Going it Alone - A DK Guide to Soloing Raids

Death Knight
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Mimiron isn't too bad until Phase 4.
Phase 1) mini FL just pew pew, avoid bad stuff, when he uses plasma cannon (the big channeled move that hurts) pop ams or some other sort of CD and heal through it. Don't hit mines if you can, avoid shock blast.
Phase 2) When he does his wind up, stay behind him. When he fires a missile at you, move away from the impact point. It will kill you, does over 2 million damage last time I got hit by it.
Phase3) kill adds that spawn, use the magnetic thing from the large adds to bring the head down to dps. Pew pew, it'll go down fairly quickly and then the fun begins.
Phase 4) This is a good test of your awareness of what's going on. You need to kill all four parts within a fairly short window of eachother. The problem is only ranged attacks, Death and Decay, pestilence done off the middle part, and Heart Strike off the middle part will hit the head. I reccomend having a macro to fire off Death Coils at the head to try and take them down equally. If the part repairs itself, it comes back at full health. Sucks for the bottom two parts, really sucks for the head. This is also very healing intense while being something of a dps check. This will probably take a few attempts to get, but the feeling of killing mimiron is second only to Yogg-saron.

General Vezaxx is relatively simple. Keep in mind, to prevent hard mode just kill one of the saronite vapors and then just kill the boss. A couple things to note with this fight (since its pretty much a tank and spank with a 20% melee attack speed reduction).
1) Interrupt searing flames or use AMS for it. It reduces your armor and makes stuff actually hurt. Especially when he becomes empowered, you'll have to use IBF or some sort of cooldown otherwise you're in danger of being overpowered.
2) The shadow crashes that are very avoidable at a range, are next to impossible to avoid as melee and do a decent knockback. Let them knock you across the room somewhere, do not put yourself against a wall. Reasoning is they also reduce healing and you're not taking a large amount of damage, but just enough to break blood shields. This eventually makes it to where he can become a threat if you just stand in it. Searing flames gets off and you'll be in real trouble when he starts to hit you.

Yogg-Saron, the big bad boss of Ulduar and tied for my favorite solo that I've done so far (Lich King just had an awesome feel to it even if its more of a gear thing). With four keepers up it isn't too bad, your dps will be strong, you run around fairly quickly, you can regain sanity if the rng gods feel like smiting you, Hodir can save you if you get into a jam, and Thorim kills the adds in the final phase.

Phase 1) I usually just run through several clouds to try and get it done quickly. You don't want to pull too many because extra ones after the phase is over will have to be killed and I like using the transition as time to let runes regenerate. Be aware of the healing debuff, and the debuffs that sara puts on you.
Phase 2) Starts after getting enough adds to explode on sara and she begins a monologue. Clean up any adds get and out of the center area. Right at the end of the monologue drop a Death and Decay on yourself because you're going to get grabbed by a constrictor tentacle. You'll have 2 -3 of these happen to you, so be ready for it. Blood boil to help it die faster. You now have crushers and corrupting tentacles to deal with. RNG may put them closer or farther apart from eachother. This is what makes this portion of the fight so difficult. The corruptors do a few debuffs to you.
1) Leaching Poison: Ticking dot for nature damage, negligible
2) Curse of doom: Deals shadow damage after a time, negligible
3) Apathy: causes a big slow in movement speed, annoying when tentacles are far apart and/or you're just going into a brain portal
4) Black Plague: Causes random stuns to occur during a 30 second period, very annoying but you can use IBF to get a 12 second period of not getting stunned if you're trying to get somewhere in a hurry/kill something off.
All of these can be interrupted during their casts or amsed to avoid them. Mimiron also slows all but the first cast on them. I reccomend trying to ams Apathy or Black Plauge. If you have a Purification Potion then you can use it to drop Black Plague when you go into the brain room but Apathy will not be removed.
Crusher tentacles just need to be tanked and killed, if they're left alone they begin channeling a debuff which reduces your attack power. Depending on your gear this may prevent you from doing the brain room in one phase (which is your goal, after that things get really iffy on if you'll survive to another brain room).

