Introducing the Guild Mentoring Program

Danrather needs only to enter this extravagant arrangement and he will be instantly select, so im going to give all of you a chance and try your hand, good luck for danrather will be the one making the ultimate choice of who will lead his righteous cause
obviously i got my point across ^^
thank you for understanding my son, for not many people will agree upon whom i will pick, the mantel of responsability that i will pass down upon to the chosen guild will be one of harsh strife and wicked discipline, they will stand out and be among the few who can almost attain the godly status that i have come to claim
obviously im saying this so they will change stuff, wow like that wasn't clear enough
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07/22/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Dernn
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Blizz responding to good questions... preposterous!
Not one answer was given to our concerns and questions. I am not sure why I am surprised.
My guildies think this isn't something we should benefit from, but new players. Tempered Verdict just wants to help new players find their place in the game.
Good luck to you Timmee I hope you are chosen and wish you well. How was your Costume Party by the way?
Thank you for wishing me and my guild luck! The costume party was lots of fun. One of our guildies was in an ogre costume and another was dressed as a Christmas goblin with snowballs!

Audacity - Horde
Celtic Brotherhood - Alliance
Aww man. No credit?! /cry

See thread "Does Garrosh have to be so bad?"

Little late with this, seeing as most have xferred.

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