Formatting bug on forums (more than just me)

Website Bug Report
formatting is massively screwed up for me, and it appears its a widespread problem. originally didn't know/couldn't find the correct forum (as my webpage is extremely hard to navigate now), so the post is here, multiple people have posted pictures of what the problem looks like.
Yup. For me as well. Firefox 13.0.1
If you mean that the formatting currently is almost purely text, then I'm having the same issue on the entire site. I admit, it's rather amusing yet at the same time also quite hard to navigate much as I have to sift through all the text to find what I want.

Chances are, someone made a coding error when updating the site.
@ leavex

what did you title your post?

i cannot find it.
lol disregard that post.. thought i was on the other tab lolz
Happened to me as well.
i'm on chrome for the record
Firefox here, and it's the same problem for me.
Same thing here, forums are all messed up. Doesn't seem to matter what browser you try.
I'm using Chrome 20.0.1132.47 (also happens in IE) on Windows 7 x64 and seeing this:
quote from choonster because they is borked."
end quote

yep that's what we're all seeing
It's not just the forums. The main site has also lost formatting, or something. It is the same on the entire Diablo III site.
everything is fine for me. armories, pvp, media, services. just happens when i hit forum
Looks like its a js error. My google chrome console comes up with "Cms is not defined."
Yes everything of mine is screwed up as well. Everything is scooted to the left side of my screen and everything is all scrunched up. Even on the SC2 Website its like this. I havnt been on the Diablo site but id suspect its the same as well.
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Just chiming in with the same issue, Firefox, all that jazz. Easier to find this later through search posts than try to find this forum again with the current layout.
All better.
FIXED! ty everyone involved blizzard side who fixed it.
yeah back up.

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