Going it Alone - A DK Guide to Soloing Raids

Death Knight
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=-=-=-=-=-=UPDATED FOR 5.05=-=-=-=-=-=

Update Notes: I've gone through this quickly and updated some of the more glaring changes, to make it current for level 90. I changed the specs and preparation items, as well as removing the gold totals for the raids (sad face).

You'll notice I didn't change many of the strats. This is on purpose. While many (if not most) of the bosses before cataclysm are really easy to solo at level 90, I didn't see any benefit to removing perfectly good information. Maybe a non DK will use this guide, and need the information; maybe an 85 DK twink will want to try soloing stuff.

To make it clear what is old and what is new, any content I solo at 90 (or content others solo at 90 and gets added to the guide) will be marked with a nice bright *90*.

One of the most common posts I see on the DK forum is "What can a DK solo?". It comes up every day or so, and while I love taking part in such discussions, I figure it might be a good idea to compile as much information as possible into one place for people people to view. I encourage people to contribute to the thread, providing information, corrections, or just epic tales of soloing. But don't just tell us what you solo'd; tell us how you did it!

Table of Contents:

Who I am
Why Soloing is Fun
What You Can Solo
Your Gear
Spec and Glyphs
How to Solo Things

List of Fights Included In the Guide

Molten Core:
- Lucifron
- Magmadar
- Gehennas
- Garr
- Baron Geddon
- Shazzrah
- Golemagg
- Sulfuron Harbringer
- Majordomo Executus
- Ragnaros

Blackwing Lair
- Razorgor the Untamed
- Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
- Broodlord Lashlayer
- Firemaw
- Ebonroc
- Flamegor
- Chromaggus
- Nefarian

- Kurinaxx
- General Rajaxx
- Moam
- Buru
- Ayamiss the Hunter
- Oassirian

- The Prophet Skerem
- Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, and Vem
- Battleguard Sartura
- Fankriss
- Viscidus
- Princess Huhuran
- Twin Emperors
- Ouro and C'thun

- Attumen
- Moroes
- Maiden of Virtue
- Opera
- Curator
- Terestian Illhoof
- Shade of Aran
- Nightbane
- Netherspite
- Chess Event
- Prince Malchezzar

Magtheridon's Lair

Gruul's Lair
- High King Mulguar
- Gruul

Serpentshrine Cavern
- Hydross
- The Lurker Below
- Loethras the Blind
- Fathom Lord Karathress
- Morogrim Tidewalker

Battle for Mount Hyjal
- Rage Winterchill
- Anethern
- Kaz'Rogal
- Azgalor
- Archimonde

The Eye
- Al'ar
- Void Reaver
- High Astromancer Solarion
- Kael'thas

Black Temple *90* (see page 10)
- High Warlord Naj'entus
- Supremus
- Shade of Akama
- Teron Gorefiend
- Reliquary of Souls
- Gurtogg Bloodboil
- Mother Shahraz
- Illidari Council
- Illidan

Onyxia 10 man

Eye of Eternity 10 man (Malygos)

Naxxaramas 10 man
- Noth the Plaguebringer
- Heigan the Unclean
- Loatheb
- Patchwerk
- Grobbulus
- Gluth
- Thaddius
- Razuvious
- Gothik the Harvester
- The Four Horsemen
- Anub'Rekhan
- Grand Widow Faerlina
- Maexxna
- Saphiron
- Kel'Thuzad

Obsidium Sanctum/Sartharion/OS3D *90*
- See Page 7.

Naxxaramas 25 man *90*
- Noth the Plaguebringer
- Heigan the Unclean
- Loatheb
- Patchwerk
- Grobbulus
- Razuvious
- Gothik the Harvester
- The Four Horsemen
- Anub'Rekhan
- Grand Widow Faerlina
- Maexxna
- Saphiron
- Kel'Thuzad

The Vault of Archavon 10 man
- Archavon
- Koralon
- Emalon

Ulduar 10 man
- Flame Leviathan
- XT-002 Deconstructor
- Forgemaster Ignis
- Razorscale
- Iron Assembly
- Kologarn
- Auriya
- Hodir

Trial of the Crusader 10 man (see page 4)
- Beasts of Northrend (Gormok the Impaler, Acidmaw and Deadscale, Icehowl)
- Lord Jaraxxus
- Faction Champions
- Twin Val'kyr
- Anub'arak

Icecrown Citidel 10 man
- Marrowgar
- Lady Deathwhisper
- Gunship (90)
- Deathbring Saurfang
- Precious
- Stinky
- Rotface
- The Blood Princes

Ruby Sanctum 10 man *90*

Black Wing Descent *90* (10 man, normal; see page 7)
- Omnotron Defence System
- Magmaw
- Atremades

Who I Am

I'm an avid soloer, though by no means the best in the game (not even close!). My current solo toon is Gormokk on Ravenholdt, a blood/frost DK. Before cataclysm I used to solo on this toon, Gruklaar, with a bloodthirst/prot spec. Sadly, that's no longer possible, so I switched to my DK and I've never looked back. So why am I posting on a warrior and not my DK? Well, this is my forum toon, and I like to keep things consistent.

I love soloing content, and I'm always trying to push into harder and harder stuff. I feel if someone else can solo a fight, so can I. But there's always more for me to learn, and I look forward to all the corrections I'm going to see posted on my advice. I plan on changing this post frequently as other people pitch in.

Why Soloing is Fun

One of the questions I often get asked by my friends is, "Why do you solo so much? What's the point?". It's a fair question. Why go into old content and get punched in the face for a couple hours?

I like soloing for a few reasons, but mostly there's also the thrill of it. You're facing down a raid boss that used to take 10-40 people to kill, and you're doing it alone. There's also some wicked transmog gear and rare recipes to be got, if you're lucky.

For me though, the biggest reason I keep soloing is because it sharpens your skills like nothing else can. When you're fighting a raid boss alone, every heal you get is from you, every point of damage dealt is from you. You need to know every trick, every cooldown, every keybind inside and out if you're going to make it through some fights. I've found that I became a much better tank over all because of my constant soloing.

What Can You Solo

The real question is what CAN'T you solo? Death Knights are notoriously good at going into content nobody thought soloable, and then downing it. Nearly any raid from Vanilla or Burning Crusade has been solo'd. Most of Lich King has been done as well. The only thing that really prevents us from taking down a raid boss is a mechnic that requires two or more moving bodies.
Your Gear

When gearing a DK to solo content, the gear you want is going to be the best you can get. I raid as often as I can, for no other reason than I want better gear so I can solo harder content. You want two sets of gear, generally: One a tank set, and the other a DPS set. For both sets, you want to get as close to 5% hit and 5% expertise as possible. Why the focus on DPS stats? Remember, you're the only DPS there; if you miss an attack, no damage gets done.

[Deprecated: Resist sets aren't of much value any more] Outside of your two tank and DPS sets, it can be useful to have resist sets. I have a set of gear for fire resist, and one for frost resist. The best fire resist gear I've found is purchaseable through JP from the vendor in Shattrath. For frost resist, you want the blacksmithing crafted gear.

Specs and Glyphs

This part of the guide may be the most subjective, and I expect the most push back on it. I just want to say straight out that I'm by no means an authority on soloing, and I welcome any and all discussion on this part of the guide. Please try to be civil, and support your opinions with a solid argument. That way people reading can weigh your words and draw their own conclusions.


Blood is the 'go to' spec for soloing content. You have the most health, most damage reduction, and the ever popular blood shield in place to absorb physical damage. If you're just starting out, I highly recommend it.


That's the spec and glyphs I use. I'll go over my decisions:

Roiling Blood: Being able to spread diseases can help you AoE packs down.