Once brain portals open, get in there as quickly as you can. If a corrupting tentacle is still up and your ams is up, I reccomend amsing as soon as you go in to prevent any nasty debuffs from being thrown on you as you enter.

To recap: You've gone through phase one cleanly and gotten sara down. Phase two has started and you've killed whatever tentacles you can, including 2 - 3 constrictor tentacles (may the rng gods smile favorably on you). You're now in the brain room and can be presented with three different situations (from best to worst for speed): Arthas's torturing of Bolvar Fordragon, The assassination of King Llane, and the creation of the Dragon Soul. These all involve running around the room hitting a neutral mob that'll turn into a tentacle. In all instances there'll be skulls floating around, do not look at them otherwise you'll lose sanity.
Arthas: Three packs of acolytes, nice and easy for heart strike cleaves. You can also drop a Death and Decay on a pack and pretty much leave it alone, it'll die quickly.
King Llane: run around and hit the armor, the space is somewhat small so its not a bad circle, but they're not really clumped up. Might be able to get 2 at the same time with a Death and Decay.
Dragon Soul: same as King Llane but larger area to run around, and slightly more spread. Can still get 2 with a Death and Decay. Reccomend a swiftness pot to help you go from one to the next quicker.
Once you break the illusion make a run for the brain, pop your ghoul dancing rune weapon, and your strength potion just before reaching melee range, all before you reach the brain. Once you do go nuts on it. Pull every dps trick you have on it because you've probably only got 30 seconds or so to get it to 25% when the phase change occurs. At about 5 seconds you need to look at getting out whether you did the necessary dps or not. However failing to may cause a wipe and you'll probably have to start over.

Assuming you got the brain down in one phase you're now in the final phase which can be summed up as a slow burn. Yogg-saron will occasionally do Lunatic Gaze which causes you to lose sanity if you look at him while its being channeled. You get anywhere between a 5-10 second break inbetween. DBM will give you a cooldown on it but the usage is somewhat random once its off cooldown. During this time you've also got immortal guardians coming at you which you need to dps to 1 hp so that Thorim can kill them. You can cleave off them, Death and Decay, and pestilence off them to deal damage to yogg while he's casting lunatic gaze. Watch your sanity closely and don't be afraid to use the sanity wells provided by Freya. If you're careful and continue to burn him, the kill will be yours. Enrage shouldn't be a huge factor, especially at current gear levels.

All my current xmog gear is from my soloing adventures in Ulduar and I enjoy it much more knowing I put the effort forth to get it all myself and I'm sure some other soloers who use the get they get from old raids feel the same sort of pride. I hope this is a nice addition to this thread since it hadn't been added yet ;D. Good Luck to all ye prospective soloers.
I cannot thank you enough, Kylleera. That is exactly the type of input I was hoping to have on this thread. Soloers helping soloers. That was so indepth, I'm totally going to give those bosses another shot.

I finished ToC the other day, and I hope to add that to this later. Keep it going guys!
Is ToC only soloable not two manned? My friend and I went in there earlier yesterday and we got !%##d lol.
ToC is soloable, albeit your dps needs to be pretty strong to beat Beasts (gormok particularly). Jarraxxus isn't terribly difficult (kill adds as they come out, win!), faction champs you can either burst down healers or just oom them. Val'kyr isn't bad either, just need decent dps. Anub is probably the hardest one.

Trying to think off the top of my head, there's no reason why this isn't two manalbe. However they'll need to be somewhat self sufficient to deal w/ the damage going out (mostly thinking of acidmaw and dreadscale for the beasts).
I'm happy to add a guide for soloing Trial of the Crusader 10 man. ToC10 was a tough challenge, I hope you enjoy it.

Beasts of Northrend

Ironically (paradoxally?), the hardest fight in Trial of the Crusader is the first fight. If you can finish off the Beasts of Northrend, you can cruise through the rest of it.

Gormok the Impaler
For this fight, I used a strength flask, and mastery food.

