Going it Alone - A DK Guide to Soloing Raids

Death Knight
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Thanks for updating this guide. I have really settled into to this expansion and I plan to start going back and doing more old stuff again.

It would be great if this could get stickied.
I agree this should be stickied! I am tried soloing a bunch of raids I never would have tried otherwise thanks to this thread.

Has anyone tried BWL? If so any recommended strategies for Razorgore? I was able to get about half the eggs down before being overran......
Try to Start with the farthest eggs. One method to get adds off Razor is to drag him by your character. Some will switch to hit you leaving you to kill some more eggs.

You can sleep a lot of dragons.

Once too many adds, just let go of mind control and kill a bunch of adds but careful not to hit Razor.
11/28/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Dewulfe
Has anyone tried BWL?

Ask and ye shall receive!

Blackwing Lair *90*

BWL is one of those raids I always wanted to solo, but couldn't because of the first boss. Because of the changes in 5.1, it's now possible, and I recommend you get in on it. BWL has some of the best transmog gear in the game. Even if there are no DK sets, the weapons are just gorgeous.

Razorgor the Untamed

For this fight, the primary concern is not your own health, it is Razorgor's.

When you enter the room, turn right and kill the mobs guarding the orb of control. Click the orb, and you will take control of Razorgor. He has many abilities, all of which you can ignore but one: Button 4 is kill egg. That's your focus for the fight. You need to run around the room killing all the eggs.

Adds will begin spawning. Most will aggro you, which is fine. You can effectively ignore the adds on you, as they don't interrupt your mind control channel, and they don't do much damage. The real problem is when they aggro onto Razorgor. His health will start dropping fast.

What you want to do is wait for your mind control channel to be 75% done, and then stop the channel. Razorgor goes red, and all the adds aggro onto you. You want to kill them, but do as little damage as possible to the boss. Once the adds have been thinned out, click the orb of control and keep going.

Once all the eggs are killed, the adds despawn and Razorgor jumps to full health. He's a really easy kill at that point.

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

The boss starts at 25% HP, which means you can open with Soul Reaper. Your rune power will be constantly max, so you can spam rune strike. However, you get a debuff called Burning Adrenaline which WILL kill you after 20 seconds or so. At level 90 you can easily kill the boss inside that time frame, but you WILL die, so don't be too shocked when it happens.

The Suppression Room

I'm listing this just to give some advice. Anti-Magic shell will allow you to move at full speed for a while, so time it just as the debuff falls off. And Death's Advance lets you move at 70% movement speed instead of a crawl, so be sure to spec into it. Lastly, if you're an engineer, AMS + Rocket boots = awesome sauce.

Broodlord Lashlayer

Entirely a tank and spank. Just be sure to tank him by the gate, not inside a suppression zone; the debuff will reduce your rune regeneration, which makes him a pain.


He puts a stacking debuff on you that increases your fire damage taken. But you'll never take enough fire damage for it to matter.


He puts a debuff on you that heals him every time you take melee damage. You can easily out DPS the heal so it's no big deal. I don't know if it's a result of the boss or bad positioning, but halfway through the fight all the trash in the room attacked me. They aren't a threat, but be aware.


Pure tank and spank. He does nothing exciting.


He'll put some debuffs on you, but they don't do much.


To start the fight you deal with a ton of streaming adds, as well as shadow bolts being shot at you. The adds die easily, and the bolts do nothing, so deal with it.

Once the adds die, Nefarian attacks you in his dragon form. His melee and breath do insignificant damage, but now and then he'll fear you (use lichborne to break it), or reduce the amount of healing you can do. Sometimes he pulls you towards him, but since you want to be in melee range anyway that's fine.

Just before he dies he'll summon a bunch of undead minions to attack you. Cleave them down as you finish off the boss, and you're done!

I cleared black temple and lady vashj yesterday, so expect guides for them once I have time to write them up!
I didn't have nearly enough dps to solo twin emps with your tactic, but I did succeed with another one.

Switching between deathstrike and spamming necrotic strike, while using runic strike to dump runic power with the runic empowerment talent to get runes back (to spam necrotic strike more) works. Use rune weapon to drop two healing absorptions on him too.

All the healing absorption compensates for low dps
11/28/2012 12:08 PMPosted by Gruklaar
Has anyone tried BWL?

Ask and ye shall receive!

1st few attempts were pretty hairy on Razor, but I managed to down him. Solo'd BWL without issues and ended up with the 1h Axe off Nef, Draconic Avenger, pet off Razor and Chrom.

