(10H)Castle Bravo 6/6MSV2/6HOF LFM

Guild Recruitment
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Hello, just a little information about our guild contact me if interested.

Castle Bravo on Eredar
10man Horde Guild

About us:
We know this is a game so we do like to enjoy ourselves. However we also like to win. So we do like to keep it balanced and put our “KILL THIS OR DIE” face on for progression. We went 8/8Heroics in Dragon Soul and currently 8/16 this teir. Our raid schedule is:

Wednesday 7:15-11pm EST
Thursday 7:15-11pm EST

Raid materials are provided. Such as feasts/cauldrons/potions. We like to see the best from our raiders. ^.^ I personally love this raid schedule cause it lets me have a life on the weekends. And by life I mean just going outside and breathing fresh air before retreating back inside because in irl… that sun is just too damn bright.

What we are looking for:
For right now we have a pretty tight group and are looking for exceptional healer preferably Priest/Monk/Druid, we could use a Warrior tank/dps. There is always room for improvement though and if you feel you are a decent character feel free to talk with one of us!

Need more information?
You can talk to us in game at any time. You can send a whisper to almost anyone who is on at the time cause we are alt-aholics. (That is what happens when you raid 2 days a week.. this weird thing.. called "free" time.) Feel free to send an in-game mail to:
And we will get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can friend us!
Kemono- nicholasjannelle@gmail.com
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Boomie/Resto druid here plays both very well 8/8hm 402 and 401 ilvl for the sets also have a hpally that is decently geared that I can play ret on the pally needs a lil more gear but i have healed i think 6/8 on him can't remeber.

Real id is raith73@gmail.com
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