Just as Tirion finishes saying "heroes", hit your strength potion. Wait 5 seconds, then hit army of the dead. You can't hit army of the dead during the fight, because your cast will get interrupted. Then hold onto your ankles and kiss your !@# goodbye.

I've heard a lot of people say to go full DPS gear for this fight, but I wasn't able to survive it that way, so I went full tank gear with as much mastery as possible. His stacking debuff is physical damage, so you can just soak it up with blood shields. When he drops fire on the ground, move out of it. Save all your cooldowns for the last 20% of his health, because that's when you'll need them. Just keep diseases up, and spam death strike as much as possible.

Once he dies, quickly target a snobold and death strike it to stay alive. This is where I used ghoul sac to get my health back up for the next boss. There's no pause between the fights.

Acidmaw and Dreadscale

When these two spawned, I clicked off my strength flask, and put on a mastery/prismatic elixir buff. The magic resist really helps.

There are two worms that spawn. One of them is mobile, one of them stands still. The one that moves will drop poison rings on the ground, you need to keep moving out of these. In order to complete the fight, you have to hit Dreadscale until you get the burning bile debuff, then run over and bead on Acidmaw. Acidmaw puts a paralyzing poison on you, that burning bile takes off. It is very important that you not hit anti-magic shell until you get burning bile.

The worms occassionally switch places, so repeat the drill; hit Dreadscale to get burning bile, then run to Acidmaw. Once Acidmaw is dead, finish off Dreadscale. The rest of ToC is easy.


This is a really easy fight. He doesn't hit hard, so you can heart strike to get him down faster. When he knocks you back for the charge, simply move out of the way. Nothing to worry about.

Lord Jaraxxus

Damage for this fight is overall low. When he casts felfire bolt, interrupt it, because mind freeze will always be available. You don't need to switch off of him to down the adds; just hit pestilence and then heart strike.

Faction Champions

For this fight, I used mastery food and mastery/prismatic elixirs.
Before you start this fight, know that it took me 1 hour 45 minutes. The paladin healer ran oom at 1 hour, the druid at 1 hour 35 minutes. There were a couple points where I almost got a kill (sub 20K HP on a healer), but never quite sealed the deal.

Note: The champions you get are randomly assigned, so I can't explain every combination. I'll just let you know what worked for me, in point form:

- You'll know if you can complete this fight in the first five minutes. The mobs constantly do CC and burst damage, especially when they bloodlust, so your HP will dip low before you can bring it back up. I hit 5% HP several times.
- The hunter will put an aimed shot on you, that reduces healing by 50%. There is only a 2-3 second window between applications. Time your heals accordingly.
- Most damage is magical. I'd have a blood shield at 200K, and be almost dead.
- You will get disarmed regularly, swordshattering runeforge is advised.
- You will have to reapply your buffs (drums, runescrolls, etc.).
- Make sure you repair before you start the fight. I had to drop a jeeves and combat repair.
- Stay out of melee range of the priest (to avoid fear), and out of melee range of the paladin (to avoid hammer of justice).
- If you are going to try to burst a healer down, throw out a death coil before you strangulate, to soak up a grounding totem.
- Space out your cooldowns; you'll have time to use them all.
- Don't interrupt any healing spells. You're trying to oom them, remember.
- Save your icebound fortitude for when they cast heroism.
- I focused most of my time hitting the druid, but I'd also spread damage around with heart strike, pestilence, and DnD, just so the druid had to multi-hot (and go oom faster).
- I used army several times without being interrupted.
- Once you run the healers oom (or kill them in a lucky burst), kill the rest of them in any order.
Twin Val'kyr

This is a really easy fight. When the fight starts, pick up the dark portal, and attack the light Val'kry. Pick up any dark orbs as they wander past. DPS the boss. When they put up the shield, try to break it and interrupt the heal. If you can't, don't worry, it's not a particularly big heal. The same thing goes for the explosion, just hit anti-magic shell and you can soak it without any difficulty.


