I want a decent explanation!

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Why is it that oceanic servers always end up being the last to get any attention payed to?!
Yes, there are american servers still down, but why on earth would blizzard make a note on the login screen saying that the servers would be back up in 15 minutes, i've read that 3 days ago they posted that it would take an hour, but that note on the start of WoW is an update, am i right?, How on earth is it a "restart" if it's taken this long? I want a blizzard employee to at least provide an answer and so does everyone else! and maybe give us an official time as to when it will come back!
Agreed. this is plain ignorance as usual they forget to inform us of any kind of update.
Greetings,Thanks for getting in touch with us about this. I know it's frustrating when this happens, it's never fun not being able to play the game when you just want to relax.It's always our goal to minimize downtime. If we could keep the game running smoothly without ever taking the game offline we absolutely would. But to support such large servers for so many players this simply isn't possible. Any time we pull them offline we do our best to provide an estimate of how long it will take. It ultimately comes back to the necessity of fixing and maintaining things. If this takes less time than expected, awesome! We'll put the servers up early. But we're also not going to put things up on time just to meet our estimated times.We apologize for any inconvenience, but just know we'll never keep the servers offline longer or shorter than we think is needed to address issues or general maintenance. We'll continue to provide updates on the status, but we can never be 100 percent accurate when the unexpected arises.Regards,Tyler MCustomer ServicesBlizzard Entertainmentwww.blizzard.com/support

This is the response I recieved from Blizzard in reagards to a ticket I put in
Thankyou Morolemen!, you have succeeded further then anyone thus far! But blizzard could at least take the 30 seconds of time to give us all an update of some form, or some reasoning as to why their "estimated" time hasn't been met.
...And I want some decent use of paragraphs.
They did use paragraphs. I just copied and pasted. I have "requested" a decent explanation and when/if I get one I'll relay the answer.
All I want is for Blizzard to start communicating with us more. Telling us what problems they are having and even if they can't tell us when it will be resolved but to just aware us that they are dealing with the issue. As long as they tell us these things I would not care as much if the servers were going to be down overnight or for longer than expected. It's the fact that they don't talk to us that scares the community that Blizzard doesn't know what is going on, and that the problem won't be dealt with. We need to know that you know Blizzard.
You couldn't have said that better shattermind! they just need to keep the community up to date and more so informed!
So what is the "estimated time" that Oceanic realms will be back up?And can I ask why Oceanic is so "pathetic, useless or un-needed" by Blizzard as to be treated in such a way? Most US realms are back up and running, yet Oceanic realms are left hanging out to dry! The least you could do would be to put up an explanation as to why we are treated so poorly.

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Vairao Customer Service Representative

Thank you for contacting the Blizzard Game Master Department. I am Lori/Game Master Vairao, and I am here to help with your ticket. Please keep reading for very important information!I understand your frustrations, and can promise it's not singling out a set of servers to keep them offline. As to the estimated exact time, I would double check when logging in for any possible updated messages or the realm status forum. When the server maintenance and techs work on servers, they are working on backing up, pushing hotfixes, and engaging the restart functions to test stability then releasing the login services per blade and rack. All of the servers are in differing data centers, in racks, with maintenance occuring on specific sections at a time. If something occurs in a rack, they need to check the enter section.Sometimes this can affect half of an entire region. Sometimes the entire data center needs to complete additional work, or all data centers, if the hot fixes need additional work.The techs always try to post in a few places updates based on what happens. I've typically found the best place is through their designated Blues here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011700/They also will post updates in the game itself when trying to load, though the Blues and techs have to make those additions, and they may complete the updates faster than the messages begin posting. I hope that info helps. When they take longer to engage the rolling restarts, or have a section needing additional work, it's only to help support the hardware and updated software.For a full review of our US/NA data centers and servers based on location, wowwiki has a pretty up to date listing (this includes US, Oceanic, and Latin America): http://www.wowwiki.com/US_realm_list_by_datacenterNOTE TICKET TIMES: You may see outrageous wait times like 20 days or so. These are untrue! Most tickets are handled in a couple hours to a day. :) Thanks!I hope I was able to help out with your questions and issues. If you still need help, just let us know by clicking "Reopen Ticket", "Have a Question", or you can enter a new ticket through Support > Ask a Question. If done, just click the resolve option.Happy adventuring!Lori K. / Vairao - Game MasterBlizzard Entertainmenthttp://us.battle.net/wow/en/

My request to Blizzard followed by their answer.
It seems that something unexpected may have occure.
They and I used paragraphs :)
I think everyone on the Oceanic realms, ask nothing more than to be and be kept informed as to what is going on. And to not feel like we're treated as some backwater, unimportant bunch of noobs.
Cheers for your tickets man! :) 4 oceanic servers are up now, unfortunately not mine as of yet, but i'd imagine it's not far off!
WTF brazil has a server not australia wtf????
All oceanic up now guys, gg!

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