holy water. She gasped for breath and once she realized waht had happened she slapped Lineron across the face. "What is wrong with you?!?!? Do you know how bad holy water tastes?!? At least I had the since to mask yours with some other flavor! JEEZ!!!" She was apparently back to her old ways though upon attemting to stand she immediately flopped back onto her rear.

((xD I'm amazing. I totally just got that recovery burst of energy then fell back into a feeble state. She is just like one of those determined old women in movies.))
"Was the slap necessary? I did just save you from becoming a blob of inflated flesh and puss that would have been in a eternal agony you know." He said after she slapped him. "Oh, and by the way for the record, when I drank it it felt like lava going down my throat very slowly be grateful you arent undead." He then turned around and sat down in the chair at there table.
"Oh, sure just leave the poor diseased girl on the floor, because she can totally stand up on her own." Tyylur sat there looking rather pathetic in comparison to the death knight she was adressing with such anger.
"Bah, very well then your majesty..." He got up from the chair then held his hand out for Tyylur to be picked up. "I wonder why your system has not purged it self yet...hmm...kind of disturbing..."
"Yeah well, recovery isn't an instant process it takes time and faith that the Light will heal you." She took his hand and pointed at a chair with her free hand at the table they had been using, implying that she wanted to sit there.

((There was a forum saying that Blood Elf Priests revolve around pure faith in the Light so that's what I'm going with.))
"Well when the light actually starts healing me instead of giving me un-measurable amounts of pain then that is the moment that I may start worshiping it again. But until then I am going to actually enjoy being a abomination in the eyes of the light." He said while walking her towards there table.
"Ha! You think you're an abomination? Have you met me? I use the Light as a weapon against the good people. The Light must hate me! I scarred its name. But seriously, try it out. You have to give a bit before you can get something. My best friend that you heard about told me that. She was very wise for her age." Tyylur was saddenned by the thought of Varah but tried not to show it.
"Well there is still the fact of un measurable amounts of pain whenever someone uses it on me....the light does not take kindly to the dark. And speaking of the dark we still have our friend mr. cultist sitting over there." He then looked over towards the cultist who was tied up in the chair next to them. "Well I suppose I will be the first one to torture him. If anyone hear's agonizing screams of pain coming from my room its this guy right here. Bonereaper bring him with us."
"Yes...master..." Bonereaper then picked up the man who was still unconscious and followed his master to there room.
"Oh and Tyylur maby you can help that night elf who is still laying there on the floor there." He said as he pointed at the night elf still laying on the floor.
((What? Help an ally? GASP!!! jkjk here it goes but if he doesnt want my help then thats his problem))

"What do you expect me to do from over here?" She yelled at Lineron as he walked away. She turned to the injured man infront of her. A small light enveloped her hand and projected outwards to his wounds which quickly sealed themselves under the light of her magic. She then proceded to spiritually heal him allowing him to regain conciousness soon.

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