Moderately difficult, but still a mile easier than Gormok. Run up to the boss, hit him a bit, then death coil one of the floaty ice things in the air so it drops and makes a frost patch. When an add spawns, run onto the patch and kill the add. This way it can't submerge and escape.

DPS Anub'arak a bit more, deal with any other adds. When Anub'arak submerges, run around and avoid the adds that are everywhere. Use death coil/icy touch to bring down lots of frost patches. You want to run onto these patches so that the spikes that are chasing you don't kill you. If any adds get too close, try to kill them asap, they put a nasty debuff on you.

When the boss re-emerges, round up all the remaining adds, hit anti-magic shell (to avoid the debuff), and burn them down. You repeat this process until Anub'arak hits about 25%.

Then he does this thing called leaching swarm. He sucks up your HP, to heal himself. So the higher your HP is, the most he heals. But he's still doing damage, so you can die. You want to have saved your cooldowns for this point. Sac your ghoul, use empower rune weapon, army, anti-magic shell, everything, and finish him off. Then you're done!
Kael'thas solo guide as frost after 5.0.4 is here.

The video link is here,if you don't like reading.

But I recommend everyone attempting the boss to at least read the short video comment as I were unaware of a certain bug and almost made me wipe in phase 5.

2 important things will greatly reduce the difficulty of the fight.I mentioned that in my video comment but forgot to put it here.
1. glyph of Pillar of frost
2.Death Siphon.

P3 is the hardest,
So I'm going to explain the easiest start/kill order in detail.

Thaladred is a real dps. his bleed stacks hurt.So I took him out first and fast before getting high bleed stacks.2nd highest single target dps in the pack is the engineer.His bombs deal moderate fire damage and he can apply remote toy.So I took him out 2nd.Please note that I had 0 chance to get CCd while I killed the first 2 because of PoF glyph.

3rd highest dps in that pack is Capernian.Caperninan's CC is very very bad.If you get cced by her with 4 minibosses alive, you are pretty much dead.So 98%people kill her first and with good reason.But I killed her last.Because I discovered some tricks while soloing the fight for a long time.If you start phase 3 where I did, the mage will not be able to cast her cc ability on you.She can only use her basic attack which deals low damage.

So we get out of the hiding place after killing 3 minibosses.Now you can get conflagrations.But her solo dps will be just too low to create any danger for us.

P4 is easy just normally dps boss.
Dsi with death runes.Dsi also deals decent damage in pve,just slightly lower than HB.

p5 is also fairly simple.Orbs were bugged.So just keep away from those all the time as they won't dispawn. Strangulate boss to get him out of the orbs.Don't tunnel boss like me in the video.as it almost made me wipe.

That was my very first attempt as frost.And I believe its doable with lesser ilvl.
If you still find the fight hard feel free to use external buffs like 7% stam,4% stat,flasks etc.
Thanks so much for the updated guide. I was kind of upset that I wouldn't be able to solo KT after the patch; I just assumed I wouldn't be able to do it in a DPS spec but thanks to you I was able to. Didn't 1 shot it but I think I've got it figured out for upcoming weeks.
09/03/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Lenaradax
Thanks so much for the updated guide. I was kind of upset that I wouldn't be able to solo KT after the patch; I just assumed I wouldn't be able to do it in a DPS spec but thanks to you I was able to. Didn't 1 shot it but I think I've got it figured out for upcoming weeks.

No problem at all.Thank you for your comment.
This is an amazing guide, both in detail, and the way it is written. I just wanted to show my appreciation and say thank you for sharing.
Hey mate, I just solo'd Heroic 25man Marrowgar, wondering if this is a first, and if not you should add it to your guide.

Here is the video

Thanks, and good job bro.
Are you currently wearing the gear you wore for it?

Also, NICE.

Also also, about how hard does he hit, on average?
With the new changes to the undead raical water breath do you now think that undead might be the best solo dk tank race over tauren for horde?
09/06/2012 09:40 PMPosted by Bornevil
With the new changes to the undead raical water breath do you now think that undead might be the best solo dk tank race over tauren for horde?

