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Hi guys, whenever I clear my NPCscan cache it shows that no creatures are cached, which is fine, but when I log out for the day and log in the next day it says that several creatures were cached while I was offline. So my question is, does NPCscan cache creatures that other people find as well? or just the ones that you find? A guildy of mine said that it should only cache the creatures that I find, and should only cache them if I'm nearby, but if that were true, why would it cache creatures while I'm offline?
It reloads your cache file from the folder each time, if your "clearing the cache file while in game" and/or using the option to continue to scan for "found" rares, it is not cleared. It merely continues to scan for those NPC ID's that you have already seen or been present for be it dead or alive. To my knowledge there is no link between you and another using NPC scan.
Some hunters pets you see cache

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