Thanks for the guidance!
Switching between deathstrike and spamming necrotic strike, while using runic strike to dump runic power with the runic empowerment talent to get runes back (to spam necrotic strike more) works. Use rune weapon to drop two healing absorptions on him too.

All the healing absorption compensates for low dps

This actually helped me kill them so thank you for that.

And after my C'thun kill I now never want to step foot into AQ again.
One point about Razorgore when I did it, I was able to hold aggro on all the adds from healing during the MC break.

Granted I can pop GotN and have it tick during the MC for new waves, But I think I only have 4 or 5 eggs left during the 2nd MC.

So Rune Tap + maybe LB+DC would be enough to gather everything for a non-squidface and then go about business as normal?
Lots of exciting updates to come, guys. I'm busy with school, so I haven't had time to write polish the write ups, but with the advent I've managed to clear:

- Black Temple in its entirety.
- Lady Vashj.
- Gunship (finally).
- Festergut
- Professor Putricide.

Blood Queen remains just a hair outside my reach. I got her to about 15%, so it's very doable. The first boss of the Tol Barad raid is also doable, if I can ever get my HP up high enough (about 600K).

11/29/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Ellackshadow
And after my C'thun kill I now never want to step foot into AQ again.

I heard a rumour that if you get ported into the stomach, you no longer die. If true, this means you can solo Ouro, then do C'thun in a reasonable amount of time. I'll be testing soon!
It is true about C'thun, you are now able to go into the stomach without dieing...

In other news, I just solo'd Blood Queen and here is my strat, its pretty simple but requires a little gear.

1. go frost(or your main dps spec) and have at least 480ilevel as you will need to be able to push max amount of dps.
2. Army of Dead, and summon your ghoul and start the fight.
3. The moment she gives you the essence of the blood-queen burn Pillar of Frost and go all out.
4. Make sure to use Soul Reaper

I killed her with about 10sec left on the debuff, with a dps output of 158k... It close but the more gear you have the easier this strat will work for you.
Just a helpful reminder to those soloing raids. Make sure you check whether it's 10 or 25 man you're going into (wrath and up of course). I sort of forgot to check and instead of doing 10 many Ony I did 25 instead... no wonder that air phase took so long.

Reliquary of Souls phase 2 (in Black Temple) no longer chain disorients you. It can be solo'd quite easily now.

Doesn't appear like Kaelthas in The Eye mind controls anymore.
Aw yeah updated!
so far i have solod on my dk:

all of tk (did full clear once, solod KT 4? times i think to get my mount)
all of naxx10
all of toc10
marrow+ldw+prince+rot + lk 10
all aq20
all aq40 till prince brothers (oh, and viscid. had no idea how to do it before i read this page)
os3d 10

still plenty to do, but im making progress!
Great thread, just a word on Night Elf racial, its godly and almost required for some fights.

25man Gurth requires ungodly amounts of dps to out dps the heals he gets from the zombie adds, my incling is that we won't have the dps this expac (even in frost/unholy), but if you start the encounter, then shadowmeld, then grab aggro again as Gurth walks back to reset, the adds will stop spawning and the fight becomes faceroll.

It also makes Lana'thels (ICC) vampiric bite easy to deal with (you pop army then shadowmeld when she uses ability, she'll target a ghoul) and dealing with Festerguts stacking debuff of death (same as Lana'thel)
Also, I'm going to solo naxx 25 again later this week (i won't that tmog!!!) can anyone confirm if Glyph of Icy touch gets rid of the Death Knight Cavaliers bone sheild? This is seriously the most annoying abilitiy in that raid
I worked on Ulduar 10man last night and soloed everything leading up to Yogg. My only questions has anyone tried Algalon since 5.1. I'm not keyed yet so I was not able to attempt it.
@ Hemalador

I second the question about the Cavaliers, i failed to try that glyph. I was so tired of trying to kill them I just let them follow me around the whole time... Also did you solo Patch 25?
I suggest sticking to MC, BWL, AQ, NAXX

can anyone confirm if Glyph of Icy touch gets rid of the Death Knight Cavaliers bone sheild?

Yes. Yes it does.
@ Babelon
Cheers man, that'll help a lot, those guys are the worst, they really are. I couldn't collect loot from the 4 horseman for over 20mins because I was fighting about 5 of them.

@ Darkhalo
Yep, make sure to deal with the totems, your only gonna take magic damage in this fight as he won't have the deeps to get rid of blood sheilds. Then its just tank and spank, but there are some hairy moments for sure

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