Shadows of the Risen 8/8 now recruiting!

<Shadows of the Risen> is now recruiting for DS and MoP preparations. We are currently GL 20 and progressing quickly towards 25. We are looking for punctual players who know their class and are willing to improve to become the best.

Our current needs include:
2 tanks
1 healer
Ranged DPS w/os Heals

We have 2 groups running currently, both are 8/8 and could use a couple more people in each. We provide Flasks and Food for those in the run, and if you are interested in joining but your gear isn't quite ready for DS, feel free to still apply.

We have a few players interested in doing PvP (including myself, full cataclysmic rogue). So those of you who are looking for that are welcome to join us.

Our core group raids Fridays and sometimes Sundays depending if we still have bosses to kill from 8 pm EST to 11 pm EST. Our 2nd group raids monday nights starting at 7 pm EST.

If you are interested in joining please apply at or Contact myself, Holytrauma, or Sylphora in game.

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