Solace 6/6 MSV 4/6 Hof Recruiting dps

Area 52
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Solace is a semi-hardcore group looking for more to fill our group. We are looking for players to progress through Mist of Pandaria. Repairs, flasks and food are provided. Please contact Byakurai, Weni, Faw, and Tsagore through mail or whisper if you have any questions.

we raid 2 nights a week
Tuesday: 830-1130 server
Wednesday: 830-1130 server

Looking for 2 rdps: mage, spreist, boomkin, hunter

We need people with good attendance and knowledge of the game. If you show up and pull your weight, we would love to have you.
Are you still in need of a rogue? willing to transfer. What time zone are u in as well ?
Yes we are. We go by EST.
Do you still need a Rogue
My real ID is
We're looking for someone with a little bit more heroic experience than 1/8, I'm sorry.
Still looking.
im realy 4/8 H idk why it only shows im 1/8
Healing spot filled. Still looking for ranged DPS.

@Arror: We'd still have to say no thank you. You're using 30 agil gems, don't have a meta in your helmet and as we said before, you're 1/8H. Sorry.
hi i have 6/8 heroic ds experiance on this toon and im looking for a new home i am currently on sisters of elune and i am looking to move to a real server. i understand u dont need another lock but i do have a hunter and a mage but they are not as geared as my lock. but it would take me no time at all to gear up once i knew which to gear up. i have been playing since BC and have raided on many toons i have raid lead experiance and if i sign up i show up no excuses
Sorry, we already have a Warlock and aren't currently interested in another.

Still looking for more ranged dps.
you guys still looking for a heals
Do you still have need for a rogue, looking to server transfer.
Yes, we are still looking for a rogue and interested.

Add anyone of the following officers on a server to talk more about it: Rilheals, Tsagoare, Zurotal or Kasmuri.

In game mail with your realID would be the easiest way to get into contact and answer any questions you might have.

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