Late Nights

Ever find yourself up late, and with nothing to do?

<Solitude> is currently looking for active late night bro's to join our guild. We are looking for more near 2k exp players for a core rbg group, along with running arenas. We are breaking into pve farming DS and hoping to get into Heroics.

We created this guild to separate ourselves from every zerg guild on tich. We are not elitist and we do not care if you are 2.4k+ or 1400. We are here to have fun, after all it is a game right?

Feel free to message either me or allupinthat in game for more information about the guild.
This is a Drama free Guild! We look forward to having some of the most active and mature players that love to just play the game. Look forward to seeing you in the guild! Smellsfear ~C0-GM~ Solitude
I r the the ONE --- neo said so...
oh and minus the ADD moment. Yea cool peeps here - bring it on MOP :)
You guys need a 399 arms warrior with full cata pvp set looking to move to the server for raiding HM DS and MoP

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