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I'll try to make this as black and white as possible.

I have my authenticator on both my iPhone and iPod touch for my account. My girlfriend actually wants to start playing since there's that special $30 deal going on but she wants an authenticator. I was going to give her my iPod Touch but I can't seem to remove it. Deleting the application and re-downloading it doesn't seem to fix my problem.

I've tried "NEED A NEW SERIAL NUMBER?" but it looks as if it would just change the serial number I'm currently using. Any suggestions? I don't really want to restore the iPod to do this if I don't have to.
One install of the application is all you'll ever need per device. You can change the serial on your original install and it will work fine for her account and won't affect your own. The serial is simply a token that can be applied or removed from any authenticator installation. If you change the serial on one device it will not apply that change to the second device.

You can also get as many serials as you like and apply and remove them from your account without issue. If you don't like the serial you have for any particular reason, you can remove the authenticator from your account, fetch a new serial with the same installation, and then attach it. It's not like the authenticator keychain where one particular serial is associated with it. It's unlimited.
No problem, Zitho. Happy to be of service.

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