<Crits and Giggles>is recruiting 4 ds and mop

Crits and Giggles Guild Level 25, 8/8 normal are about to start heroics and get are teams in order for MOP where we will be taking a more aggressive approch towards heroics. we have 4 raid teams tuesday at 4 pm st thursday at 8 pm st friday at 5 pm st and saturday at 4pm st. We are mainly looking for ranged dps (except for hunters) and healers. We would prefer you to be 8/8 but we also welcome new people as long as there willing to learn and know how to play there class. Please be 18+ or atleast act half way normal. For those interested or if you have further questions feel free to contact me in game or lilbear. If you dont see us online just ask anyone in guild if were on we both have lots of alts good chance we will be online. thanks :-)

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