H <Elysium> Tues, Thurs 8-11 Server

<Elysium> is a semi-casual, social raiding guild looking for experienced, reliable, and mature raiders for current content and MoP.
1. Expectations for Raiders-non-negotiable

• Willingness to quickly level and master new class mechanics
• Raid awareness
• Basic knowledge of fights and mechanics
• Prepaired for raids. (flasks, food, enchants, online before raid time)
• Age 18+.

2. What we expect from Members

• No Drama
• Maturity
• Participation

Ideal Candidates:

• Are Mature 18+
• Possess a working Mic and are not afraid to use it
• Stable internet connection
• Positive attitude
• UI requirements, DBM, Omen

What we offer:

• A relaxed, fun raid environment
• A diverse group of players to engage in activities with

We are currently seeking dps for our Dragon Soul 10 team. Tues.-Thurs. 7:45-11:00 server.
Whisper me in game or real i.d. me for more details.
Best of luck with your recruitment efforts. =)
LFM Raiders for DS, oh wait...wrong realm
TY for the bump Whiteleaf! GL finding the right forums Duranor! =]

Need 2 more dps for tonights run 8-11pm
Building a group 2! Need all... will fill with alts until we have a full team. Days times to be determined.

Looking for a Raid Leader for this group. Are you ready for more responsibility in your raid group but havent gotten the opportunity? Ready to take the bull by the horns and lead by example? This position comes with officer role and counsil seat. In game mail me or real i.d. me to set up vent interview.

My real i.d. is at the top of the page.

Looking for tanks and healz.
Fighting H mode Attendance Boss. Need 2 ranged DPS for core DS-10. Hunter, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Lok. Don't sit the bench come raid with us! Pst me in game or reply to this thread. Running tonight 8-11pm server
Need Ranged DPS. Hunters where u at?
07/20/2012 04:54 AMPosted by Dreadlokk
Need Ranged DPS. Hunters where u at?

We're around ;)
Tanks and Healz needed for our 2nd DS-10 team.

Looking for an Experienced Raid Leader for this group.

Any RL's interested pst or mail me in game to set up Vent interview.

Balanced Leader:
Once you make a decision, you go with it. Changing your mind only creates confusion. It is advisable to give praise as a leader, but do not give praise to someone who is quite obviously doing something wrong. Strait up tell your team both the positives and the negatives.

It is important not to lead a raid which you do not know inside and out.

Dealing with conflict:
Its gonna happen. Dealing with the problem should be done directly from the guild rules that every guild raider should be aware of.
We don't need a Leader to deal with conflict by using anger or fear.

Able to hand out loot according to guild rules and class requirements.
Help recruit players for your groups comp.

What you recieve in return:
Officer/Counsil status
To Da Top!

Looking for reliable dps with correct gems and enchants. Looking to start H modes as soon as possible.

Prefer Hunter for Group 1 core.

Still looking for Group 2 leader.
Kicking off Group 2 this week. (Thurs 8-11pm server) In need of a pro Tank. Pst me in game for more info or drop a post at our website.


Rolling out logs this week for both raid days as well.
To da top! Bumping for group 2 raiders.
Could push to 25 man this week! Need a few more reliable and talented peeps to fill the rest of the group out. Whisper me or an officer in game for an invite. (Apostle, Craetos, Grison, Wilb)
Looking for Healz and Ranged for Group 2. Thursday 8-11pm server.
Still looking for skilled Leaders and Raiders to get a 2nd Static Group going. Free repairs, food and flasks for raiders.

Looking for hardcore panda levelers for Mists raiding as well.

Send me a note in game or contact me with my real i.d. listed at the top of the thread.
Bumping for weekend raid group. Saturday 8-11pm server. Need healz and dps. Flasks and food provided. Whisper me or Craetos in game for more information.
Starting our raid team back up. LF 1 Heal (pally,monk, priest) And 3 ranged DPS (mage, lok, hunter) 465+ Running Tues, and Thurs 8-11 server starting on Dec 4th reset. Message me in game or drop a note here.

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