DS 25M Heroic (8/8) GDKP

having some problems posting in ur site...will try again later...but just in case...


400 frost DK, melee dps role

3/8 Heroic DS 10 man on this toon
8/8 Heroic DS 10 man on main toon (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/proudmoore/Garreth/simple)
Bump and grind
Another week and another 8/8 H DS 25 GDKP done with reigns of the blazing drake dropping and a total pot of 596k. Good job all.
ermm wouldn't that be a FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bump for my GDKP spreadsheets.
07/27/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Oliver
Bump for my GDKP spreadsheets.

How about a link to that spreadsheet there gomer... :)
Bump for tonight
Have a spot for a 399 Hunter 6/8hm achiev with Savior on main?
I will go tuesday. I usually go to max's gdkp but past few months or so havent been able to make it.

6/8hm achiev 399ilvl
Also have more 6/8hm toons and 8/8hm toon

main toon with savior

another of my toons with 6/8hm with spine and madness heroic attempts

have more but dont feel like listing them all so i know the fights really well lol
great posted on wrong toon but ill go on this toon
I would be interested, cleared second plate on heroic on my alt, and pushing for 8/8 also bringing some gold for the run :).
Bump for tonight run!

Also people who reply here in this thread are not considered for invite you need to go to our webpage and create an account and on the night of raid we invite every one and make the best possible group.

Much thanks for the run the other day. My only regret was that my dps was no where near as good as it needed to be. My apologies for the poor performance. I obviously have a bunch to learn if I intend to continue playing this particular toon...

Other than that it still was fun and I enjoyed myself quite a bit and got some nice pieces to boot!

Oliver is unreal....if its allright with him I may bug him for some tips or advice if he isnt too busy now and then. And thanks to the other guildie (cant remember the toon for the life of me damn it) for recommending some sites for me....

Again many thanks for the run.


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