Lichborne: A no brainer. This is one of the best heals you're likely to get.

Death's Advance: Totally a personal choice. Chillblains is a good choice, if you have to kite anything.

Death Pact: Again, a really solid heal.

Runic Corruption: I suspect that blood tap is better here, but I haven't had the time to test that.

Remorseless Winter: So so good for stunning packs of trash.


Frost is a bursty spec that is mostly used for fights that you either outgear (and can blow through without fear of taking damage), or fights that have a fairly strict enrage timer. There isn't much here in terms of survivability, but for damage it's prime.



I haven't done any soloing as unholy, so I'm not qualified to post a spec for it. I suspect it would be useful for fights with periodic, predictable magic burst. I haven't felt the need to use it yet, but please, give me something to put here!


Your choice of race isn't going to make a huge difference, but it's worth mentioning anyway.

Human: Not my top choice. The free trinket can be useful on some fights, and the expertise makes hitting bosses easier if you have the appropriate weapon.

Gnome: Again, not a high pick. The root break is useful sometimes, but not often.

Dwarf: Definitely a good selection. 10% damage reduction? Yes please!

Draenei: Easily the best pick for soloing capability. Any extra healing you can get is worth it. Combined with vampiric blood, this is a clutch ability.

Night Elf: The extra avoidance is very very useful when soloing bosses. Also, they have great attack animations. There are also some fights you can bug out using shadowmeld, I'm told.

Worgen: I don't think worgen bring much to the table, for soloing.

Orc: Only really good for fights that have a tight enrage timer, because of blood fury.

Tauren: The extra HP is nice, and I like the nature resist because some bosses have poisons/electrical attacks you can resist.

Troll: Not a particularly good pick. The haste buff isn't going to help that much.

Undead: The fear break can help sometimes, but it's a poor man's "Every Man for Himself." The real benefit is the extra heal they bring. Currently my top pick for soloing content.

Blood Elf: The extra silence/interrupt can be clutch for some bosses.

Goblin: Not a very good choice for me. The goblin jump can be useful for some bosses where you need to get out of bad stuff.

TL;DR - For alliance, go Draenei. For horde, go Undead. This is just personal opinion, it really won't make or break you.

Your choice of professions is going to be slightly different than it would be for a raiding tank. You're not so much interested in straight numbers as you are in utility. Since you're the only person in the fight, you need every trick you can get.

Alchemy: The extra time on flasks and elixirs is a money saver, especially if you're doing a lot of raids at once. Also, being able to give yourself a steady supply of potions can make things a lot easier. You'd be surprised how many healing potions you can go through.

Blacksmithing: Other than the sockets, there's not much you get from Blacksmithing. Not a good pick for soloing.

Enchanting: While it doesn't do much for your ability to down a boss, it's a good skill for soloing because you can use it to disenchant all the drops you'll be getting.

Engineering: The profession of kings. Need to get to a raid? You have a teleporter that will get you there. You can invisibility belt past trash, you can goblin glider to avoid damage from knock ups, you can use your repair bot mid raid to sell stuff. I've even used MOLL-E to mail myself potions I forgot to pack along.

Inscription: I don't know much about this skill, really. I don't think it has much to offer.

Jewelcrafting: Like blacksmithing, it doesn't have anything to offer other than pure stats.

Leatherworking: The bracer enchants can be very useful.

Mining/herbalism/skinning: Not really useful.

Tailoring: I've never used it on a tank before, and I wouldn't suggest it.

My top two picks for a soloer are Enchanting and Engineering. You get the most utility, the highest quality of life, and the most money from your runs.


Before you throw yourself into a raid and rustle some jimmies, you're going to want to make sure you've got all your ducks in a row. There are some very useful items and planning steps that make soloing a lot easier.

Research: Before you attempt a raid boss, you are well advised to research the fight. Google is your best friend. This guide is a great starting place, but there are hundreds of videos on youtube I encourage you to watch. There are some DKs out there that consistently amaze me; I'm just chasing the footprints of giants.

Clear your bags: You're going to pick up a LOT of trash drops, and most of it will sell well; you want to have space to hold it all.

Jeeves: If you're an engineer, you have to have Jeeves. He allows you to repair your gear, clear your backs of junk in the middle of a run, and access your bank.

Buffs: Drums of Ancient Kings, Runescroll of Fortitude III.

Food: I suggest mastery or strength food, depending on the fight.

Potions: Free action, restoration, curing, purification and HP potions are all good to have.

Elixirs: Primastic and Monk's.

Flasks: You'll need strength flasks for some fights, but I don't often use stamina flasks. I find the elixirs are better for most fights.

Make a raid group: You can't get into any raids without being in a raid group, which means you need at least one other person to help you. Luckily, you don't need the other person to actually stay in your group. What I do is this:

- Log into an alt.
- Ask a friend to make a group with myself. Then I convert the party to a raid, and pass them raid lead.
- I log off the alt and log onto my main. Then my friend invites me to the raid, passes me lead, and leaves. Now I'm in a raid with my own offline alt.

How to Solo Things

Here's the part you've all been waiting for: How do you actually kill the bosses. What I'm going to do is go down the list of all the bosses I've personally killed, and how I did it. There may be other ways, there may be better ways. I have no doubts there are! But this worked for me, so I'm sharing it. I'm going to give as much detail as possible, so you know what to expect. Even for bosses that are very simple, I'll give detail.

Note: Almost all fights are from the perspective of a blood DK, because that's how I do most fights.
Molten Core

This is your best 'starter' raid. The bosses don't do much that can kill you, just inconvenience you. It was soloable at 80, and probably even at 70, so feel free to give this a try. If you run through MC and like it, try something harder. If you're having trouble in here, you probably don't want to move on just yet.

Trash: Molten Destoyers drop blood of the mountain, a rare item that sells quite well. Core hounds hand out nasty debuffs that last for 15 minutes, so avoid them if you can. If you have to fight a core hound, hit anti-magic shell as soon as you engage, and kill them fast.

The packs of Core Hounds in groups in front of Lucifron/Magmadar all have to die within about 5 seconds of each other, or they all respawn. Drop death and decay, and spread around heart strikes. Blood Boil is your friend. If you're slick, you only have to kill the first pack, you can walk through the rest of the packs without puling aggro.

Lucifron: He puts a buff on you that causes all your abilities to have double the cost. This is particularly brutal for DKs, as it doubles the rune power cost. It doesn't double the rune cost, but it requires you to have double the runes available. What you want to do is engage him, wait about 6 seconds, and then hit anti-magic shell. With any luck you can absorb the debuff, and kill him before he casts it again. This is a technique you'll be using a lot in Molten Core.

Magmadar: The big dog fears, so if you skipped the trash in front of him you want to move him so your back is against the wall so you can't get feared into the trash. When he puts fire on the ground, move out of it. When he fears you, Lichborne to break the fear.

Genennas: He hits you with a nasty debuff like Lucifron, but it reduces all healing done by 75%. Luckily, it doesn't affect your blood shields. So, engage him, wait 6 seconds, then hit AMS. Be aware of pathing trash mobs.

Garr: When you pull Garr, put your back to the wall to deal with any knockbacks. You don't have to worry about the adds. Garr himself will strip all your magical buffs, so don't bother rebuffing. Burn him down and hope for a binding.

Baron Geddon: One of the tougher bosses in here, because you have to be aware of your positioning when you fight him. After Garr, walk through the tunnel. When you come out the end, you're facing Shazzrah. Directly across from him is a ledge, and you want to stand under it. Put your back to the wall, wait for Geddon to approach, and pull with outbreak. When he does a fire pulse, use anti-magic shell. When he knocks you up, hit path of frost before you land to avoid fall damage

Shazzrah: He doesn't do much special. His debuff isn't a threat, so you don't need to bother with AMS if you don't want to. Tank him where he stands.

