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AusGamers: Another big burning question for us -- and I don’t know whether you can answer this one for us -- but we now have two confirmed MMOs in Australia with actual servers on our shores. I’ve brought this up every time I’ve come out here at the last three BlizzCons and it’s always met with “oh you know, logistically it’s really difficult”. But now it’s been proven that it can actually happen, can you speak about any possibility in the future for us?

Tom: Unfortunately it’s not something that I can speak to with any authority. Certainly my purview is over the game experience --the in-game gameplay experience as a whole -- and really the decision about where we create our datacentres and where we have in-game customer service -- whether it’s local or over here, whatever -- is all kind of outside of my purview.

It’s definitely something that is worth bringing up with either our executive team or any of those guys. I know that it’s something they have researched multiple times and as soon as it makes sense for us to be able to do; as soon as we become capable of doing it in a way that makes sense both for our players and for Blizzard then I’m sure we would do it.

Starting to remind me of a broken record, last 4 years this question has been asked, its met with the same answer!

Now more than ever it does make sense, many big companies are building data centres here in Australia, why not blizzard!? What ever happened to the companies mission statement? "game play first?,play fair!" Sure, we can play it, but not at the level most US players can, nothing fair in pvp of 250ms+.

Stop making excuses Blizzard, you can do this, oceanic players want it, and with over 200 thousand players on oceanic servers, you will still make your profit!

Playing any Melee class is just unbearable in PvP.

"You target is too far away".

Stop selling us a broken game Blizzard.
28.08.12 GW2
What Valky and Rawhand said :)
About time Blizz had real competition.
It's a shame really, it's something that needs to be done but you'll get fanboys in threads such as this wilfully posting stupid stuff like, "Blizzard is doing what they can on a limited budget" or some other crap that makes no sense what so ever.
GW2 is horrible. :/

07/10/2012 06:37 AMPosted by Mùgs
"Blizzard is doing what they can on a limited budget" or some other crap that makes no sense what so ever.

And how exactly does managing a budget make no sense?

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