[A] WTS Heroic Deathwing Title / Mount

Good People of Thrall,

Consider this a guild fundraiser. Instead of having a bake sale and selling Delicious Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Cookie, <FFS> will be selling the opportunity to come with us and kill the evil villain of this expansion, Deathwing, on heroic difficulty.

This once in a patch opportunity includes the following!

  • Fantastic flying mount, the Life-Binder's Handmaiden without which no mount collection is complete!

  • Savvy title, "The Savior of Azeroth" proclaiming to all the people of our game world that they owe their existence to your heroic feats!
  • An item level 416 weapon, great for slicing and dicing!
  • While the title will likely be around in the next expansion, if the past is any indication, Blizzard will reduce the drop rate of the mount to less than one percent. This may be your last chance!

    The price will be comparable to other runs being offered on our server, and as always, I am happy to haggle. If you are interested or just have questions, please send me a message on Alliance Thrall either through PST or in game mail.

    Keep me posted...

    ...honey boo-boo.
    Well, golly gee willikers, swat my bottom and call me Stephanie, this seems like the greatest thing since sliced Conjured Bread. Where do I sign up!
    Grats on your Heroic Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps and Savior title!
    Tol Barad is a little brighter, now that my tentacles are casting mind flay to light my path. <3
    Hmmmmmm killing corruptions before the 2nd impale can go out on H Madness...

    Blizz' took muh job!
    I think Bliz took OUR jobs. I'm feelin' pretty useless after that last dance.
    Bump because FFS guild money advert is more important than non-FFS guild recruitment adverts.
    Come get your Life-Binder's Handmaiden!!!!!

    As seen hovering above Auction House entrances across Stormwind! Ridden by proud members of FFS displaying their hard-won <AFK> titles.

    <AFK> title not included in purchase.
    I had this whole paragraph of stuff i was going to say, but a more succinct way came to mind courtesy of a Mr. Cosmo Kramer...

    A big juicy mount/title!
    interesting trades considered...
    (it's all about tickling their buying bone)

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