[H] Finer Things Club recruiting PVPers/RBGs

Hello all,

The Finer Things Club is a casual/PVP-oriented guild looking for new members to come arena, RBG and world PVP with us! We're currently halfway through level 23 (should be maxed out within a week) and have over 220 toons on the roster, our members love all things PVP and we're always looking for new people to arena with. We also host Rated BG guild groups Sunday nights @ 8p server and are in need of a few more experienced healers, strong dps and a flag-carrying tank to round out the group.

We have guild vent, unlimited free guild repairs to all members and give away over 15k a week in cash prizes to our members automatically based on guild xp (you don't have to do anything special, just play the game and get paid for it!).

We're also very casual in that outside of the Sunday night RBGs we don't hold any other events (yet) and members are free to play the game however they want/raid if they want, etc etc. We're open to levels 1-85 if you just want the perks while leveling or anything like that.

Whisper anyone in the FINER THINGS CLUB guild for an invite or mail/whisper Teo if you're looking for some PVP action!

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