Golemagg: The two dogs with him can't be killed, so don't bother trying. Hitting the boss puts a debuff on you that causes damage. This used to be a problem, but now you can basically ignore it and kill the boss. If you notice your health is dropping faster than you can keep it up, feel free to switch DPS to one of the dogs. This way your debuff from hitting the boss will drop off.

Sulfuron Harbringer: There is a rock elemental that paths around the boss, you want to kill it before you engage. Once you pull the boss, focus on the healers. Interrupt the heal when you can. Once the healers are dead, you can kill the boss easily.

Majordomo Executus: He's similar to the Sulfuron Harbringer, in that he has 4 healers with him. Ignore the elites, focus on the healers. When you get teleported into the lava/magma/hot rocks (I don't know what to call it), hit anti-magic shell and strafe out of it. Once the healers are dead, mop up the elites. You don't actually kill Majordomo himself.

Ragnaros: This boss only has one ability to worry about, and that's a knock up. If your positioning isn't right, the fall will kill you. If you look at the center of the swirl, where the boss will spawn, you can see the largest pool of lava just to the south east of him. Position yourself as close to Ragnaros as possible, so you'll be knocked back into the lava. If you don't get the positioning right, hit path of frost just before you land to try to mitigate some of that damage.
AQ 20

Trash: None of the trash here is dangerous, with the exception of Flesh Hunters. These oozes have a lovely attack where they swallow you, and then kill you. There's no way to escape this, other than killing them before they swallow you. It's just easier to skip them.

Kurinaxx: This bug has two tricks. First, he puts a stacking debuff that reduces your healing, up to 100% reduces. Luckily, it doesn't affect your blood shield. More of a concern is the sand pits he'll put down that reduce your chance to hit by 75%. Kite him around his sand circle while you kill him.

General Rajaxx: After you kill Kurinaxx, run back to the start of the instance and escort the NPC to Rajaxx. The mobs before Rajaxx come in waves, kill them as they arrive; they do nothing special. Once they're done, the boss will join the fight. Put your back to a wall, as he does a knockback. His attack does a hit that reduces your HP by a set percent of your remaining hp, so don't worry about it. If you had 10 HP left, it would hit for 5.

If your gear is good, you can pull the whole room, which is far more exciting.

Moam: I honestly have no idea what he does. He's never done any moves that looked interesting. Just end him.

Buru: Poor Buru; he used to be one of the most interesting fights to solo. Tank him next to an egg, and weave a few heart strikes into your rotation to break it while he's nearby. Once his shell cracks, all the adds are released, but they're not a big deal.

Ayamiss the hunter: A lot of people say this boss isn't soloable, and they're wrong. You need Icy Reach, to extend the range of your Icy Touch. She stays in the air, putting a stacking poison debuff on you. Occasionally adds come; use the adds to death strike your health up. At 50% she drops down and you tank and spank. If the poison stacks get too high, you can run back and LoS her behind the gate you came in without resetting the fight.

Ossirian: He used to have a pretty tricky mechanic, but frankly I ignore it and just burn him down. He may stun you, but it won't reset the fight and he doesn't do much damage.


This is still one of the toughest raids to solo, hands down, bar none. I hope you have time.

Trash: A lot of the trash in here does a knock up ability that will easily knock off health your health from falling damage. Always keep your back to a wall, and glyph for path of frost.

The Prophet Skeram: If there is more than one target available for this fight, the boss will mind control a player. That means you can't have any pets. No ghoul, no army of the dead, and no blood worms. To avoid this mechanic, I use my frost spec.

At 75%, 50%, and 25% HP the boss will split into three copies and start spamming earth shock on you. When he splits, hit anti-magic shell and start nailing the copies (they have lower health than the boss). Heart strike is helpful here.

Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, and Vem (The three bugs): The order in which you kill these bosses determines the loot you get, so if you want something special you'll have to change this strat. I kill Yauj first, because she heals, Lord Kri next because he fears, and Vem last. Put yourself in a corner to deal with knockback. Interrupt heals from Yauj, and Lichborne fears from Kri. Always keep your back in a corner to deal with knockbacks.

Battleguard Sartura: The boss and his adds are tanked together; they aren't a threat, and really neither is he. He'll do a knockback (what in AQ40 doesn't do a knockback?), so keep your back to a wall. Tank 'n' spank.

Fankriss: Pretty much Kurinaxx mark 2. He puts a healing debuff on you that stacks to 100% reduced healing, so keep your blood sheild up. He will occassionally summon adds; focus on killing the yellow worms when they spawn, ignore the other ones. He will sometimes teleport you to a corner, then stun you. This is what you want your blood shield up for, to soak up unavoidable damage.
Viscidus: Viscidus is a fight like no other; they simply don't design raids this way any more. Viscidus doesn't care how much damage you can do, how much punishment you can take. To defeat this boss, you need two things: Speed, and frost damage. Luckily, frost DKs have both in abundance. In order to make him freeze, you have to hit him with 200 frost attacks; in order to shatter him after freezing, you have to hit him with 75 melee hits inside 15 seconds; that's 3 hits per second for those paying attention. Here's how you do it.

Switch to your frost spec, and go into unholy presence. Put on your DPS gear, which should be mostly haste for this fight. Drink a haste elixir and a prismatic elixir. Eat some haste food. Keep a potion of speed in your bags ready to use. Have two Dalaran Swords, that you have runeforged to have razor ice. (These swords have a silly low swing speed, and are available in Dalaran). With the Dalaran swords my swing speed was 0.81.

Using your normal DPS weapons, bring Viscidus down to 1 HP. You can't kill him; he'll sit at 1 HP forever. If he freezes before hitting 1 HP, don't worry, you can't shatter him, and you don't have to yet.

Once he's at 1 HP, switch to your dalaran swords, and stack rune power, but don't use your runes, you want to save those for the freeze. When there is a raid warning that sais "Viscidus is slowing", bring up your personal ghoul. Once there is a raid warning that says "Viscidus is freezing", pop your army. As soon as he freezes, pop the haste potion and spam the crap out of all your attacks. Once you're out of runes, hit empower rune weapon and keep going. If you're lucky, he'll shatter, and you win.

Princess Huhuran: An annoying boss, but not a particularly difficult one. She'll put a stacking poison debuff on you that doesn't do much damage. She will use an ability to silence you, and an ability to put you to sleep. You can use Lichborne to avoid the sleep, and anti-magic shell to avoid the silence. Keep blood strike up and you'll have her down in no time.

Twin Emperors: This is not a fight for the faint of heart. It took me 21 minutes. Here's how I did it. Stay in blood spec and blood presence, but wear full DPS gear. Use a strength flask, strength food, drums of kings and the fort buff. My overall DPS was around 21K DPS. More would be better.

You want to hit Emperor Vek'nilash exlusively. He's immune to magic damage, so you can't use any diseases or deathcoils. To the right of his starting location is a corner between his stairwell and the wall. Taunt the boss and pull him there. Get comfortable, my friend.

You need to do as much DPS as possible. Ignore everything but Vek. The bosses share a health pool, so you only need to worry about him. Use death runes for heart strike; only death strike to get death runes for more heart strikes. Use anti-magic shell on cooldown because the other emperor is going to be nailing you with spells. Once your vengence hits max, pop a strength potion and army. Use ghoul on cooldown. Use dancing rune weapon on cooldown.

Once they enrage (and they will enrage), you'll take a lot more damage. Be ready to pop IBF, vamp blood, lichborne heal combo. This fight will make you want to punch kitten.

