Warrior Transmogs

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For Gnomeregan!!!
Am I doing it right?
You guys must not know how these work. You rate the Guy above you then get rated
we cant see your gear Iwiperaids =(
Oh shoot LOL isn't there a way to change how our armory pics stand?
The toon is actually topless! I know the set looks nice btw!
fixed with a smaller shield to show more... plate
tangaray your sword is sick
TYVM. I got it while iwas farming for the valor set. I hope they bring back fist weps for warr so i can use my fist from ZG
@ tangaray
kinda tired of the brutal gladiator look. 6/10

rate rate rateeeeee
not this one... grr... relogging again -_-
I know what u mean i just got it for the time being. Trying to figure out something that will match the swor handle color( without using the purp pally)
you should check out the dk tier. the black and purple one would probably match. (the glow given off by the set would def match your sword).


also, rate mine!
I'dl give you a 9/10, looks pretty badass.
Thanks moktlar for the link! I give yours around an 8/10. The only reason is it doesnt match all that well imho. If they ever introduced dyes, I would say 10/10. BTW, I <3 gorehowl.

Vykk, 10/10 only because im a fanboy of this xpacs final tier.
i'm trying to get ashkandi from BWL. i like the way t2 looks but i don't have the whole set yet. moktlar i'd give you a 9/10. looks pretty brutal. very horde-esque. vykk i'd give you a 9/10 because i really like t13, just not a fan of the yellow. tangaray i'd give you a 6 or 7/10 just because there's not a whole lot to that mog set. kinda bland. but that sword is badass, so you get a 9/10 :D
Lucifër i give you a 6/10 for now. Get that Set going bro!
9/10 Loved that set in WoTLk could use better weapon and matching belt.

9/10 i get the idea...the color scheme is pretty good but hard to follow.
Like the colors on yours, nice and simple


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