<A League of Their Own> is recruiting

<A League of Their Own> is a level 13 LGBT friendly guild on Proudmoore (Alliance) Server. We currently have 36 account and 77 toons in guild!! ALL are welcome!! I have been wanting to make my own guild for a while now, and I am looking for like minded people to share in building our guild family.

The guilds goals are geared towards spending time together and building solid friendships.
We enjoy doing Old Raids, Instances and Heroics, LFR, PvP, and Achievements together.

We are accepting both Max Level Characters and people wanting a new start for Mist of Pandaria.
We do however want to keep the guild full of just good people, so I will need to speak to you briefly before I can invite you to make sure your a good fit.

Please come check us out, and whisper any member and ask them what they think of our environment.

I look forward to meeting and spending time with anyone who enjoys a relaxed and fun social atmosphere.

I am in this new guild, very nice environment.

The GM is on all the time and people go by first names.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a home for panda.
This sounds what I'm looking for. I'll be messaging you in game soon :)
<3 sounds good :)
good luck
Amazing guild, joined a couple days ago and can't believe how friendly it is. I was instantly made to feel welcome, and the members make a point of getting to know each other.
Easily one of the best guilds for people sick of being just another warm body to fill out roster numbers.
Oh Fanganator.... grow up love :)

bumping for a great guild!
Bumping!! Come join our guild family :)
Yup would love some more people to hang out with! and dont worry, thayann isnt as mean as her avatar looks! :P
Funny seems like only a few days ago I joined, already been 2 months!

For those looking for that "something different" guild I'd say check us out. Sure, we aren't hardcore, it's not about who's got the best gear and raiding until your eyes bleed for us. It's about friends, hanging out, enjoying the game in a relaxed way. Some of us have mains in big raid guilds on the server, but like to keep up with things and friends in our quiet times, others like me, mess around several hours a day doing things we never had the chance to in our raiding days.
Every guild says they're drama free, close knit, family, etc. It's a cheesey thing to describe a guild as now, but I don't know how else to describe it. Half the guild I see on when I am, I have even added to my FaceBook friends, I'm in an Oceanic timezone so I'm harder to please than most US players.
A League of Their Own is a great, relaxed guild to be in. As mentioned we are LGBT, so we wont make you feel like a space monster for your lifestyle. It's just about hanging out and having fun doing whatever in the game you like to do (and yes some of us do pvp!).
Nice post, thank you hun!! :)
If this fits what you are looking for please, feel free to send myself or a member a whisper in game!! :)
Still looking for more friendly faces!

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