Ouro/C'thun: There's no guide to soloing Ouro, because you need him to kill C'thun. That's right, you're fighting two raid bosses at once. I hope you have a lot of time and some rubber wall paper, becuase this fight is not one for the sane. My fight clocked in at 2 hours 10 minutes. I will never, ever, solo this fight again. The only reason I even attempted it is because I didn't want to put anything into the first version of this guide that I hadn't personally solo'd.

First step is to clear the trash between Ouro and C'thun. Mount up and run at Ouro, then pull Ouro to C'thun. Ignore the little adds that Ouro summons periodically, they die on their own. Make sure you keep the rumbling ground of Ouro in sight at all times.

Once you get into the room, clear out the trash (exclusing Ouro and his scarabs), and then kill phase one C'thun. After you get him to armour up, damage is reduced by 99%. Now you know why the fight takes so long. Every 15 minutes or so, run around and clean out all the tentacles and eye stalks and whatnot.

This fight has a time limit of about 2 hours; I got lucky with my kill. Why? The eye stalks from C'thun will target Ouro, slowly killing him. In fact, so will your ghoul, gurthalak, army, and blood worms And if Ouro dies, you die.

Once Ouro enrages, you will want to die. He throws a boulder out at you, knocking you away. For me he enraged right on top of C'thun, meaning for the last 20 minutes of the fight I got almost no melee hits off on C'thun.

If you're dumb enough to attempt this, have a second monitor on so you can watch TV while you do it. I got through three episodes of the twilight zone during this fight.

Similar to MC, there's nothing much in here that can kill you. If you want to graduate from vanilla content without doing AQ, this is a good place to go.

Attumen: If you pull Midnight without clearing the surrounding trash, all the trash rushes you. So be careful, depending on your gear. DpS midnight until Attumen shows up, then DPS the two of them. Fairly easy fight. Good luck with the mount.

Moroes: I like to kill the trash in the room, for no particular reason. Moroes will have four adds with him. They used to be important, but not these days. Just kill them one at a time. Once they're dead, focus down Moroes. He may gouge you and disappear, but it won't reset the fight.

Maiden of Virtue: As far as I can tell she has no abilities worth worrying about. Tank her where she stands, and burn her down.

Opera: I haven't done all the fights yet, so I can only comment on the one I keep getting over and over.

Romeo and Juliette: Kill Juliette to start, interrupting her casts as you can. Then kill romeo. When they both spawn, focus on Juliette, using a lot of heart strikes. Once you interrupt her heal, switch to Romeo and burn him. They have to die at roughly the same time.

Curator: He's immune to diseases, but he doesn't do anything particularly annoying. Be sure to clear the trash in front of him, because once you pull him, you pull all the trash. Ignore the sparks that he sends out.

Terestian Illhoof: He won't sacrifice you, since you're the only player there. You can ignore the adds that spawn, a DnD should mop them up. Focus on killing Illhoof and you're set.

Shade of Aran: There's no need to interrupt any of his spells, though you may want to use anti-magic shell on occassion. You can ignore the elementals when they spawn. Simply burn him down.

Nightbane: Before you can fight Nightbane, you have to do a fairly long quest chain to unlock him. I'll leave it up to you to research that; the information insn't hard to find.

The boss himself isn't that hard. At 75%, 50%, and 25% HP he will fly up into the air and shoot skeletons at you. Kill the skeletons. You can hit him during his air phase, if he's in range. Be sure not to stand in the fire. Other than that, nothing to it.

Netherspite: Pull the boss to the middle of the room. Eventually three beams will spawn; red, blue, green. Red increases damage done, blue reduces damage taken, and green provides healing. You want to stand in the green beam. You can survive the damage increase to netherspite, and you can DPS through the damage reduction of blue, but green provides too much healing for you to take care of. If your DPS is low he'll go to a second phase where he keeps knocking you away from him. Annoying, but not threatening. Just fight through it. You shouldn't get to a second beam phase.

Chess: The Chess Event is an RNG fight; you only control 1/16th of the fight at any time, so you can get screwed over pretty easily. Luckily, you can't wipe. If your king dies, the fight resets, and you can try again. There's no sure way to win, but here are the steps I usually follow.

Note: After you exit a piece, there is a 10 second cooldown before you can enter another one. Taking into account travel time, that's about 4-5 seconds where you're standing around.

1) Hop in the king, hit bloodlust, hop out.
2) Hop into the pawn in front of the king, move him forward one space.
Note: If at any time midvah cheats and puts fire under our king, move your king forward or backward to a safe spot.
3) Hop in the warlock. Use the warlock to hit the healers (if in range), the king (if in range), or pawns (it neither king nor healers are in range).
4) Once your king starts to take damage, hop into a healer to heal him back up.
5) Once their king is in range of your king, hop into your king and spam cleave and hope you can get a kill.

Prince Malchezaar: This is a disappointingly easy fight. Just tank him wherever you want. Ignore the dot he puts on you, ignore the weapons he summons to attack you. If an infernal lands near you, move out of range of its AoE. Simple.
Magtheridon's Lair

Trash: Not particularly dangerous, but you have to clear it all before you pull the boss or it runs at you.

The hardest part of the fight is the healers before the boss. Burn everything you have to get them down before Magtheridon. Pool runes when they get low so you can bust through the heals. Interupt one, strangulate another if you can. Pop army of the dead. Ignore infernals, they have too much health and die on a timer anyway.

Once they're down, put your back to a wall and fight Magtheridon. He does a knockback that's annoying. When he does his Blast Nova, hit anti-magic shell.

Gruul's Lair

Trash: Focus the priests, interupt their heals. They'll shout and pull more adds, but it's no big deal.

High King Mulguar: The instance might as well be called High King Mulguar's Lair, because he's what's going to stomp you, not Gruul.

You want all the DPS you can get for this fight, so I suggest a strength flask and strength food. You want to go to the far left of the room as possible, near the closed gate. Get juuuuust within deathgrip range of Blind Eye, then stop. Use a strength potion, then pop your ghoul and army of the death. Death grip Blind Eye to you, and start doing as much DPS as possible. After about 3 seconds hit your anti magic shell. You need to interupt his heals and burn him down. If he lives very long, it's over.

After you kill Blind Eye (if you kill Blind Eye), focus Olm down. After Olm, Kiggler, and then Krosh. once all of Mulguar's friends are dead, you can finish him off.

Gruul: If you've made it this far, the kill is yours. Gruul does nothing you need to worry about. Just tank him in the middle of the room and finish him off. Get out of avalanche if you really want to.

Serpent Shrine Cavern

Hydross: At the start of the fight the boss is immune to frost damage, so you only get shadow damage. Once the mark of hydross on you hits 50%, move him forward about 50 yards. He'll go into his poison phase. You can now hit him with both diseases. He summons 4 adds, you can kill them with heartstrike easily enough. Once the mark of corruption on you hits 50%, move him back to the starting zone and repeat until he dies.

Lurker: In order to start the fight with Lurker, you need to have learned the fishing profession, and you need to have brought a fishing pole to SSC. You do not need a fishing skill above 1, though, as this counts as a pool now. Equip your pole and toss into the fishing pool. Be ready to equip your normal weapon when the boss pops!

Once the boss pops up, place yourself as close to the boss as you can without getting in the water, but with a pillar behind you. The boss knocks back quite often. When he submerges he will summon adds. Run around and kill them as quickly as possible. After you kill the adds, Lurker will do a water get that knocks you back a loooooong way, so you want to avoid it. If you can't avoid it, just try to get back as quick as you can. That's the whole fight, just keep repeating that.

Loethras the Blind: This can be a bit of a tricky fight. There are two phases: Mortal phase, and Demon phase. For the demon phase, you probably want some fire resistance gear. I tried it without, and while I was able to down the boss, it wasn't pretty.