With the addition of touch of the grave, undead are the clear winner for being the best race, hordeside, for soloing. I may be race changing Gormokk in MoP.
With the new changes to the undead raical water breath do you now think that undead might be the best solo dk tank race over tauren for horde?

With the addition of touch of the grave, undead are the clear winner for being the best race, hordeside, for soloing. I may be race changing Gormokk in MoP.

Yes.I totally agree with that.
The racial is looking very overpowered to me.And in my personal opinion undead will be the best soloing race in game.
I'm not confident with that comment and I can be wrong.
Blood Lord Mandokir

This is a Blood DK strategy outline on how to solo Blood Lord Mandokir at level 85 (patch 5.0.4) for the ZG Raptor mount Armored Razzashi Raptor. I'm pretty sure people have solo-ed it at 85 before so it's not a world first kill. This was done at patch 5.0.4


Exactly what I press (as shown in video):
1. Bone Shield
2. Outbreak
3. Heart Strike x 2
4. Death Strike x 2
5. Press Macro
6. IBF + DRW + VB
7. Empower Rune Weapon
8. Army of the Dead
9. 9. Death Siphon x 2 and use Rune Tap

What happens (for those who are interested):
The idea is to minimize the damage you take from Dacapitate, so you have less to heal off later on (from Shroud of Purgatory). Vengeance will then take care of the rest of Mandokir's HP pool.

Blood Shield: 38000 from the 2 Death Strikes.
Gear: 5% dodge and 32.5% parry(strength) + Runeforge (Sword-shattering, 4% parry)
Cooldowns: (Rotting Skull+Fire of the Deep+Bone Shield+Golemblood+Dancing Rune Weapon) into Army of the Dead stacked with Icebound Fortitude.

With all the cooldowns used properly, Decapitate is reduced to around 1 million damage.

Healing: Vampiric Blood(Glyphed) gives 540k heal per death Siphon(which did about 300k damage) and around 30k for Rune Tap.

After that, killing him is merely a face>keyboard with the remaining Vengeance (around 750k of it).

Note: I was wearing DPS gear because I actually gained a little bit more avoidance with Sword-shattering. With everything running, I had 57.5% Dodge+Parry before DRW/Army combination. As DRW adds an extra 20% parry, it's very hefty. You can also use a Flask of Titanic Strength for added safety.

Your mileage will vary. I am in almost full BiS DPS gear so do take that into consideration please. Those two trinkets are from the VP vendor and can now be bought with JP. Golemblood and Trinkets is not necessary for me but may help you.

You have have to experiment a little as this boss is a balance of damage reduction or Vengeance Healing.

Good luck with your Raptor farming! Mine dropped after too long U_U
09/02/2012 07:37 PMPosted by Deathshatil
Kael'thas solo guide as frost after 5.0.4 is here.

He was a goal of mine to kill for a long time back when I was in 359s, but I couldn't do it. Now that the DK is my main again with some gear, I finally gave it a shot.

Anyways, I tried it twice after the patch and got whooped by the four adds, badly. I gave up, an came back Tuesday for a while. I kept dying to 18k fireballs with over 100k health, so I think my health bar was laggy and bugged or something. My closest attempts were a 6% try, and a phase 4 screwup involving me slaughtering my own army of ghouls. I waltzed in last night, and killed him in one try.

I was in 398 full DPS gear (raid-reforged with hit/exp/etc) swinging a no'kaled and a souldrinker. Glyphed pillar of frost and death siphon make it a lot easier, and works well with Blood tap for more death runes. Lichborne with full runic power is a huge lifesaver too. I didn't need to use it on my kill, but it saved my !@# during a lot of close calls in the practice runs. The fear break and the heal are both nice.

I played with blood presence in frost spec as well. It just didn't work out.

Thanks a lot for reminding me I need that mount ><
haha, DKs were a good solo class, but now I have no doubt that we are the BEST.
Check this, a level EIGHTY solo'd LICH KING.


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