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He shoved his books and "specimen" bag, deciding that was enough research for one day. Peering outside the nearest window he noticed that the blizzard was still in full swing, meaning that he wasn't going anywhere for the time being. He stepped outside for a brief second to check on his horse, who was tied up on the side of the inn, giving her at least some kind of protection from the storm.

He sat back in his chair, taking another sip of water and observing the inn. He noticed the kids fighting and being a pain and thought, Ugh, kids, don't know why any sane being would want them. Look at them, a bunch of bloody fools. Worst of all, they're Worgen!. Oh, how he despised Worgen. He wanted to murder every last on of them and use their hides as a doormat and their limbs as spare parts for his abominations. He was nearly shaking in anger, thinking about what they did to him. Monsters, all of them.

Realizing where he was and what was happening, he calmed himself and took solace in the fact that they'll be either dead or serving the Dark Lady soon enough. Hopefully dead.
As the icy wind screeched through the Light-forsaken land, a blinding curtain of snow and sleet engulfing anything that dared to brave it's freezing embrace. Yet, through the barrage of frozen water crystals, something large lumbered through the snow. The snow crunched beneath its considerable mass as misshappen legs shuffled forward. The creature's mutilated skin was covered in scars and stitching, colored a sickly grey-green from death. Four arms were attached to it's large torso, each one a different size than the other. Something that might be called a head sat atop this mountain of organs and body parts, two eyes yellowed by death gazing froward. A green ichor dripped from the Abomination's crooked mouth, hanging in a thick strand from one corner. As the light from the inn came into view through the blizzard, the beast seemed to quicken it's pace.


Enenra Hackbew sat huddled inside the enclosed space he resided. A small lantern hung from a blood-encrusted hook that, itself, was embedded into a very fleshy wall. He sat huddled, with his legs folded underneath him and a small book bound in black leather atop his lap. He read by the flicker candlelight, which was made difficult by the constant swaying of the lantern, as if whatever he was inside was in motion. A skeletal finger traced the text within the book as the undead muttered beneath the breath he didn't have, words such as "Brain Matter", "Decaying", and "Explosive", floating from his skinless lips. Along with the text seemed to be a poorly drawn picture of a man's head exploding, obviously added by the undead who read from the text. His attention was pulled away as he heard something massive pound away at the "wall" as if something was knocking from outside. He grumbled and stowed the book away in a satchel. He stuck his hand into the fleshy wall with a sickening squish and pulled aside a flap of flesh.

He peered out of the Abomination's stomach, several strands of intestine tangled in his matted hair. "Where in the blazes have you taken me, Glug? What is this place and why, in the name of Science, is it in a place like this? I told you to take me somewhere I could study in peace!" The undead said as he fully crawled out of his transportation's belly. He either ignored, or did not notice, the various organs still clinging to him that had become dislodged.

"This place close. White stuff make Glug slow and make Glug feel f'wunny." The Abomination managed to say as it eyed the snow like a small child.

Enenra considered the option. This place was the nearest place for who knows how far, and he did have notes that had to be written and things to document. Wait, aren't those things the same thing? Enenra waved the thought away and nodded at Glug. "Alright, alright. Go stand over there, just try not to eat anything that resembled anything like a small child this time." He mentioned as he stepped into the inn. He eyed the people within, not really paying them much attention as his mind was focused on his studies. Foregoing any drink, he sat himself down in a table and retrieved the book once again, cracking it open as a wretched smell of rotting organs began to waft through the room, no doubt caused by the intestines in his hair and what seemed to be a spleen stuck to his back.

((Sorry if it's a tad longer than you liked. ^_^))
[ I apologize for its length, I wanted to include everyone in it! ]

This was absolutely horrid.

Never in her meager one hundred years of life had she been so cold: the howling winds buffeted her from all sides, nearly ripping her off her feet on multiple occasions. After every blast from the merciless elements, the Sin'dorei would howl obscenities to the blinding ice and snow, then adjust her scarf in an attempt to cover her long, pitifully frost-bitten ears. She had been stomping through the snow for hours on end with only her hyperactive thoughts as company, and she was certain she was going to go insane if she did not find a place to rest so -.