Mortal phase: He doesn't do anything worth worrying about. Just keep your blood shield up.

Demon phase: He puts a stacking debuff on you that increases fire damage taken to astronomical amounts, and then smashes you with fireballs. If you let this debuff get too high, you will die. You need to DPS him hard. Once you start to feel the sting of the spell damage, hit anti-magic shell. This won't drop your stacks, but it will buy you some time to heal up.

Both phase: At the end he'll do the abilities from both phases at once. He shouldn't have much HP left, though, so the debuff shouldn't have time to stack.

Fathom Lord Karathress: There are four targets to worry about, but at all times keep your back to a wall to deal with knockbacks. Focus on Caribdis to start; intertupt his heals. Once he's dead, switch to Tidalvess. After that, focus Sharkkris. Finally, kill the boss. There are some totems, adds, and debuffs, but for the most part you can ignore them. After the three adds are dead, if you hit anti-magic shell when he casts searing totem, you might get lucky and absorb a stun.
Morogrim Tidewalker: Not that bad a fight. DPS the boss normally to start. When he casts Tidal Wave, hit anti-magic shell. You can avoid every second cast. When it hits you, it slows your melee swings and your rune regeneration for a few seconds. Annoying, but not life threatening. When he summons murlocs, DnD + pestilence takes care of them, no need to switch targets. At the end of the fight he will summon watery globes, which you kite around. Frankly, I have no idea what they do, but my tank instincts tell me to stay away from them.

Vashj: I haven't been able to down her yet, but it feels doable. I was able to break the four beams holding her by killing the poisoned elementals, but she was up to 99 stacks at that point. I took a 50K hit followed by a 30K hit and got smooshed. She stuns a lot, too. Any advice is appreciated!

The Eye

Al'ar: Clear all the trash in the room and on the ledges of it. When you pull the boss, he comes down to leftside ramp. Hit him for a while, and he'll fly clockwise to the next platform, and spawn an add near you. Hit AMS, and as you run to Al'ar jump, spin, and hit death strike on the add. Two of those will kill the add, and you'll have no stacks of the debuff Al'ar throws out. A few stacks won't hurt.

Do this for a while, and he'll 'die'. Head to the center of the room, where he respawns. DPS him. When he flies up, run to the middle of the room. Kill the adds that he spawns. Hit AMS after his knockback to avoid stacks of the debuff.

Void Reaver: He's called Lootreaver for a reason. Just stand in front of him and tank. His silence makes it annoying, but not difficult. It means no lichborne heals, no rune tap, etc.. When he casts pound there is a break between silences of about 1 second. Use that time to hit bone shield.

High Astromancer Solarion: Damage is low for this fight, and the knock up doesn't matter. When the adds spawn, AoE them down. There will be two adds that can heal, you want to interrupt them. not a difficult fight.

A note on positioning: Looking at the circle she stands in, to the left and right of it are two diamonds pointing into the center of the circle. If you stand in these, your knock up distance is shorter because you smack your head into one of the hanging hooks on the ceiling, which means more time killing the boss.

Kael'thas: This is one of the hardest fights to solo (though it doesn't hold a candle to AQ40). There's a very specific set of steps you have to follow. First, run up to him. As soon as he talks, run OUT of west door, leading to void reaver. If you wait too long, the door closes and you get stuck in there. Kite Thaladred all the way to the back wall of void reaver's room. Kill him.

As soon as he's dead, start running to Al'ar's room, staying on the outer ledges, where you will meet Sanguinar. Kite him to the Astromancer's room, back wall. Kill him. When he casts bellowing roar, use lichborne.

Run out of the Astromancer's room, where you will meet Capernian. Don't do any damage to her, just run right by. She will conflag you, don't trinket it, just ride it out. Run up the tunnel to east door leading into Kael'thas's room. Put your back to a wall so when she uses Arcane Blast you don't get knocked far away. DPS her down.

Run back to Al'ar's room, kiting Telonicus. Kill Telonicus against a wall between the two tunnels. Don't kill him until there is less than15 seconds left on the stun debuff (to prevent reapplication).

Run back up the east tunnel to where you left Capernian. The weapons will meet you on the way. Kill healing mace first, interrupting its heal, then kill the shield. If the shield is alive when you try to cast army of the dead, it will interrup the cast.

Once kael'thas starts talking, stand 8 yards away from Capernian's body andsummon army of the dead. Hit anti magic shield as soon as you engage her, and BURN everything you have to get her down, even empowered rune weapon. Trinket the first conflagrate. If she's alive when the other bosses arrive, your odds of survival are slim. Then kill Telonicus (IBF his stun), then Sanguinar (Lichborne his fear), then Thaladred.

After they die, run into alcove at the end of east tunnel and catch your breath.

Kael'thas will run to you. When he casts a flamestrike on the floor, don't stand in it, as the initial damage is about 90K; don't worry about standing in the fire afterwards though. Only trinket arcane blast if you get a flamestrike under you. Don't worry about killing the phoenix, heart strike will do it. When the phoenix dies, hit egg with a couple death strikes to kill it. When he puts up his shield, use AMS to absorb the first pyroblast; interrupt the second.
After a while he'll run away, do some talking, then run back. When he uses gravity lapse, you want to float away from him so your HP doesn't get reduced by the dark lightning around him. Once gravit lapse ends, wait for the dark lightning to stop, then run back to him, and repeat until he dies.

Important note: Kael'thas has the nasty habit of mind controlling people, like the Prophet Skerem. That means ghouls, army of the dead, and blood worms are a no no. I've ever heard that if Gurthalak procs you might get mind controlled. This resets the fight. That said, I managed to do the fight while specced into blood worms, but that was pure luck. So if you go in with blood worms, it's a roll of the dice.

Onyxia 10

Pull her to the back of the circle/room, away from the entrance, so you don't get knocked into whelps. Run through a normal DPS rotation. When she breathes fire, hit anti-magic shell.

Once she flies up, run to the middle of the room and pick up whelps. AoE them down, but keep blood shield up. There's a lot of them, so they can do more damage than you expect.

Once whelps are under control, pull the big add under Onyxia. She can't be hit with melee, but she can be hit with icy touch, outbreak, pestilence, blood boil, heart strike and death and decay. So you always want to be DPSing adds underneath her, to get that cleave damage off. If you have a quiet phase, pop DRW, outbreak, and spam icy touch.

Once she lands, again get to the back of the area. Lichborne fears, and DPS hard. Pop army.

Eye of Eternity 10 man

Phase 1: Pull him to the middle of the room when you engage. He will periodically summon sparks from around the room, that will float to him. It's very important that you kill these before they reach him. When they reach him, she does 50% more damage to you. If you can kill them, they drop a ground effect that you can stand in, that allows you to do 50% more damage to him. Considering the tight enrage timer, this is key. Note that if you can kill a spark on top of the ground effect from a previous spark, they stack, for 100% increased damage. If you can manage to pull this off, pop a potion and empowered rune weapon to pump out as much damage as possible.

Every now and then he will do a vortex, pulling you up into the air. No real damage happens. After the first vortex, pop your army and go to town.

Phase 2: Adds will spawn around the room, floating on little disks. The nexus lords are melee mobs, so they'll flow down to you. Kill a nexus lord, then hop on his disc. Malygos will throw out a breath weapon that will do huge damage to anyone on the ground; the purple bubbles allow you to avoid it. However, you'll be able to kill a nexus lord and get airborn fast enough that you can ignore it. Once you have a disc and are flying around, ignore the other nexus lord and focus on the casters, because their spells hurt. Use AMS on cooldown. Once the casters are down, kill the remaining nexus lord,

Once you kill the last add, your disc will go away, so get to the ground. Heal up and get ready to drop.

