<The Brute Squad> Official Recruitment Thread

Aerie Peak
<The Brute Squad> is a casual, but semi-hardcore minded established 10 man guild. Throughout the cataclysm we achieved many notable feats, and have become one of the best 10 man guilds on the server.

What do you need to know before joining.
1. General Knowledge of your class. We can provide assistance, but we expect you to actually know what your doing in the end.
2. At minimum level 60.
3. Previous achievements and accomplishments mean nothing to us. We are a raiding guild, that's all that matters to us. We follow the policy of "Boss is dead, that's all that mattered since 11/23/2004" which means we recruit raiders, not people with achievements. We recruit who we feel is best for the job
4. You will join us with the understanding that you are a TRIAL member until told otherwise. This means YOU will be responsible for YOUR actions.
5. We are a small community based guild we strive to be a role model for guilds on Aerie Peak. Keep that in mind when working with other guilds.

We are recruiting for all roles currently.

To join place a convincing post with an armory link in this forum here http://tbs.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=1891066&gid=272990

Yep that's right we do not have a template that you can use to sound like a robot. We want to hear what you have to say for yourself. We have the armory for your progression.
Go Go Brutes
Pst me in game to learn how to apply fist to a bosses face.
Sent you mail.
manly bump of manliness
MoP is coming out in Late September it's better than never to join!
Join him
throughout the cataclysm we achieved many notable feats.

Server top 10's throughout t11 and t13 for heroic progression
Server first "Not an Ambi-Turner" (we just didn't wanna say "right")
Server first (and US top 200) Holding Hands

07/29/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Vêx

I'm sorry are you saying we're not a good guild?
Comon I'm bored of playing Minecraft
Bob tank for me
08/05/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Manikshammy
Bob tank for me

I thought you quit
Looking for a good tank and healer
Weekly bump
What are your raid days/times?
08/17/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Sideena
What are your raid days/times?

tues/wed/thursday 6-9 PST
So much excitement lately. Glad to see Uprising making a return, come here if you wanna do the 10mans.
08/21/2012 01:44 AMPosted by Painuser
That's just his eliteism(sp) coming out.

Incorrectly placed elitism

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