WoW RAF ( I recruit you )

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Willing to do RAF on Darkspear US realm. Am not buying you all expansions (or any for that matter) you MUST buy all expansions yourself (they are very cheap until july 10th), this will be for new players or people who are coming back to WoW that have not played in years. I am HIGHLY experienced in PvE and PvP. Doing PvE/questing till level 80, then do whatever you want. Can help with gold/mounts/bags and such. If you would like to do RAF please post a email here where i can contact you and send you link (please make it a separate email from which you will use for your login).
In other words you want a free mount AND/OR free gametime.

Find a real life friend interested in the game and use RAF for what it was actually meant for.

People like you piss me off.
^^^ i like her lol

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