Phase 3: You control a drake and have to kill malygos. You will only use three abilities, and you will use them in a very tight pattern.

While waiting for Malygos to become targetable, spam alt+3, to get the hot up to a 5 stack. Once you can target Malygos, do this:

1, 1, wait for energy, 2, alt+3.

1: This hits the boss with a small hit, and puts a combo point on him. You do this twice to get 2 combo points.
2: This uses your combo points to put a dot on the boss. The more combo points, the longer it lasts. It stacks, so you want to use the fewest combo points possible. But with 1 combo point, there isn't enough time to use three.
3: This refreshes the HoT on you to 5 stacks.

You don't need the shield, you don't need the AoE heal. Stay close to the boss (2 has a travel time you want as small as possible). Avoid static orbs in the air. Boss dies at about 23 stacks of your dot.

Ruby Sanctum 10 man

I'm including this fight even though I wasn't able to complete it, just to help people get started on it.

Trash: Invokers die first. Don't be afraid to use cooldowns on packs of 5 adds, because they do a metric ton of damage.

Baltharus the Warborn: Pretty tame boss until he hits 50%. Then he summons a double, so the damage spikes. You'll have to start rotating cooldowns for his whirlwind phases. ERW the first to bang out a nice blood shield, ghoul/heal the second, lichborne/death coil the third, and IBF the fourth.
Saviana Ragefire: Not too tough. DPS her on the ground phase. Save your AMS for when she casts conflagration. The fight takes a while, but it's no threat.

General Zarithrian *90*: Focus on building a blood shield as high as you can. Once he stacks the armour reduction to 100%, his hits will sting. Kill the adds as soon as they spawn; they aren't tough.

Halion: I honestly don't know if I did this the right way, but it worked. Engage him in the middle of the circle, and DPS his normally. At about 2/3 HP, he'll open a twilight portal; enter it. DPS him some more, and he'll split to both the twilight and light realms. There will be a raid warning that he's regenerating because you're not in both realms.

Let his damage reduction buff go up to about 30%, then leave the twilight realm and go into the light realm. DPS him until his damage reduction debuff hits 80%. Now go back to the twilight realm and be ready to rumble. He now takes 400% more damage, but deals 200% more damage. Use a few survival cooldowns, but take as much damage as possible to raise your vengence. Burn him down and you're done.

Naxx 10

Plague Wing

Noth: Really easy fight. Stand on the boss in the middle of the room, and let heart strike take of the skeletons. When he teleports away, just kill any skeletons that spawn. Then repeat. Nothing to him.

Heigan: You want to fight him up on his platform. He'll put a dot on you that cuts your HP in half, which means a half sized blood shield. What you want to do is build up your blood shield between the dots. As for the dance, you can ignore it. Staying on the platform does nature damage, but between anti-magic shell, ice-bound fortitude, and rune tap, you can just stay up there and keep DPSing him.

Loatheb: Fairly easy fight. Healing is reduced by 100%, but you can still stack blood shields. His melee hits are about 1K, so you shouldn't take any damage. You can time rune tap for the breaks between the healing reduction if you need to. He spawns little spores, and if you kill them you get a 50% improved crit rate, which helps the boss die much faster.

Abomination Wing

Patchwerk: He wants to hurt you in the daddybox, so be ready for it. You need to game RP for more deathstrikes; as soon as your blood shield falls off he starts to hit you hard. Try to pool your rune power so that if you need to use lichborne and heal yourself up you can. He does a mini enrage around 20% HP, save your icebound fortitude for that.

Grob: Not a difficult fight. You don't need to kite him out of the poison rings until they stack up to about four. WHen he summons a little goo add, just let heartstrike take care of it.

Gluth: This is easily the hardest fight in Naxx; it's a total DPS check, with zero healing allowed. Use a strength flash, strength food, and DPS gear. Before you start the fight, you want to stand in tunnel leading up to Gluth, letting vengence stack. Your passive healing out heals the tunnel damage. Once you have full vengence, drop down, pop army and ghoul, dancing rune weapon, outbreak, and go to work. Use empower Rune weapon early. Never let blood shield drop, because there is no healing allowed. Ignore the little zombie that spawns, because gluth will eat him and heal. DPS your guts out and hope you can beat the enrage timer.

Thaddius: The adds in front of him are harder than he is, because they must die at same time. Use AMS to deal with lightning damage that keeps zapping you. Once they die, jump down to Thaddius' platform and DPS him normally. You can ignore the polarity shifts, and he himself does almost no damage.

Death Knight Wing

Razuvious: Another tough fight. His hateful strikes hit for 50-70K damage, so no matter how good your gear is, you will feel it. Luckily, you can heal yourself. Pop army to start the fight, and blow though his adds, always trying to stack blood shields as high as you can. The key to the fight is to absorb as much damage as possible. Try to pool rune power so you can lichborne heal. Use ALL your cooldowns on this fight; you'll need them.

Gothik: A very easy fight. You want to start the fight on the side of the room where you come in (the live side). Adds will attack you for a while; they're not much of a threat. Every time you kill an add, it will send its spirit to the other side of the room (the dead side). After a few minutes the gate separating the two sides will open, and you'll be swarmed with undead adds. Pop a cooldown or two and aoe them down. Adds are managable now.

After you clear through all the adds, Gothik comes down. He's a lightweight, just DPS him down normally and collect loot.

4 horsemen: When you start the fight, all four of the bosses will run to a different part of the room. As soon as they start running, hit army. You want to focus on Thane Korth'azz to start. Blow all your cooldowns to burn him down, because the fight is hardest at the start. Once Thane is dead, switch to Baron Rivendare, who should already be on you. Once he's down, run to the back and focus down Lady Blaumeux. Finally, run over to Sir Zeliek and finish him off. Use AMS at every opportunity.
Spider Wing

Anub'Rekhan: He can be a tricky fight. When you engage the boss, DPS him normally. If he tosses you up into the air with impale, hit Path of Frost just before you hit the ground to reduce fall damage (you do have it glyphed by now, right?). Whene he summons adds, kill them. The big trick to this fight is Locust Swarm, which prevents you from doing any attacks or casting any abilities. Just near the end of his cast, use anti-magic shell, and then quickly build up a blood shield. This should let you ride out the 8 or 10 seconds where you can't do anything. Repeat this a few times and you have a kill.

Note: it is possible to kill Anub without glyphing for path of frost. If you pull the boss back to the door through which you enter the room, you can fight him underneath that ledge. When he knocks you up and you hit the ledge, so you don't take much fall damage. This can cause some problems with camera angles, so it's a tradeoff. (Thanks Niernen!)

Grand WIdow Faerlina: Fairly easy fight. For the duration of the fight, just focus on the boss, don't worry about the adds. Use DnD and pestilence, and heart strike will kill them. She'll enrage or frenzy or something, but it's not a lot of damage. Keep blood shield up, use AMS on occassion, get some loot.

Maexxna: Another fairly easy fight. When she summons little spider adds, drop DnD and they'll die. When she stuns you, hit icebound fortitude. She'll put a poison on you that reduces healing, but it doesn't reduce your blood shield. When the poison has 1 second left on it, hit AMS and that will prevent reapplication for a few seconds (if you need to heal up).

Frostwyrm Lair

Saph: Saddeningly simply. You don't need any frost resistance for the fight. DPS her in the middle of the room. When she casts blizzard, move out of it (if you want to, it's not required). Periodically she'll knock you bad, then seal you in a frost tomb. This does no damage. She'll drop a frost bomb that shatters the block; this also does no damage. Just keep doing DPS and she'll die sooner or later.

