Does WoW have one of the worst communities?

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I would say maybe one of the worst gaming ones.

Although it's not as bad as Call of Duty, Halo, LoL, or Minecraft.
Have you not seen the console FPS community?! (*Cough* CoD *Cough*)

IF you play blacklight the new f2p FPS shooter before TB reviewed it, it was nice, now the gobal chat is out of control of all sorts of spamm.. and the TEA BAGGING jump shots increased well over 1000% after his review. Bringing all these horrible fps CoD and BF3 people over to it.
Any game with a large community will have its fair share of rude/ignorant/selfish people.
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Any game with a large community will have its fair share of rude/ignorant/selfish people.

I think the Wow community is one of the best, personally.

but then again, I've looked at the other communities.
I don't think the community as a whole is bad. It has been a little annoying lately with the moronic constant respamming of that video. But in general, I feel it isn't nearly as bad as the ones u mentioned.
Have you lived in South Central LA? That isn't the friendliest place either.
The overlap in all of the big game communities is such that they are all, essentially, the same exact community.

You might not find too many people that, individually, play all of them - but you'll find a lot of people who overlap and act the same in every game they play.
Shooters have the worst community. League of Legends has a pretty bad one as well.
LoL's community isn't that bad tbh. So many people use their forums and communicate with riot, and vice-versa. People who put in creative effort sometimes even see their designs/ideas put in by riot themselves if it's popular enough. ELO hell is full of awful people though.
LoL is worse.
No, WoW doesn't. Its just MMO communities in general, and it varies from server to server.
Have you seen the Guild wars 2 fanboys?

Their foaming hatred of WoW is so great, it makes the swtor fanboys look like saints.

They attack every mmo gaming forum and talk about how bad the game is, and how great their game will be as if though it was the second coming of Christ.

But I think the Diablo 3 community takes the cake on worst gaming community. If you so dare speak anything positive about D3, they will rip to shreds. If you are on a WoW character posting on their forums, your argument is automatically invalid cause you play WoW.

I really, really dislike the idiot GW2 fanboys. They might be what stops me from playing it.
The only other MMO I've played (SWTOR) IMO had a worse community on average then this one. I find the X-Box live community to be pretty bad as well.

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