Arena 5v5 FPS drop Hack/Glitch/Exploit?

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I was playing 5s with the other Joshee's on my team tonight and things were going great, we were 8-0 and then we started queuing into a team from illidan (Wushy, Hibbie, Dizlet, Bestworldx, and Limity).

When in game against these players I was having HUGE fps spikes (to the point where I couldn't even cast) this happened in 4 of the 5 games we played against them.

After the 3rd loss in a row to this lag I decided to message them and a member of the team (wushy) told me that they were simply spamming /yell yolo and saying the mushrooms/desecration could cause my lag so we decided to test this and tried a war game with everybody in it spamming /yell yolo then spamming /yell (255 characters) and I had absolutely no issues, even with the dks spamming desecration as much as possible to try to simulate lag.

After the war game we were convinced it wasn't my computer so we queued back into them and unfortunately one of our member's jumped into the wall and disconnected so it was already a 4v5 when we played, this was the ONLY game of the 5 that we played where I didn't lag.

Afterwards we queued into them two more times and I lagged in both games, we won one of them and called it a night after that, we were basically playing a 4v5.

This issue has NEVER happened to me before and only happened against this team, I've talked to all of them but the dk and they are very adamant they didn't do anything but it makes no sense that I wouldn't have any issues in AV or RBGs where the same classes are using the same abilities using very similar gear and nothing happens.

I really do hope something can be done to either figure out what the exploit they're doing is (even if it's unintentional it's very clear it is THIS team that this happens against) They all say it's my computer but I've not had any issues prior to this. It's really frustrating, I just want to have fun with some friends and I can't even play the game because of this glitch or exploit.
Bump I'd really like some insight, we played 14 more games tonight (going 7-7) and I had absolutely no issues.
Some things are once-in-a-WoW-career.
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Still have yet to experience this outside of the games against you, seems legit.
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lol swagga



Very interesting.

Was in 3s against a team where our Warrior experienced low FPS (ie 2-10) and high ms (500+) .. only against that team, several times in different arenas, yet fine against everyone else.

I wonder if there's an exploit that's new.. or some kind of weird glitch.
Use the in-game facilities to report them for cheating.

I have heard of "lag macros" in the past - both to lag the opposition and to mimic lag on the player in question. Though I personally have no idea as to whether there's any truth to these stories (I don't PvP), it may well be possible.

Lodging the report is the best way to have them checked out. If everything they're doing is on the up-and-up than nothing will come of it - but if they are using some kind of exploit than they'll get what's coming to them.
Yes I think I will because it seems very suspicious that it was just that team and no one else, and we fought them four times in different arenas. It would start happening very shortly after the doors opened.. so if it was some kind of exploit on a player, it would make sense since they could target him.
ya the /report player feature is a joke in my opinion and no gm will even investigate players i saw a player exploiting tele porting from mine to mine and still see the player exploiting when i filed a ticket about it the response i got was how to use the /report player feature

i was told a while back the players spaming in chat during pvp was supposed to be a bannable offense because there using it to get an unfair advantage most used it macroed with a lag macro
and this is the reason im excited that tera is now FREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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