KT: This is a good long fight, so stay focused. The adds at the start of the fight are nothing to worry about, but try to kill the banshees before they hit the middle of the room. When KT moves, kill all the remaining adds, then focus on him. Interrupt his frost bolt casts when you can, and move out of void spot on the floor (they take about half your HP away). When the big adds spawn, pop army of the dead, and burn KT down. The longer the big adds stay up the more damage they do, so it's a DPS race Keep blood shield up high, save IBF for the last little bit of the fight.

Vault 10 man

Gold earned: 500

Archavon: Honestly, tank 'n' spank. There's nothing in this fight you have to worry about.

Koralon: A bit of fire resist gear really helps for this fight, because it's a toughie. Rule #1: Don't stand in the fire. Use anti-magic shell when he casts meteor fists. Save your big cooldowns for last 25% of the fight, because it gets intense. Be sure to pool rune power for lichborne heals.

Emalon: Ignore the adds for the most part and focus your DPS on the boss. When one of the adds becomes empowered, tab around until you find it, then kill it. They only have something like 90K HP. When he casts lightning nova, hit anti-magic shell.

Toravon: I haven't been able to get him down, but I've seen videos of it so I know it's doable. You have to drop stacks somehow, but I haven't figured out the trick yet. Soon!

Ulduar 10 man

Flame Leviathan: What's every solo'ers favourite phrase? Gear scaling! And this fight has it in spades.

When you start the raid, hop in a demolisher and clear all the trash. Use pyrite barrels to deal with the big adds, and hop into the gunner seat to deal with the helicopters. There's a heal pad near the boss to use later.

For the boss, start in back left corner. Hit the boss with pyrite 4 times, to get the dot ticking. Always make sure you're backpeddling to keep him at range, until you run into the barrier. Once you've got 4 stacks on him, cycle through hitting 1, then 2. Eventually you run out of pyrite, and you want the dot to tick as long as possible. He'll reach you and start doing damage, but your dot will finish him off.

XT-002 Deconstructor: To be honest, I don't understand the fight that well, but I manage to get it down. When you're DPSing XT, you want to keep your blood shield up as high as possible. The tremor cast does about 100K damage, which you can soak up. But if you have no shield, you're going to take a lot of damage. When the heart is exposed, I DPS it to about half, then go kill the adds that are walking towards XT, focusing on scrapbots. Then, I go back to the boss and repeat. It seems to work, but I'm sure there's a better way.
Note: Thanks for this tip, Tritonus! Of the groups of adds that walk towards XT, focus on the Bomb Bots. When they die, they explode, and their explosion will kill off the scrap bots for you.

Forgemaster Ignis: He's not that bad a fight, but it's technically demanding and time consuming. Throughout the fight he will summon fire on the ground, which you want to move out of. He'll also summon adds, which you want to kite into the fire. Confused yet? Standing in the fire puts a debuff on the add, that stacks to 10. Once they hit 10 stacks, you want to pull the adds into the water. Once they hit the water, they harden, and the next critical hit shatters them. Use death strike, as its your highest crit move. Once the add goes down, switch back to the boss. Just repeat this over and over and you'll get it down.

Razorscale: A pretty tough fight. At the start of the fight, you're going to be running around killing adds. They can put a hurt on you if they stack up, so get them down fast. The NPCs will call out when you can use the harpoons. You want to run over to them and click them. Clicking each harpoon launcher once will bring the dragon down.

Once the dragon is on the ground, do as much damage as you can as quick as you can. You won't take much damage, so heal up. Eventually he'll knock you back, then fly off. The adds show up again. You repeat this cycle a few times.

Once the dragon lands permanently, you have to get tricky. He stacks a debuff on you that reduces movement speed and armour by 20% each stack. At 5 stacks, you get stunned and have no armour, which means he WILL kill you. What you want to do is let your diseases fall off the boss, and summon your ghoul at four stacks. Once you get stunned, aggro will shift to your ghoul. This will give you some breathing room. If he survives to stun you again, again let diseases fall off and summon your army of the dead at 3 stacks. Then hope for the best.

Iron Assembly: There's a lot to keep track of for this fight, so be ready. There are three enemies to fight. You're going to fight the really big guy first. When he casts fusion punch, put up your anti magic shell. If you can't put up AMS, build up a blood shield in advance.

Move mobs out of blue rune, because it increases their damage done to you. Technically you could stand in it to increase your damage done, but I haven't been able to get into it without bringing them with me. If the caster mob stands in the blue rune and starts nailing you with spells, you can deathgrip him out, or strangulate him.

Once the big guy dies, shift to the little guy. At this point, the fight is yours. Be sure not to stand in the green rune. Once the little guy dies, finish off the medium guy. Again, don't stand in blue or green runes. And ignore the elemental adds.

Kologarn: Tank 'n' spank. Stand in front of him and kill him. Ignore the arms. When the eye lasers come, just strafe around. You could probably ignore them.

Auriya: When you engage the boss, kill the adds that are there. When she casts at you, use mind freeze to interrupt it. Use your lichborne to break fear. When new adds spawn, kill them off. And stay out of void spots!

Hodir: This fight takes a bit of practice, or at least it did for me. When you face the boss, there are four NPCs in ice blocks. You want to rush forward and break the mage out of the ice. I'm not sure which one that is, frankly, but they look like a mage. The mage, once broken out, will actually break the others out of the ice for you.

There will be patches of light, and you want to stand in those, because they increase your haste. You want to avoid the icicles that fall from the ceiling. When the boss starts casting flash freeze, about halfway through a giant pile of snow will fall from the ceiling. You want to move away when it's falling (you'll see a visual on the ground), and then you want to move back into it. Being inside the snow pile means flash freeze won't hit you. That said, I hit anti-magic shell because I'm paranoid.

After flash freeze, break the mage out of iceblock again, then go back to the boss. Repeat and you'll get the kill.


Trash: Leading up to Putricide and friends are two mobs called Pustulating Horrors. They put a dot on you that ticks for 30K damage each time. Once you have two applications, hit anti magic shell. The second time you have two applications, hit icebound fortitude. You'll probably die before you can kill both of them, but try to take out one.

Marrowgar: The easiest fight here by far. His bone spike doesn't hit you, because you're the only target here. His bonestone does almost no damage. As with all raid fights, don't stand in the fire. Takes a while, but you'll get him.
Lady Death Whisper: When you start the fight, pop a strength potion and army of the death, and get to work on her mana shield. When she summons adds, run over and kill the casters quickly. Interrupt or AMS curse of torpor, because it adds a 15 second cooldown onto the end of all your abilities, which can make some problems with death strike. Bring a Purification Potion in case you get hit buy it (it cleanse the curse). Once you finish her shield off, kill any remaining adds, then interrupt her casts and stay out of green stuff. Done and done.

Gunship: Since the chances in 5.1, this can now be solo'd. Yay!

Step one: Talk to the NPC and equip the rocket pack. You can't do this after you start the fight, because you get put in combat.

The fight has three 'phases', in my mind: Cannon phase, Ice Mage phase, and Marines phase.

Cannon Phase: When there are no marines and no ice mages (such as at the start of the fight), jump in a cannon, and bring up to 90 heat by spamming 1, then hit 2. Aim for rocketeers and riflemen on the other ship.

Marine Phase: A portal appears on your ship and spawns and 3 melee NPCs. Kill them, or they will kill your ship. A lot of people think they can ignore these, but you can't.

Ice Mage Phase: Use your rocket pack to jump to the enemy ship, and kill the ice mage. It shouldn't take more than 3-4 hits. Jump back, get back in your cannon, and keep blasting.

