hello im looking for some weapons that look good with wrath i was thinking the sword off the first boss in bwl but id like suggestions for a mace and axe and i wouldnt say no to more for swords
also i need a tank set transmog i was thinking might but what do you think? include weps and shield plz.
I am not too sure of any matching weapons for Wrathful Gladiators, however I will try to make some recommendations.

I am currently using the warrior Tier5 set Destroyer Battlegear combined with the 2H sword Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood from Nefarian, the final boss of BWL.

For a tanking set, I highly recommend acquiring the purple Judgement Recolour set, which is outlined here: and is farmed from heroic level 70 dungeons, meaning you can complete the set much faster than trying to farm Tier1 Might.
I personally use the Bloodmaw Magus-Blade as a 1H sword and Bulwark of Azzinoth as the shield, both of which match excellently with the Judgement Recolour.
Bloodmaw is a main hand, and I don't think you could mog it to a one hander. . . I didn't try too anyways. I prefer most weps from TBC-Wrath era, cata, not so much. But get that loot addon, and look for stuff that appeals to you and build a set around it.

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