[A] Late Night 8/8H - Tues / Weds - LFM MOP

8/8H Raid looking to solidify its line-up for MOP. Progression oriented. Looking for an exceptional tank, healer and ranged DPS. Tuesday / Wednesday 9:15 PM - 12:30 AM.
hey man gotta tank here log in ill talk to you in game or send you in game mail!
Tuesday L8 Night 8/8 clears
recruiting for MOP
interested in 8/8 heroic clear
Hate Night - 8/8L
Hey guys,
I don't know if you still need a healer or not, but I figured I'd put myself down here.
My current guild is altering raid times, and as much as I love raiding with them I just won't be able to give the attendance level that I try to give to them esp once college starts.

Could definitely xfer over right away from Mal'Ganis, just looking for a good home to come to first. Pretty respectable, mature, want a guild that will do what it takes to progress.

Here is a couple logs to amaze.. you with (Feel free to check my other logs as well) http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-aif8hlq4zyxula2w/sum/healingDone/?s=6410&e=7077 (HSpine)
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-gcfhsesx1h26fxif/sum/healingDone/?s=4519&e=4750 (HUltrax)
405 ilvl sv hunter here. 8/8H exp thanks to your group last week. got a good feel on how things are done. would love to be a part of it again.
It's too bad I'm 12 or I'd bear tank :P
08/10/2012 10:09 AMPosted by Mmsvbm
405 ilvl sv hunter here. 8/8H exp thanks to your group last week. got a good feel on how things are done. would love to be a part of it again.

You have a spot next week.
dk tank with 7/8 HM exp
Be online next week, whenever.
Still need a healer? Would be willing to faction change. Got my H Madness kill back in early april and guild decided to abruptly stop raiding after that.
Still looking
I'm interested in the healer spot if its not already filled. I've made a recruitment post describing my experience in the guild recruitment forum here:


Even better, being a late-night guild your times work quite well for me. I take part in a local Latin Dance Club at my university where I'm a master's student. They meet regularly on Tuesdays from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. I am available after 9:00pm on Tuesday and thus your 9:15pm time would be great.

I able to go later than 12:30 too if were pushing progression and have full availability any time in the evening any other days of the week. I do expect to be fully MOP raid-ready by the start of the 2nd week. Additionally, feel free to add my Battle Tag if you find yourself in need of a healer and are running normal/heroic mop dungeons for the sake of "gearing-up" in that first week. Even if I am not part of your guild, I don't mind help out/helping you gear up. Burchnall#1628.
Hi RDPS warlock

I have been raiding since vanilla, 40 men MC to Lich king.
Due to RL stuff, i quit @ cata but decided to rock again in Mop.
I played affli and demo as MS for a few years and i am good at it.

My time allows me to raid from 9pm PST till late.
I am looking for a guild that raids around that time, willing to transfer.
I am willing to make 95% attendance, not just for loot because loots life cycle is short, they are updated every patch.
I am here to progress and enjoy the game, wiping in raids, crying in vent.

What I look for a guild is you don't have to be top 20 or 50.
A good guild environment without drama is a MUST because, you know, drama destroy guild faster than lightning speed and i am sick of it.

If u guys need a experienced and responsible warlock please contact me in-game or post it here. Willing to post an app or vent interview.
Looking for a new home before Mop and going to hit 90 within the first week.

battle tag : KRIS1874#1924

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