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Hello there, Stromrage!
Cinder, has recently xferred, to obtain a higher level of raiding,
and mainly looking to recruit a higher level of raiders!
Cinder is currently 8/8H (10man) with plans to grow to a 25 man progression guild in MoP.
Cinder holds true to pushing for progression while having fun doing so.

Our Raid Times:
Tuesday 8:30pm – 11:00pm
Wednesday 8:30pm – 11:00pm
Thursday 8:30pm- 11:00pm
Monday 8:30pm- 11:00pm (quick clean up night)

All times are EST (server time).
Cinder also, loves to put together alt DS runs.
Times are not scheduled for alt runs, but based upon our guildies free time.

Cinder has a highly active website! Visit us at Cinder.Enjin.Com

Cinder follows a Loot Council procedure.
Those who are performing, showing up, following guild laws, helping out guildies,
and being exceptional constantly, will usually get a vote over those who are just there to get carried.

If you are a loot !@#$%, and a qq-er, Cinder is not for you.
Cinder strongly believes that gear does NOT make a player “good” but skill will make them excellent.

Cinder is looking for exceptional players of all classes at the moment.

Please take the time to visit our website, if you are interested!
Your mask doesn't match and your leggings show. All hope is lost.
welcome to the hood bros :)
Still recruiting exceptional players of all classes!
Check us out!

still looking for exceptional players, OT in high demand
To clarify, we would prefer a Warrior or Pally O-tank :D

Gratz on 8/8H!!!!
I have recently returned from the game from a long break and my raiding team disbanded. I am looking for a solid and consistent raiding guild to raid out the rest of Cata and into MoP.

I am 386 ilvl (a little low I know, but I outperform my gear lvl). I realize some of my gear is missing enchants I will have everythig fully optimized as soon as I find a guild to run with. I am willing to server transfer/faction change.

Raid times are flexible although I prefer during the week and no later than midnight.

If you are interested please add me to real id:
Bump :)
Hi Tonica,
I'll look around for prettier gloves for you.
Recruiting :
Druid healer with OS dps
Pally healer with Ret OS
Dropped an app at your website. ^_^ cant wait to hear back from you!
I'd like to see what you guys are all about. Drop me a line in-game and we can chat about it? Just lemme know what time would be best for you.

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