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Earthen Ring
Hello ER, I will be doing the T12 Firelands raid to get Dragonwrath for myself along with other players that are still working on their legendary.

I am going to be looking to do this on a 25m difficulty, with possible heroics after the first couple weeks. As this is the fastest way to get it done. :) So this means I will be looking for skilled players across the realm that are willing to have some fun doing FL25 while being serious when needed and helping myself and other players complete our staffs.

Before I go into details about dates and times and loot policy...ect I am looking for anyone either on the 2nd step (1000 Seething Cinders) or the 3rd step (250 Smouldering Essences.) As I will be just starting off doing the first step (25 Eternal Embers.) It will be a "first come first serve" type of system for who gets priority on the items. I just want to make sure no one interrupts you on the step you are on, so please send me a PM so I can get your name down.

With all that being said, of course the main reason I'm doing this is to help myself and other players finish up there staff. However that is not the only reason I'm doing this, I am looking forward to 25m raiding again. Also I would like to meet some more folks on ER that are interested in raiding, and more specifically 25m.

Now for one of the most important questions... WHEN?! I am looking over days and times but so far what I'm thinking is Saturday nights starting at 9:00. As this seems to be a time when many guilds are not raiding.

Another question that will probably come up is whether I'm doing the achievements. I will not be doing any of the achievements initially. However if we come across an achievement that is not a pain and the raiders don't mine doing it, I might do it. For example "Only the Penitent..."

LOOTS...! I know many of you are thinking, ok let me just bring that fresh 85 in and start gearing. I don't have a problem with that as long as you can back yourself up. What I mean is that you can show me you know the fights as your role and can compete with other players still. (Still doing good dps/heals) If you are interested in the loot I will have a macro in game, but here is what it will look like.
MS upgrade (Spec you played for that fight.) > OS upgrade > Transmog item
I will raid warning the current roll I'm looking for and then give 15 seconds until I either pass the loot out or move on to the next roll. If the loot is not needed for any of the three rolls I will hold onto it. For the living embers I will just do free rolls on them.

Why help out? FOR BARRAIK!!! ...jk :P I know many people including myself have those times where you are like THERE IS NOTHING TO DO. Well here is something . :) Like I said earlier you can also get loot, whether it's for an alt or for transmog, or you just want to do FL cause you miss it or need the achievements. I am also ok with you just wanting to help out, because you are kind and generous person. There is many reasons why people are helping out, why not help out yourself. :D

Also if you need a reminder of the fight or don't know it on 25m, I base many of my strats off the Tankspot guides, so feel free to check them out. Most of you will know the fights and it will be a review though, as 25m is not very different then 10m.

If you have any more questions about anything in this post or about what I am doing please let me know. I would be more than happy to answer them. Once again thank you for reading over this and I hope you can help out! :)

If you are interested in helping out please send in game mail to Baraik.
read it yourself.

You're welcome! ^_^
Im hoping everyone can find that out on their own. :P
07/06/2012 06:00 PMPosted by Barraik
Im hoping everyone can find that out on their own. :P

It's cool bro. I fix'd it.
lol someone's butthurt - ROFL!

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