Deathbringer Saurfang: This is a really tight fight, because you have to perfectly balance damage and tankiness. If his melee strikes land on you, he'll start to heal. But, if those melee strikes are absorbed, he doesn't heal. So you need a blood shield up at all times. As well, there's a really tight enrage timer. So you need enough DPS gear to beat the enrage timer, but enough stam and mastery to keep your blood shield up. Hit and expertise are your best friends.

He'll put dots on you, which you can ignore: AMS won't help with them. When he summons adds you want to kill them as quickly as possible. One Death Strike crit can kill them (thank you ICC buff). Remember, never ever let your blood shield drop.

At around 30% he gets a 30% haste buff, so the damage will increase quite a lot. Once he was at about 10% HP I ignored the adds and simply focused him down, because I was really scared of the enrage timer.

I'm including Precious and Stinky as raid bosses because they deserve it. A lot of people suggest skipping them, but I don't solo raids to skip things.

Precious: Precious puts a debuff on you that reduces healing by 100%, and then drops your health to about 20%. Oh, and summons packs of zombie adds over and over. Naturally, you need to keep your blood shield up as much as possible. When the adds come, drop DnD and spread diseases with pestilence, but don't switch targets, you need to burn the dog down. If your blood shield starts to dip low, pop Icebound Fortitude and empowered rune weapon and build it back up again.

Stinky: Just as difficult as Precious. He reduces your healing by 100%, and he drops you to 20% HP really fast. But instead of adds, he pulses nature damage. This means that a) you're taking damage you can't absorb with blood sheild, and b) he's wearing away your bone shield, which means your blood shield is getting knocked down that much faster. Be sure to have a prismatic elixir on, and use anti-magic shell on cooldown.

Rotface: Compared to the dogs, he's a walk in the park. Remember those oozes you used to have to kite? They don't spawn when you're alone. Stand in the middle of the room, and you'll avoid the slime alone the outside of the room. When Rotface does his slimespray, just move behind him. Very very easy fight.

Blood Princes: A technically demanding fight, because there's a lot to keep track of. It's mostly magic damage, so I recommend two stam trinkets. When the fight starts, Valanar is your focus. Use a strength potion and pop army of the dead, and hit him as much as you can.

Once the shadow orbs start spawning, you want to run around and pick them up. You can use taunt, death coil, and death grip. I recommend having mouseover macros for each of those. You want at least 4 shadow orbs on you at all times. Because your damage is so high, you can NOT use heart strike on this fight. You'll pop the shadow orbs way too fast.

When focus shifts from boss to boss, simply change targets to the appropriate prince. When Valanar casts empowered shock vortex, move away from him. Also, stay away from the shock vortexes he puts on the ground. Taldaram doesn't do anything to worry about. The big problem on this fight is Keleseth. Once he gets focus his shadow bolts really start to sting. You want 5-6 shadow orbs on you for his part of the fight. Save anti-magic shell and ice bound fortitude just for this.

After focus shifts away from him, you'll probably be at half health. Get your HP back up with vamp blood, rune tap, and death strike. Repeat this cycle a few times and you've got it.
This is quite impressive. I look forward to soloing more raids.
Thankyou for these guides man.

Only problem got me with this would be that the Naxx bosses should be grouped up, like the achievements. Made it abit hard to find some of them but otherwise, very good.
For Anub'Rekhan you don't need path glyphed. Pull him to the doorway u came in from and tank him under there. He'll spike you, you hit the arch and come down taking like 10k damage at most. Just make sure u move him out a bit after so he doesnt get glitched into the door thus resetting him.
Kael'thas: This is one of the hardest fights to solo (though it doesn't hold a candle to AQ40). There's a very specific set of steps you have to follow. First, run up to him. As soon as he talks, run OUT of west door, leading to void reaver. If you wait too long, the door closes and you get stuck in there. Kite Thaladred all the way to the back wall of void reaver's room. Kill him.

As soon as he's dead, start running to Al'ar's room, staying on the outer ledges, where you will meet Sanguinar. Kite him to the Astromancer's room, back wall. Kill him. When he casts bellowing roar, use lichborne.

Run out of the Astromancer's room, where you will meet Capernian. Don't do any damage to her, just run right by. She will conflag you, don't trinket it, just ride it out. Run up the tunnel to east door leading into Kael'thas's room. Put your back to a wall so when she uses Arcane Blast you don't get knocked far away. DPS her down.

Run back to Al'ar's room, kiting Telonicus. Kill Telonicus against a wall between the two tunnels. Don't kill him until there is less than15 seconds left on the stun debuff (to prevent reapplication).

Run back up the east tunnel to where you left Capernian. The weapons will meet you on the way. Kill healing mace first, interrupting its heal, then kill the shield. If the shield is alive when you try to cast army of the dead, it will interrup the cast.

Once kael'thas starts talking, stand 8 yards away from Capernian's body andsummon army of the dead. Hit anti magic shield as soon as you engage her, and BURN everything you have to get her down, even empowered rune weapon. Trinket the first conflagrate. If she's alive when the other bosses arrive, your odds of survival are slim. Then kill Telonicus (IBF his stun), then Sanguinar (Lichborne his fear), then Thaladred.

After they die, run into alcove at the end of east tunnel and catch your breath.

Kael'thas will run to you. When he casts a flamestrike on the floor, don't stand in it, as the initial damage is about 90K; don't worry about standing in the fire afterwards though. Only trinket arcane blast if you get a flamestrike under you. Don't worry about killing the phoenix, heart strike will do it. When the phoenix dies, hit egg with a couple death strikes to kill it. When he puts up his shield, use AMS to absorb the first pyroblast; interrupt the second.

You are just making the fight harder,time consuming and boring.

You DO NOT need to kite the mini bosses to China.You DO NOT need to kill Al'ar or any other bosses or their trash.You don't even need to kill all trash in KT's room.You do not need to spend more than 15 mins in the instance to kill KT.

I made a Quick KT solo video for some of my friends last month.480p,Not really very ideal for general viewing.But it will still give everyone the idea.The fight was done in normal tank spec and dps gear.

Fight is very straight forward and easy for a blood death knight.Not much skill or ilvl required.

Here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_wdobCN6rk

If you have any question,you can ask here or comment on the video.I'll try my best to answer them.

You are just making the fight harder,time consuming and boring.

You DO NOT need to kite the mini bosses to China.You DO NOT need to kill Al'ar or any other bosses or their trash.You don't even need to kill all trash in KT's room.You do not need to spend more than 15 mins in the instance to kill KT.

I made a Quick KT solo video for some of my friends last month.480p,Not really very ideal for general viewing.But it will still give everyone the idea.The fight was done in normal tank spec and dps gear.

Fight is very straight forward and easy for a blood death knight.Not much skill or ilvl required.

Here is the link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_wdobCN6rk

If you have any question,you can ask here or comment on the video.I'll try my best to answer them.

Not gonna lie...I've never seen anyone get as lucky as you with RNG in that encounter. I think I saw one Toy Machine stun hit you, 2 conflags and no MC despite having your ghoul out.
While he did make it longer than it should be, you did get lucky with RNG in ur vid.

Normally for KT I pull Thaladred and Sanguinar near the back of the room (opposite side from KT), run up to Capernian and kill her behind the pillar to the right of KT. Kill Engineer wherever really, usually near Sanguinar and Thaladred. Deal with weapons, then army/AMS/DRW/ghoul burn Capernian off the start. Engineer > Thaladred > Sanguinar after (usually end up using Vamp blood, sometimes IBF). After that its easy, burn KT, racial if i get arcane blast on a flamestrike. I spec'd out of bloodworms since they screwed me over once and the healing they give is pretty unreliable in a normal raid situation anyway, and i dont pop ghoul for KT phase.

No need to pull all the way to A'lar's room. Also, my dps gear I use for solo is 387 ilvl? I think.. lol

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