Wild Onyx Serpent

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so i decided to fly to the peak of kun lai summit, mount neverest and i saw a lv 90 elite with 1.9 million health flying around. i aggro'd it and eventually killed it, but no loot.

it was a wild onyx serpent and i thought it was really cool. does anyone know what its for? is it like aeonaxx or time lost proto drake? or just something cool added?
Wowhead it.
I think it's a hunter pet and nothing else....and something cool to look at.
No drops not tameable
I just killed it. It is only 3M health and it dropped Serpents Cache for me. Opening it gave me Ghost Iron Ore x18, Golden Lotus x2, and 20g.


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NECRO THREAD not cool....
NECRO THREAD not cool....

Bad, bad double NECRO even!

I know Howlin' Wolf and that would make an awesome Worgen name:

But who is Howlin Murphy?

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