Just as the thought entered her mind, an inn abruptly reared upwards into visibility. Startled, the Sin'dorei attempted to swiftly backpedal in order to avoid the building: unfortunately, the combined effort of the slippery slop underfoot and her poor motor skills brought her slipping and sliding forwards, only to slam face-first into the inn with a loud thump. After keeling over from the force of her facial meeting with the inn, she unsteadily groped her way to the door, entering with a profusely bleeding nose and a dazed expression on her face. She lifts a gloved hand to her nose in order to quell the flow, using the other to rub at her icily flushed cheeks, obviously uncertain as to whether or not this inn was actually real or not. After a moment, she seems to decide this is not a hallucination and chooses an empty table, grabbing a chair and falling into it like it was filled with fleece from the softest sheep. She leans back with a gentle sigh, briefly resting her eyes before straightening, keeping her hand plastered to her nose and taking a quick look around.

The patrons and matrons that occupied the inn did not make her feel welcome. First, her sickeningly Fel-green eyes latched onto a Troll, causing her nose to wrinkle in distaste behind her glove. Despite the fact that Trolls belonged to the same faction of her people, she could not help but feel a sense of disdain for them: they were primal and savage, and their kind had been fighting hers for millennium. She supposed she was being unfair, though.. the Trolls in the Horde were at least SOMEWHAT civil.

Next, her eyes flicker onto the Forsaken inhabiting the inn, and her brows furrow. If she felt distaste for any creature more than a Troll, it was an Undead. She couldn't help it: her family had been massacred by the Scourge, and the sight of an Undead, Horde or not, still brought her to cringe. It didn't help that one of them was covered in varied body parts, and had intestines intertwined with his hair. She had to use all her will power not to gag.

A Draenei with a pet. She wasn't focused on for too long, though she was not spared a judgmental look. She disliked their kind as well, but they weren't all that influential in her opinion. Soon, her gaze was wandering elsewhere.

Lastly, her eyes focus on.. Death Knights. Immediately, pure and furious hatred leaks into the unsightly green of her eyes, and her free hand curls into a fist so tight that her knuckles turn white. Her teeth are suddenly grinding together, lips curling away in scorn and her ears pressing to her head in a bestial expression of anger. It mattered very little that one of the Death Knights was a Sin'dorei like she; she despised them. She despised their kind, their wretched kind, even more than the Forsaken. With an enraged growl rumbling in her chest, she rips off her gloves, dragging her hands through her light golden hair in annoyance. She hated the fact that she'd be drinking in the midst of those aberrations, but she really didn't want to venture back out into that horrid Fel-hole again.
Come champions of the internet, let us venture to the Moon Guard.
Destyiah walked through the snow, here she felt at home... in the dragonblight... in northrend. She looked up and saw the inn and walked forward. she caressed the door thinking a momment before opening it.. how would they feel with a Death Knight coming in... Tehy barely even like me in ogrimar..... but thrall keeps mobs at bay.... she thougth to herself. She finally opened up the door and peered in.

She than continued, not saying a word. where she stepped a fresh clump of snow that quickly melted when her presence left the area. The air around her was chilled and cold.

She walked over to the bartender and gave him a small clump of gold and said "Give me strongest thing you got in the biggest Jug you got." when she spoke a small frost came out from her mouth.

((BTW she is wearing the DK starting gear(the original that you start in) and the brutal galdiator one handed swords.. btoh of em))
Does this place sell pancakes? lol jkjk I have never done this before so here it goes.

The young Blood Elf trudged through the endless winter narrowly avoiding the dragons by hiding under trees. Up ahead, through the sheets of snow she could barely make out a light. Quickly, she charged through the blizzard against the winds towards the mysterious lantern. As she neared it the inn took shape through the storm. Her entire body felt releaved as the warmth of the fire swept over her and smiles of the patrons met her eyes.

"Anything I can help you with, Miss?" spoke the innkeeper.

"THE NEXT ROUND IS ON ME!!!" she shouted and cheers erupted from the room as beers were handed to everyone.
Does this place sell pancakes? lol jkjk I have never done this before so here it goes.

The young Blood Elf trudged through the endless winter narrowly avoiding the dragons by hiding under trees. Up ahead, through the sheets of snow she could barely make out a light. Quickly, she charged through the blizzard against the winds towards the mysterious lantern. As she neared it the inn took shape through the storm. Her entire body felt releaved as the warmth of the fire swept over her and smiles of the patrons met her eyes.

"Anything I can help you with, Miss?" spoke the innkeeper.

"THE NEXT ROUND IS ON ME!!!" she shouted and cheers erupted from the room as beers were handed to everyone.

