Constant Login Server Problems - iPhone 4S

Mobile Bug Report
Using iPhone 4S, not jailbroken, using AT&T.

For the last week or so, the Mobile Armory has been downright terrible with login issues (Gnomeregan server). It will be unable to login several times and then refuses to do anything unless you close the program and reopen it, especially if you go to another app or the screen saver comes up. Even then it takes several tries to get logged in. It has login errors while I'm using it and I have to close the program and reopen it. About 20 percent of the time it just times out. And through all of this it wants the authenticator code re-entered every single time. It's getting to be a huge nuisance. Why can't the Mobile Armory remember the device for authentication purposes, at least for more than a minute? Why does it need to constantly log in while you're using it? Why can't the login server keep a connection? No other app I use has these problems, and I use a lot of them.
We have plans to upgrade our infrastructure at a number of different levels to see if this helps. We believe it's server load problems not directly connected to the Mobile Armory. I've experienced the same issues while using the Mobile Armory as well.
Thanks for the info. So what is the general time frame for this infrastructure upgrade? Days/weeks/months/years? Soon? The situation is intolerable; I can't post 10 auctions without it logging me out and then failing to log back in numerous times.
We did a temporary fix to resolve it for the time being. A permanent solution could potentially be up and ready in days, if not 24 hours. Don't hold me to this, but I'm monitoring the situation and will have our engineers perform the necessary actions for the temporary fix whenever these issues begin to crop up.
Sweet, thank you for following up on this. It does seem to be some better this morning, but a permanent fix would be great.
Whatever you did worked very well for about 10 days. However, yesterday and today the login problems are back with a vengeance. Please, the permanent fix needs to be implemented.
Yes, we approved an update, but there were problems on the US deploy. We're a lot further along than before. I'm sorry it's taking so long. I'm anticipating this as much as you are!

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