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It seems someone has screwed up on the major function abilities of the forums. At this moment in time I cannot post on any site related to this issue because of a “no character found” bug or the thread being locked. Staring another topic thread seems to be the only way to not get pushed aside from obtaining a resolution to the issue at hand.

I see this topic has not been touched upon on in a long while. This issue does still exist. I am trying to get my redeemed banana pet from Lando with zero luck. My main toon is located on a US server. Server status is only mentioned, as a large majority of you are aware, the EU servers where the only ones having these issues for a time back in 2010. The TCG item redemption does not work. Nothing I have tired works.

Actions taken to retrieve the pet include:
•Redeemed item code form my TCG card at:
•Disabled ALL addons
•Reclogged completely from game with no addons
•Manually enter code
•Copy/Paste code

Item code cannot be validated is all the information I am given by the NPC in Booty Bay. At this point I have entered an in-game ticket to resolve the issue. Anyone have tips or ideas that could aid getting my pet?
You haven't tried a full UI reset. Disabling addons is not sufficient.

Perform the steps here, and let us know if it works:
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Actually it did work. However, it worked not due to anything Blizzard did. The system was working fine. The whole incident was my fault. When entering the code to Lando I chose the wrong deck. Now I feel like a complete idiot and have learned a valuable lesson. Always double check your deck turn-ins people!!

Thank you for the great info though Pahanda. I hope it helps someone out there who may be having the same issue, not related to wrong deck turn-ins mind you.
i have had the same thing happen and nothing has worked. so what can be done for me? i am out the stuff i payed for the card and the in game item i am due
As I posted in the other thread you raised from the dead, verify that you're selecting the correct deck to redeem the code and that you're entering the code correctly. May want to try entering it by hand and double checking each number as you enter it.

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