Okay, first part should be in (()) cause it's OOC >.> Second, the innkeeper can't speak. And last, you're controlling our characters.

Sorry if this is harsh, just pointing these things out))
((Thank you for the tips and it wasn't harsh at all in my opinion. Lemme try again))

Her mask and cloak kept the snow off her skin, though the violent winds stung her eyes. Dragons flew overhead waiting for her to fall but the small glow provided by her Chakra, a mystery to the monsters, kept her from being carried off. Looking to the sky she failed to notice the large building in front of her until she ran into it. Looking around after the stunning impact she noticed a sign above the door to her left that was unreadable through the harsh winds and sheets of snow. Knocking gently on the door she waited for a reply.
Not hearing anything she knocks again, louder this time. All she can hope is that someone answers before the dragons spot her.
Seeing the paniced girl in front of the inn a drake swoops down and eats her in one bite. The only sound was her dreadful shreik.
((Tyylur, Tyylur, Tyylur. It's a tavern. When you go to a Hotel do you walk up to the front door and knock until the front desk answers your wary cries for a continental breakfast? I should hope any case, it's cool to just walk in. People aren't savagely waiting on this thread, circling like vultures to reply so if somebody doesn't answer a post you have right away, just give it a little bit. Just keep it cool and don't troll, trolling's not good. I should know.....I am one :)))
A least its something. He thought to himself, as he tried looking past the violent gale of ice and snow ripping across the fields of dragon bone. The Worgen sunk with every into the deep snow as he powered his way towards salvation. It could be Magnatar lair, or a horde camp, he thought, keeping his mind off the wind but either way, I'll take alot of 'em with me and its better than dying out here. Upon arriving at the source of the light, the Worgen reads the words "Shadowfrost Inn", and doesn't hesitate to enter.

He closes the door quickly behind him, and shakes violently left to right, dispelling most the snow off of his ash colored fur, and flinging it around room. With a smirk he walks over to a table in the corner, his dented and slashed dull gray plate armor clanking together with the shield on his back and the mace at his hip.

Slamming his bag on the table he finally a chance to smell around the place. The unmistakable and unique smell of the many dethknights is strong, but the most prominent is the bag laying upon Mitriels desk.
The undead took her drink and tried to find a seat farthes away from anyone. SHe found a chair at the corner of the bar and sat, and took a large swig from her mug. "I hate being undead..... Can't get drunk." she muttered to herself. As she staid still in one place for long the snow got bigger and the chair turned cold, and starting from the bottom began to freeze upward. "and this cursed cold..." she got up and the frost and snow depleted till there was nothing, she than sat down again.
The dragon snatched at the priestess's cloak, but as it flew off it failed to realize that the unconcious blood elf lie in the snow below him.

Upon awakening, Tyylur remembered nothing about the dragon attack, only that her hood was gone. She again noticed the dragons above her and walked through the door of the tavern. The warmth was releif after lieing in the snow for hours.
Sitting in the snow just outside of the warm glow of the tavern, embraced by the shadows and biting wind she waits. Leaning against her lynx Red she says out loud, "Want to see if we can behave ourselves this time maybe?" Red purrs warmly getting up from her seated position, she walk over to her hawkstrider and starts venturing down the road. Dismount she heads toward the door about to enter, when something freezes her in the doorway.
Destyiah after standing back up for the chair to thaw saw two blood elfs, one was sitting as close to the fire as possible and another standing in the doorway((not sure if you ment like awestruck or litterally frozen so i went with former :\)) she sat down and muttered to herself "bloodelves, all of em are wussy little girls... even the males of their species...."
"I heard that!" Came the priestess. "Consider that I journeyed through the wilderness for days with only a robe and a cloak to rely on for warmth." The undead would not put her down for her race as the others had in Durotar. Secretly she hoped the other Blood Elf would defend the race as well though she didn't want to further prove the death knight's point.
((Have never done this before, so here it goes))
Of all things that Lineron hated, which were alot of things mind you, the one that was on the top of the list was the cold. While walking out in the middle of a no where in the middle of a blizzard no less he see's a light in the distance and heads towards it and when he see's the entrance notices a female Blood Elf just standing there. "Oi, las mind movin?" ((yes he has a British accent get over it)) The girl does not move so he thinks to himself screw it and just moves around her. He then takes the seat that is furthest away from everyone else and then hears a squawk come from his bag and remembers his pet Dark Phoenix is still in there. He pulls it out and let's it fly around and enjoy the warmth of the inn.

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